Snakes in the Sky and Other Strange Things

Sign in the Sky

Three Big Things

Those who have known me for any length of time have heard my personal testimonies over the last three years regarding the huge shift my beliefs have taken.  One of the stories I have told many times is a strange scene I saw one day in the sky.  On July 6th, 2013, I was standing outside a frozen yogurt shop in New York when I looked up in the sky and saw three little clouds.  I had been praying very assertively for about two weeks about “three big things” that I wanted most in my life.  These were very big things that I had been waiting an extremely long time for and nothing I did appeared to have any effect in making them happen.  When I saw this scene in the sky, I had a very strong impression that this was a sign for me and I took this photo with my cell phone.

I guess before I go any further, I should explain that until this time, I had never once ever looked up at the sky looking for any type of sign. I did not go looking for animals in the sky or any other shape.  Clouds were just weather formations and there was nothing more to it than that for me.  That is, until that day in July.

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter,
But the glory of kings is to search out a matter.
Proverbs 25:2 (NKJV)

Now that I had been strongly impressed that this image was for me, I decided that I had to do something with it.  But what was I supposed to do?  Was this an answer that my prayer for these three things would be answered?  If so, when?  After a couple weeks, I began to feel another impression that there was something else in this photo that I needed to find.  I began looking all over.  I noticed the power lines, trees and other clouds but I really didn’t see anything unusual.  Then suddenly it hit me:  a gigantic coiled snake appeared right below my three little clouds.  It was so clear, I could not have missed it with the open mouth and an eye facing to the left.  Tell me I just have an imagination (which is true) but it also appeared to me that it was fast-moving and aggressive with the body and tail appearing as if in a blur.

Bizarre Spiritual Hindrances

I’ve been recently studying the topic of demonic activity and how it affects people in many aspects of life.  Over the years, even going back to the time when I was only a nominal Christian who did not  understand anything about the supernatural realm, I knew for a fact that I had met people who had serious and destructive demonic activity in their lives.  Three times I had very unpleasant experiences with people who had bipolar disorders.  I’ve met people who claimed to be Christian but had sudden outbursts of anger, sexual addictions, lust, inability to read and understand the Bible, severe hopelessness and depression, feelings of rejection, insecurity, out of control bizarre behaviors, rebellion, impulsiveness, inability to make up one’s mind, arrogance, irrational fears and phobias and unexplainable hindrances that prevented career advancement.  But I myself have not been immune to many of these disorders either!

Looking back over the years, I’ve had tendencies or behavioral patterns in my own life that were beyond my ability to control, no matter what I did.  As a young kid, I had an extreme fear of the dark or being alone at home.  I had very strong images in my mind of demonic monsters coming out of the dark, exactly like what is in many movies.  Later in life, I became caught up in negative patterns which I seemed to have no control over, despite being a born again Christian and for several years I had unexplainable health issues which doctors could not find a reason for.  Additionally, I became aware of very negative family patterns that definitely came straight down through the generations.  One such pattern, more properly called a “generational curse”, has been in the area of unsuccessful marriages and in many cases, the total lack of marriages!  These situations are not at all consistent with what the Bible says about the life of a true believer in Jesus.

Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.
Luke 10:19 (NKJV)

Out of all the books and teachings I have heard on deliverance from demonic hindrances, two of the the most recent are “Kingdom Authority”, by Keynan Bridges and “When Pigs Move In”, by Don Dickerman.  Reading through these books, I have discovered many of my suspicions have been validated.  Both books go through a list of various aspects of how we can be oppressed by unseen forces of evil and how we can be delivered from those. Unfortunately, the biggest problem among Christians in western countries is that most refuse to believe in the unseen supernatural realm.  Left-leaning liberal seminaries have propagated the lie of “cessationism” which teaches the unbiblical view that there is no longer anything supernatural.  Additionally, in our so-called “highly educated” society, anything beyond what we can see with our eyes is frequently mocked as a “superstition”.  These perspectives and attitudes have become the predominant belief in the United States and Europe but I’ve discovered this is the primary cause of dead powerless churches filled with people who have become no different than the “Babylonian” unbelievers where none of the miracles in the Bible happen!  I have already discussed this matter and how I came to realize this ignorance was probably the biggest and most successful lie of Satan.

how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him.
Acts 10:38 (NKJV)

Now that I have spent time studying the issue of deliverance from demonic activity, I have become thoroughly convinced that the disorders and negative behaviors I mention above are absolutely the result of demonic spirit activity.  In the Bible, Jesus performed deliverance on about one-third of those who He healed.  I discovered myself that there is absolutely no Biblical evidence that demon spirits ceased to exist after the first 100 or so years of the church.

Personal Symbology?

It’s time to go back to the photo at the top of this post.  I’ve studied meteorology quite extensively as a former flight instructor and having flown small airplanes for a number of years, I have noticed cloud formations do not stay in one shape for very long.  Clouds are in an constant state of building, dissipating and morphing.  Having said that, the photo I took above was not in the form of that snake for very long.  Most likely, that formation was only there for a couple minutes and just so happened to appear at the exact moment I took the photo.  Again, I never even saw that snake until maybe two to three weeks afterwards!  So what is this scene there to say?  Personally, I know for a fact that God caused the three clouds to appear to show me He received my request for the “three big things”. I also know that He caused that snake to appear so that I would begin to understand what was at least a part of the reason my answers were delayed.

In that day the Lord with His severe sword, great and strong,
Will punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent,
Leviathan that twisted serpent;
And He will slay the reptile that is in the sea.
Isaiah 27:1 (NKJV)

A digital search of the Bible reveals a creature named “leviathan” that is found many times in the books of Genesis, Ecclesiastes, Job, Psalms, Corinthians, Revelation and several others.  Leviathan is a also called a “serpent” or “snake” depending on which translation of the Bible you read.  The Strong’s Concordance says this is a sea monster, crocodile or dragon and has direct implications of being symbolically evil.  Just like many other references in the Bible, this is one of many natural symbols that we can use to understand a clear direct spiritual application.

In my study of dream symbols, a leviathan is a demonic spirit which brings a generational curse.  It is exactly what it sounds like:  it will effect everyone down the genetic line for several generations and is typically the direct result of a sin.  It may be a mental illness or a disease or addiction or a curse of poverty or marriage problems or many other things as I described several paragraphs above.  Myself personally, I have definitely experienced the effects of this in my life.  In the last several months since becoming more aware of what these are, I have begun studying how to break off these spiritual forces from my life by something called deliverance.  From my own personal experience along with the testimonies of those that I’ve heard, some of these can be broken instantly and others seem to require a process.  Sometimes that process can become very aggravating due to the length of time involved but I’ve also learned that we also must take responsibility for our own transformation.


The scene in this photo was clearly not just for me.  My “three big things” can be symbolic of anyone’s unanswered prayers where there are clear Biblical promises to a believer if they ask in faith.  Look again at the photo; the three little clouds are in a straight line as if coming down to earth from a larger cloud mass above it (I’ll call that Heaven) but blocking their path is that gigantic snake.  True Christians have power over demonic spirits (Luke 10:19) and we should not have our requests permanently held up but that requires us to learn how to war against these principalities and powers. A Christian with a passive attitude is not going to get anything!  That snake is not going to move just because you are a Christian.  Satan and all demons are extremely hostile, just as that image reveals.  We must exercise the authority we have been given and we can only do that by first learning about it!  See the two books above – I highly recommend these as a very solid point to begin with.

This post is here to reveal what you may have not understood until now, tell some of my own personal experience and then point towards resources that have been a huge help to me.  This is also a call to action so you can break free in all areas of life that have seemed unavailable to you.  At the time of this writing, I do not yet have all of what I have been asking and waiting for but I have seen clear progress and I now have good reason to believe, my “three big things” are very close now.  When those arrive, I will write an update and fill in the details.  In the meantime, I’ve given part of my testimony on this very huge topic (no pun) and I’ll write more about this in the future.

Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.
John 8:36 (NKJV)


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