Solving Riddles In A Dream? Here’s How I Did It

iconmonstr-help-6-icon-256Readers of my blog are well accustomed to my endless bizarre dreams that often appear in series and point to future events in my life.  They are used to my writings about the cryptic metaphoric language that these nighttime images display and the interpretations of them.  And for that matter, so has your author been accustomed to the same.  All this was going just fine in that regard until one day an entirely new dimension opened up and caught me by surprise.

It began with a familiar scene inside yet another cave and I was being questioned by a person I never actually saw.  After being asked to hand over all the contents of my pockets in what seemed like a police-style arrest, I  got a first-ever spoken riddle. 

Inasmuch as an excellent spirit, knowledge, understanding, interpreting dreams, solving riddles, and explaining enigmas were found in this Daniel, whom the king named Belteshazzar, now let Daniel be called, and he will give the interpretation.”
(Daniel 5:12 NKJV)

The Riddle:

On September 12, 2015, I dreamed that I was back in this cave and I heard someone asking me, if you were in fourth grade and taking karate class, would you want to wear a Gi?

Huh…what??  Ok, let me say first off, I already had a head’s up that I should be expecting riddles some day but this was quite a shock.  I thought maybe it would come in some type of office joke being passed around or something in a magazine, etc.  I didn’t actually expect one of these in a dream and besides that, I hadn’t really even given this much thought.  What on earth was I supposed to do with this?!

Unexpected Revelation of a New Skill

Things are starting to make sense as God is revealing more to you regarding your gifts, calling & situation.  September 1, 2015

— Doug Addison, #dailyprophetic

Going back through my dream journal, it was August 26th of this year that two men in white suits appeared to me and they began talking to me about “Chaldeans“.  I only remembered hearing that one word and as soon as they said this, I saw myself sitting down and putting on a thick white winter ski coat.  If I go back to June 29th of this year, I had another clue in two dreams that something of this type was coming to me concerning the prophetic realm and a major timing clue was given with late August written all over it.

Expect to see God move in ways that you have not seen before. New angelic help is being assigned. September 2, 2015

— Doug Addison, #dailyprophetic

I really had to wonder why I’m seeing two angels appearing to me and talking about an ethnic group of people who lived during Daniel’s time.  It was really confusing because these “Chaldeans” were considered historically to be “wise men” but in reality, they did not possess the ability that Daniel had.  Not to mention, that passage in the story basically puts them into the pagan category!  After really asking God for wisdom to help sort this one out, I realized it was an elliptical reference to the skills that Daniel had and pointed right to chapter 5 (see above).  This “Chaldean” reference had nothing to do with a group of pagan magicians.  The thick white ski jacket I was given was symbolic of a new skill or gift that included the abilities that Daniel had.  Come to think of it, I suppose we can say this was actually my first exercise in solving a riddle!

So, now we see that I had already been told to watch out for riddles.  I learned that this new gift I had been given did not mean that I suddenly had the ability to instantly figure out a riddle without any effort.  Nope!  It meant that I needed to learn how to use this new skill by the wisdom of the Holy Spirit and in so doing, I would be able to discern the solution using the same divine help that Daniel had.

Important note:  if you’ve never heard about things like angels appearing in dreams, see what Doug Addison and many others teach on this subject.

How To Unravel this Mystery?

Now that I’ve established how I even got to this point, let’s get to the solving of this crazy riddle about a karate uniform and elementary school.  Here are each of the elements of the riddle:

  • Fourth grade (school)
  • Karate class
  • Gi (karate training uniform)

After seriously thinking about this for two straight days, I finally had a clue pop into my head.  Just like many of my other dreams, there was something in this riddle that I had seen before:  karate training.  Yep, that was it – the dream where I was standing on a huge cruise ship at night and was told to jump off the edge into murky black port water.  This particular dream was a warning about a financial training course.  But, did this same symbol (karate) in my new riddle have the same meaning as it did in that previous dream?  Good question!  Here’s where another clue comes in to verify and confirm that.

I really didn’t know what to do with that “fourth grade” thing at first.  Obviously it means “school” and then there’s my familiar and repeated number four in it.  The thought hit me that this was referring directly to the previous dream that occurred four years ago.  Great!  Now I knew I had two out of three mysteries solved.  But why was I asked about wearing a “Gi“?  It would have been fine if the riddle only spoke of fourth grade and karate training, but what was this added symbol about?

Let your garments always be white,
And let your head lack no oil.
(Ecclesiastes 9:8 NKJV)

A “Gi” is a uniform used for karate (fighting/self-defense) training and it is usually white.  The riddle question was a little bit odd because if you are taking karate class, of course you are going to wear a Gi!  Why would I not?  The question is really getting at, do I want to be properly “clothed” (equipped/prepared) for this activity?

I wasn’t sure what to do about the fighting aspect but I knew this was definitely tied to training and it also serves as a dual confirmation with the fourth grade symbol indicating “school”.  The color white is symbolic of God’s pure and righteous methods.  Based on all of the above, this appeared to all pointed back to the topic of financial matters and training/learning.  After further thought, karate involves both offensive and defensive techniques; this most definitely has application in the realm of finances where you must be both proactive and protective.  So now, putting this all together, we have an apparently good initial interpretation to this very confusing riddle.

Riddle Solved

if you were in fourth grade and taking karate class, would you want to wear a Gi?”  

What all this appears to mean is:  four years ago I was trying to learn financial principles of investing by signing up for a training course that God was warning me against.  If I were to be presented now with a new opportunity to learn to create wealth, would I want to do it using God’s methods and principles?  

Answer:  YES! 

Now, watch for a future post (or series) where I plan to elaborate on exactly how this plays out.  As with all matters of prophecy, this is an ongoing evolving situation.  Things like this are revealed in stages.  We get a dream that gives us part of the story, then someone gives us a personal prophetic word, then we see circumstances start to emerge that line up with all we have been expecting and watching for.  Be assured, I’m very much looking forward to seeing how this plays out in my life!

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.
(Matthew 6:33 NKJV)

Riddle Solving Techniques

  • Dreams and riddles contain symbology that may be personalized only to you based on your unique experiences or even your own spoken words.
  • Watch for repeating symbols and numbers in your dreams; you will see these begin to establish a pattern where you can connect dots to reveal a larger story.
  • Dual symbols in the same dream (or multiple dreams) will confirm and validate the correct understanding of a dream or riddle.
  • Time references in dreams can be purely abstract encryptions which must be decoded to discern the metaphoric meaning.
  • Any dream interpretation, including the ones that I write about here, or one that I may give you, will be initial interpretations.  As time passes, you will see further layers of meaning unfold as time passes.

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