What’s With The Embarrassing Dreams!?


You are in a public place like a sidewalk near a busy street but suddenly you realize you are only wearing underwear and you have no idea how or why you ended up this way.  You are sitting at a table with your coworkers and everyone is dressed normally but you are wearing nothing at all; no one seems to notice anything unusual except you.  You are sitting in an office with other people and you are sitting on a toilet right there in the open and trying not to be too obvious about it.  You then wake up wondering what on earth kind of psychological disorder you have that is causing these ridiculous dreams!

Get ready for the answer…it’s not what you think.  

These Are Common Dreams

I’ve had these dreams more times than I can count.  When I first started having them, I immediately thought I must have some hidden moral problem that was surfacing at night when I could no longer hide it.  I thought that I must have a secret lust problem and that I was acting it out in my dreams when I could no longer repress the truth.  Every time I had one of these embarrassing dreams, I woke up immediately with a sense of guilt and condemnation and assumed a negative cause for these dreams.  You have no idea how these greatly disturbed me for a long time until one day my research paid off.  

As I’ve said in previous posts, dreams are not literal and they are not logical; rather, they are purely symbolic.  Taking anything literally that you see in your dreams will most of the time lead you completely down the wrong road.  Dreams of public nakedness or toilet usage are no different; you must understand the metaphoric message being conveyed, otherwise you’ll completely miss the entire point.

Positive or Negative Thinking?

Let me start by saying that this is probably a great place to determine your degree of “religious programming”.  Those who have a learned or adopted a high level of rigid, stoic and legalistic belief systems are most apt to find themselves reacting to these types of dreams as I did initially.  If you are also finding yourself in self-condemnation after a dream like this, it is probably a good indication that you need to re-look some fundamental issues about your beliefs.  I am of course speaking here from a perspective of Bible-believing Christian beliefs but it would not surprise me if those who held different beliefs (or none at all) did not also experience the same type of negative reaction as I described.  Yes there are clear moral standards of right and wrong in the Bible, I’m not refuting any of that; what I am saying is you have to understand God’s metaphoric language in order to discern the message in this particularly bizarre symbolism.

So What Are These Then?

Now for the answer you’ve been waiting for…what are these actually saying!?  These are common dreams that many people have.  Public nakedness is exactly what it sounds like:  you are an honest person who does not hide very much in your interactions with other people.  You tend to be very open in your communications and you don’t hide your true self or put on a facade.  Think about yourself for a minute, do you normally feel comfortable talking about personal matters with your coworkers or even in public speaking events?  If your answer is yes, then you now see the connection with your dreams.  On the contrary, are you a person who is not very open with others and do you not find yourself having dreams of being naked in public?   Bottom line:  dreams of public nakedness are actually a good thing.  

Remember, dreams are metaphoric, they are not literal!  Once you really get the concept of symbolism and metaphoric thinking, all such crazy dreams will make a lot more sense.  There’s no point going off into all sorts of negative self-condemning psychology because you misunderstand the true meaning of your dreams by 180 degrees!  Ok, so are you relieved now?  Maybe not?  Are you not so sure I’m correct on this?  Let me refer you to my resource page where you can read books and blogs from noted experts of Christian dream interpretation and you will find this is exactly what they say.

What About Toilets?

If you are suddenly more at ease about the whole nakedness thing, now let’s get to the toilet issue.  Here is where the message starts to become mixed.  Going to the bathroom is exactly what it sounds like:  you are getting toxins out of your inner-soul or spirit.  That’s pretty straightforward.  But why would you be seeing yourself do this publicly in a dream?  Well, it follows a similar line of rationale as the nakedness dreams.  You are either looking for help or are in need of help from other people to remove spiritually negative toxins from your life.

If you see yourself in a dream on a toilet in an office environment, it could be you need “professional” help in accomplishing this negativity purge.  If you are instead seeing yourself among friends, it is your friends who are able to help you with this.  But, it could also be a warning that you are venting toxic (negative) thoughts and words out of your mouth publicly in a manner that is detrimental to you in the context of these dream scenes.

Are These Ever A Warning?

Sometimes yes, these can in fact be a red flag that you do actually need to correct certain behaviors.  I once overheard a young woman in a store telling her coworkers about a dream that I believed to be a warning to her.  She described how one of her friends gave her a set of underwear that, when she tried putting it on, it was too small.  Although I was not part of this conversation myself, I’ve learned through my studies that one possible interpretation of this is that God is trying to warn her about inappropriate sexual behavior.

Often, our dreams will occur in a related series all in the same night where each scene speaks a different part of the message using completely different symbology.  As a personal example of the above, I once saw myself speaking out my entire mind on an issue of extreme aggravation to a room full of people.  Immediately after that, I saw another scene where I was using the bathroom right on the floor in an open room.  Yikes!  In this case, the series told me I needed to be careful not to vent all my feelings on a matter in public, thereby making myself look like a fool openly.  Check what God has to say about people don’t control their mouths in Proverbs 17:27 and Proverbs 29:11.  Yep, I myself have been rebuked in my dreams on a few occasions and so will you!

Main Points To Remember

  • Public nakedness means you are an open, honest person and you not afraid to be yourself among other people; these are very positive dreams.
  • Toilet usage in public means you have inner negative issues that you need to deal with; if you fix these issues, you will experience positive results in your public life.
  • There are times when a warning is being given for you to correct certain negative or immoral behavior.  God has clear laws of right and wrong which are intended to keep you from personal destruction.  Ignoring warning dreams is an exceptionally unwise choice.
  • Learn God’s metaphoric dream language and you will be able to correctly discern the true meanings of your dreams!


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