Impressions and the 17th of July: Prophetic

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Around July 9, 2014, I had a strange but clear impression that I needed to be paying attention to July 17. I had no way to explain why I felt that way but I posted on my Facebook page that something was going to happen on that date. On the 16th of July, one of my coworkers (an Asian guy) picked up lunch for me at a Chinese buffet. He paid for the food by weight and the total came to $7.77. When he came back with the food, he made a big deal about those numbers and several times exclaimed that he should play the lottery that day. I also thought it was quite interesting and strange but I didn’t know what to think of it. The next day, while at work, I saw the news that a Boeing 777 was shot down over Ukraine and the flight number was MH17.


This year, on July 17, 2015, I had another impression that something may happen again on this date but I had no idea what it was. This time, the impression came only on the day of or maybe the day before and I didn’t give it much thought because of what happened last year on the same date. Sort of like lightning striking twice in the same place, I wasn’t so sure what to make of the impression. Well, the entire day went by and nothing happened until around 7:00 PM when my phone rang. I recognized the location of the caller and so I picked up. The news that I received from the person calling was as startling to me personally as the shoot down of the jet last year.  At the time of this writing, I am not at liberty to discuss the details of the call but I can say that it was very unprecedented that I would receive such a call as I did. Since we’re on the topic of prophecy, I can say that the nature of the call was prophetic for myself concerning the very near future.


In previous blog posts I’ve discussed how God speaks to us in dreams and in metaphorical language through common every day symbols around us. In this post, I’m dealing with a different form of communication where we receive impressions that have really no substantiation other than just a strong unexplainable feeling. To the average person, what I am describing would most likely be called a “premonition“. This is a secular term that makes no reference to where the information comes from and it primarily deals with something of a negative nature. In my two instances above, one was very negative and one was very positive. Therefore this term “premonition” is very limited in what it conveys. There is a much better word that more fully encompasses what’s going on here.

Knowing the Source

A Christian who is familiar with the operation of spiritual gifts by the Holy Spirit knows that something like this falls into the category of a word of knowledge or a prophecy. Only God knows the future and is therefore the only one capable of telling things accurately before they happen.  He wants to communicate with us personally and give us all sorts of information that will greatly benefit us.

Words of knowledge and prophecies can frequently come in the form of impressions just like I described above.  They can be vague or they can be very specific; either way, they are given to us for a specific purpose. Career decisions, who to get married to (or who not to), whether you should go to a bank, store, or movie theater, etc., or should you avoid it right now because there’s about to be a shooting… These are all things God will tell you through impressions; if you listen to Him, you may save yourself a lot of trouble. The more you pay attention to these impressions, the more useful and potentially accurate they will become to you.

As you can see from my examples above, I did not know exactly what was going to happen in each instance but I did know something would most likely happen. It is the nature and requirement of faith to trust something that we do not fully understand.  I am of course not saying that we just trust anything but that we trust God and His word to us.  The more we step out in faith, the more God will give us.  I know of people who have learned to become extremely accurate with impressions from the Holy Spirit.  Without listing them all, there are prophets who can accurately know your first and last name, your street address, the type of car you drive and many other details when they have never met you personally.  Actually, I have such first-hand experience with at least one prophet who told me exactly these things about myself!

The secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him, and He will show them His covenant. (Psalms 25:14 NKJV)

I want to reiterate from the previous blog post that I do not consider myself a prophet and I’m not trying to become one either.  I’m simply stating a spiritual gift that should be operating to some degree in all Christians.  In fact, I do not consider myself an expert on any of the topics that I write about but rather my intent is to pass on information I wish I had known many years ago.  I study a ton of material from a wide variety of credible teachers and that is what comes out in my writing here.

What to do with these?

  • Most important – do not ignore impressions!
  • Impressions are a valid means that God will use to communicate with you.
  • Write them down in a journal and include the date.
  • Use a form of journaling that most suits you personally.
  • Keep the journal in a place where you will use it regularly and it won’t get lost.
  • Digital documents on a phone, tablet or computer are some of the best and if they are stored in the cloud, won’t get lost if something happens to your electronic device.

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