Prophetic Activation: Persistence


One day I had a sudden image flash in my mind while I was awake in the middle of the afternoon.  If this had ever happened before, I didn’t remember but it could be that I had never paid any attention to it.  It was just like the dreams I get when I stop and realize that I just had a dream and I need to write it down.  It took me a couple minutes after I saw this mental image that I suddenly said to myself, “wait a minute, what was that?!” After considering what I saw for several days, I realized this was an answer to some questions (prayers) I had for quite a while.  The strange thing about this image was it was exactly like the dreams I get, but this time I was not sleeping. Here’s what I saw:  a clear blue sky was above me with a wide formation of what looked like about five old Russian MiG-15 fighters from the 1950’s.  One stood out to me and I saw it was painted shiny orange with black highlights and white numbers.  I did not see the numbers but I knew they were there.  The image then ended as fast as it appeared. Here’s what I understood the image to mean.  Orange in this case is persistence and fire.  We all go through fiery trials as Peter points out (1 Peter 4:12).  Persistence is how we inherit our promises (Hebrews 6:12).  The Russian (enemy) fighter jet is an indication of a spiritual war of some type.  In this case, the black can represent the side of darkness.  The number five is symbolic of grace which empowers us to withstand trials. Just as an angel had a 21-day fight with the “Prince of Persia” before he could bring Daniel the answer concerning a vision, so also there are unseen reasons why we do not get our answers quickly.  Many times we ask for things and wait an extremely long time, seeing nothing as I have myself.  I thought this was a very strange form of answer to some very big things I’ve been wanting and expecting for several years.  Again, it took me several days to begin to understand what this was all about.  Interestingly, it has since been confirmed to me by other dreams and even articles of a prophetic nature that I’ve read by various people.

Why This Symbol vs Another?

Why did this symbol of an older jet from the 1950’s appear instead of a modern-era jet (or some other completely different symbol)?  First, because a military fighter jet is almost always symbolic of “spiritual warfare”.  Secondly, because military aircraft have been a major topic of interest for me for my entire life and God speaks to us often in ways that He knows will register with us.  Finally, because several decades ago, the technology was far less than what we have today.  Modern aircraft are filled with all sorts of technology and the computer does most of the work in the air.  Back in the 1950’s, pilots had to have more flying skill and creative thinking.  Today, intellectual thinking is much more necessary for these types of aircraft.  This particular symbol speaks about the creative way that my answers will most likely come.

Simple Message

Here’s how the message in this image this can be applied.  Often times, those of us who believe in healing miracles expect that all healings are going to come strictly from the supernatural realm with an instant miracle.  Also, those of us like myself, often find ourselves rejecting any natural form of a cure.   Applying the message in this image to that type of situation is most likely a sign that a healing or cure will be the result of some other means.  In addition to that, there are many other situations this can be applied to such as financial issues, career decisions, etc.  Either way, the message is the same:  “persistence through the fiery trial will result in victory by some creative or unique means different than what was expected.”  

Why These Images?

We say a picture is worth a thousand words and that is one reason God speaks to us in these images.  One vision or mental image like this can provide layers of answers to issues we are dealing with and will stick with us for a long time in a way that nothing else can.  Those who teach on creative ways to memorize information use techniques similar to this.  I never knew about any of this for most of my life.  Very recently, I began learning more about the prophetic and all the ways God speaks to us, exactly like He did in the Old and New Testaments.  The more I learn, the more I pursue, the more I begin to realize there is a lot more going on around me than I have any idea, including in the unseen spiritual realm. Start paying attention to things like this and you will begin to see God is speaking to you a lot more than you realize.  He wants you to be successful but it is your job to diligently seek Him in that process and understand that He is not limited in the way He will communicate with you. image source: 

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