Dreaming of Caves and Tunnels


In early 2014, I had a dream where I saw the outside entrance of an underground tunnel on my left.  Next, I was walking into this tunnel and I turned around to the left and saw the entrance behind me.  As I was walking inside the tunnel, I saw a cave on my left with a man sitting at a desk and working on a laptop computer inside this cave that branched off from inside the tunnel.

In the Spring of 2014, I had a dream where I was sitting inside a dark cave looking at a hole filled with muddy water and a sump pump in it.  Suddenly, a man wearing an orange one-piece suit came up out of the water, completely clean, and he looked directly at me as he was walking towards my left to the exit of the cave.  The man looked exactly like the singer (Mac Powell) from the Christian band “Third Day”.

On July 21, 2015, I had a dream where I was standing outside the exit of a mountain highway tunnel that faced to the left.  It wasn’t until this third dream that I finally realized this was another series of sequel dreams covering a period of about a year and a half.

Big Picture Evaluation

Now that I’ve had at least two of these types of dreams series, I’m well tuned in to what’s going on and the intended message to me.  Let’s take a big picture look at what’s happening here.  First, I’m walking into a tunnel and I see someone sitting inside a cave that is branched off in the tunnel.   Second dream, I am now myself sitting inside a cave facing away from the entrance and there is a man wearing an orange suit.  Third, I’m seeing the exit of a tunnel which oddly faces to the left (notice a trend?)

A few things to point out here.  The caves and tunnels did not all look exactly the same.  The exact appearance of these is not significant.  If you have a series of dreams like this, do not get hung up on whether or not the details are exact from dream to dream.  The main point of all dreams is to get the main point!  When I first began getting these dreams, I would get all hung up on unnecessary details, especially when I didn’t understand the symbology.


Now for the symbology.  Tunnels can represent going into a time of transition.  The cave thing greatly confused me for about 8-10 months and I completely misunderstood what it was all about.  Actually, I never even connected the caves in the first and second dreams until I had the third dream!  Caves are “secret places”, as in Psalm 91, “he who dwells in the secret place of the Most High…”  This is a time of going into isolation as shown by the man sitting alone inside the cave.  The additional fact that he was wearing the same type of job-related clothing that I was at that time, was a great tip-off that it was me.  Of course, back then, I had no idea what was going on and I missed that clue.

Left and right are also symbolic and in this series, it is very important due to the number of times it repeats.  Generally speaking, left can mean doing something based on talents you inherited at birth whereas right can mean stepping out in faith into something new.  Left can also be taken straight out of Proverbs 3:16, “riches and honor”.

Orange was a total mystery to me for almost a full year.  One day, while outside running in my neighborhood, I noticed road construction equipment parked on a newly built road.  It struck me that most of the vehicles were painted orange.  Slowly I began to realize that I had been in a process where God was doing “construction” on me to prepare me for my next calling in life.  Orange can also mean “fire” as in the refining fire of God (Proverbs 17:3).   As of this writing, I have most definitely been through a period of a refining fire where God has been burning out many impurities in a rather uncomfortable period of about a year.

“Third Day” is also highly significant.   This is straight out of the Bible and speaks of “resurrection”.  God was telling me in advance that He was going to resurrect something in my life.  I should point out honestly that as of the time of this writing, I still have no idea what that is.


I learned a few months ago that there are timing clues in our dreams.  Not all dreams have them but there are some that do.  Back on March 21, 2015, I had a very short dream lasting only seconds where I saw myself in a dark room trying to sleep on a bed that was only half the length of a normal bed.  It was a pretty awkward sight for sure since I couldn’t fit on it with half of me hanging in the air!  Immediately after I woke up from that dream, I read an article by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn where he said that this exact date, March 21, was the dead-center half-way point of the current “Shemitah” year (7th year cycle).  It just so happens that I have been in a major life transition that began around the time of the beginning of this Shemitah year (September 2014).  Apparently, God was telling me that my own personal rest period was half-way over.

This particular timing issue did not appear in any of the cave/tunnel dreams and is another reason why I harp on the need to write down your dreams in a journal and include the date!  When I had this half-size bed dream, I didn’t know if it was a personal message concerning my transition period or something else.

Critical piece of knowledge:  Shemitahs are sabbath years as stated in Leviticus 25.  During this time, the land was to be left alone and nothing was to be planted during that time.  We have a similar modern-day concept that comes right out of this Biblical passage called a “sabbatical” but mostly we only hear of someone like a university professor taking a year off.  Rarely do we hear of anyone else doing such a thing.  I was already aware of this issue with the Hebrew calendar.  If I had not studied the Hebrew culture (which nearly the entire Bible is based on), I would have completely missed this critical detail!  

I will say, this unplanned and awkward period of my own transition between careers has definitely been a time of personal recalibrating and preparation for my next phase in life with a totally different career.  Based on this experience, I do highly recommend that you consider forgetting about any concern over money and take whatever time off you need in order to make a necessary career change.  Use wisdom of course and don’t bankrupt yourself, but you will absolutely see that God created this Shemitah concept for your own good.

Prophetic Word for You?

  • I believe most of my posts are not just about me.  The specific details are definitely for me but generally speaking, there are prophetic implications for many others!
  • Pay attention to timing clues in your dreams, these may come in many forms which you may not understand at first.  When God is getting ready to transition you into something new, He will give you clues about what is coming.
  • As you can see from each of these (now three) sequel dream series, there is a logical progression of events which indicate what stage you are currently in. God will give you the dream before the actual circumstances of your life start to look like what He is showing you.
  • Your level of Biblical knowledge is directly related to your understanding of your dreams.
  • Finally, be encouraged that God is speaking to you!  You may be in a time of uncertainty but God is telling you He knows exactly where you are and He has a plan for where He is taking you.


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  1. I recently had a dream about waterslides. One out doors one that was in a cave with tunnels. I believe i know generally what it means. I shared it with my dream interpretation teacher. What she said disagreed with my spirit. Do you interpret people’s dreams? I believe mine has alot in common with yours.

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