Commitments, Contracts, Friendships and Marriages: Major Clues In Our Dreams

iconmonstr-pen-4-icon-256You are about to enter into a business contract with a person and while you are in the midst of negotiations, you have a dream about a snake.  You’ve been dating a person for a while and you are wondering if this the right person to marry and you have a dream about two fish.  You just signed up for a weekend course out-of-state and you get two dreams back to back with something that doesn’t quite look right.  How do you know what these are telling you?  You’ve come to the right place.  I’ve had many of these myself and here’s what they mean…

Contracts and Business

Long before I understood the interpretation of dreams, I began being trained in them not realizing where I would end up today.  In the winter of 2011, I had just signed up for a financial training course out-of-state that required a hotel, airline tickets, rental car and several thousand dollars.  I really wanted to go but at the same time, I had jumped impulsively without thinking the matter through.  I had received a phone call from the organization with a sales pitch that seats were limited and some top named instructors in this organization were going to be providing personal instruction.  For me, that was too good to pass up.  Or was it?  Immediately after I signed up, I had two dreams back to back on consecutive nights with symbology I didn’t quite understand but the message was loud and clear regardless.

I only remember the first dream but here’s what I saw…  I was on a huge cruise ship at night in a dark port with murky black water and I was standing on the edge wearing a karate uniform.  My instructor was telling me this was part of my training and I was supposed to jump off the ship into that water below.   The side of the ship looked like it was 100 feet above the water and I had a pretty good look at that black oily murky port water.   Forget it!  Not only am I not a deep water person but I don’t jump off high ledges into it!  I knew this was God’s way of telling me to get out of that course ASAP before the refund period expired.  Well, turns out, this warning was no joke.   You would not believe the hassle I had trying to get my refund.  Two months and many phone calls later, I finally got my several thousand dollars back on my credit card.  Talk about never making another hasty contractual decision again for the rest of my life!

Dating and Marriage

Ok, now for something positive.   Let the world know that I happen to be a single guy and for way too long at that, may I add.  I won’t get into it, but now you know that one of my secret “three big things” is exactly this topic (this is why it pays to be a long-time reader of my blogs…haha).  Would you be interested to know that if you are really seeking God’s best plan for your life, He absolutely has a few things to say about who you marry!

Careers, contracts, friendships, business associations and marriages are ALL very significant matters and making the wrong choice may seriously cause you life-long damage.   God’s plan for you has nothing to do with destruction, financial loss and heartbreak; however, you must be paying attention to Him.  Myself personally, I have come to a strict policy of zero dating.  I’m not telling anyone to follow me in that but for reasons too long for this post, it was a decision I felt strongly that I needed to make.

Two Fish

Yes – God has spoken to me in at least two dreams about who He has in store.  In the fall of 2014, I had a dream where I was in a very large indoor swimming pool and there were two dolphins playing with a beach ball, sort of like a game of water polo.  They were bouncing the ball back and forth on their noses and one of them finally shot the ball into what would have been a goal, except there was an open stage area instead.  Immediately after this, a young woman appeared in the pool and she came over and gave me something like a hi-five as if we had just finished a volleyball game.  She was fully submerged under water except her head and shoulders and I saw a blue shoulder strap on her swimsuit.

At that time, I did not have any dream symbols with “dolphins” so I had to figure this one out myself.  I knew this was about my future wife so I had to find out what was the deal with these fish?  I did what is commonly taught by the dream experts when you don’t have a key symbol on any of your lists.   Use Google.  Here’s what I found – dolphins are excellent communicators, great at teamwork, fun, intelligent and highly skilled.  Sounds perfect to me.  God gave me this to clarify the important characteristics of my future wife in order to validate her when she appears as well as to tell me do not settle for anything less!   

What To Watch For

Here are some things to watch for if you are entering into a business agreement or marriage, etc.  Let’s say you see a person who looks normal and well dressed but then they turn around and you see they have a torn shirt*.  This is a warning.  Despite what they look like on the outside, there is something very negative going on on the inside.  On the contrary, what if you see a field full of trees with ripe fruit*?  This is a very positive sign of prosperity coming your way.

Animals are very common in dreams and each has significance.  Snakes represent deceit, if you see one of those and you can tie it to your current situation, you know God is giving you a very strict warning.  Crocodiles are likewise warnings and they kill with their mouths and can sweep you off your feet with their “tales” (lies).  Spiders weave a web to entrap you; I once saw one of these in a dream immediately after a neighbor told me about a woman who was interested in me.

Cats are very independent but also smart and crafty – if you see one of these, just know what type personality you are dealing with (pros and cons).   Dogs can be mixed, they can be stray and ragged-looking or they can look like a pet.  They might be “man’s best friend” or they may be something to watch out for.  Birds are likewise mixed, some are good and some bad.  Vultures, owls and eagles all hunt/eat animals but we know eagles for their eyesight and high-altitude, owls see in the dark and vultures feed on dead things.  We already know what a wolf is so I won’t repeat any of that.

Most symbols we see can have multiple meanings and you will need to understand the context of the dream and your personal circumstances in order to properly recognize the correct interpretation.  If you don’t have a symbol on a list, go look it up on Google.  Let me say it again – if you are diligently seeking God’s best for your life, He absolutely will guide you along the way and tell you things in advance that are otherwise impossible to know.  

Update:  Reader Submissions Coming In!

I’ve been getting some amazing opportunities from my international readers who have submitted their dreams here for interpretation.  It is a very new thing that I decided it was time to attempt interpretations of other people’s dreams – especially those whom I cannot talk to in-person.  I’m very glad I stepped out and took that risk.  So far I’ve been learning a ton from this experience and getting positive feedback as well.  You will begin seeing some of those dreams and interpretations included in my posts, as I already have with the recent post on God’s calling and this one today (see the “*” above).   Thank you again to those who have been sending me your submissions!  See my contact form and instructions on this page if you are also interested.

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;
I will guide you with My eye.
(Psalms 32:8 NKJV)


  1. This is a powerful read especially on the emphasis to pay more attention on symbols, warnings, and future blessings. I once dreamt of a friend guy whom I really liked and wanted to date but God revealed in a dream that he had other intentions. That saved me!!!. Night dreams have turned out to be my life dreams.


  2. In my dream I was riding down the road but found a child around 3 years old so I picked the child up and took him with me then I went to a venue and was getting dressed to be married everything was exciting in the dream during the ceromony I turned and my mother was playing with the child then after me and my dream husband were signing the license that isn’t the only time i also dreamed of a child that looked exactly the same bit the child was older same blonde hair blue eyes I have been having alot of pregnancy dreams one my grandmother told me I was pregnant


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