Reader Testimony! Actual Dream Submission


Around two months ago, I received my first request for dream interpretation from someone in Kenya who found my blog based on a comment I posted on a prophetic website.  Literally a couple hundred emails later, this new follower became a personal friend of mine and now accepted my request to post one of many interpretations I gave her right here.

This was one of the very first dream submissions that I received right after offering free interpretations right here through this blog site.  Since this was a new step of faith for me in interpreting dreams online, I was very surprised myself how well it turned out!  Take a look below and you can see what I received, what I replied back with, and the real-life circumstances of my friend.  After that, check out some observations I made from this experience in connecting with a person from the opposite side of the world!  


Here’s what my friend Victoria, from Kenya, has to say:

“I want to introduce to you a friend of mine Chris Michals who has helped many (including me) in dream interpretation. Another way that God speaks to us is through dreams esp in this last days (Joel 2:28) and you will be surprised to discover the treasures in those dream.

First off, I will open the door to share a dream I had July this year.

I had a dream about having a big baby boy (bigger than a normal new born) but in the same room, there was another baby boy without a mother and I wanted to care for him too. A woman (a worker from my previous employment) came and took that other baby away. I then found myself at a back seat of a car holding the baby boy I just had and being driven by unknown person along a highway at night. A long the way, I spotted a car that had pulled over on that highway, and saw the same woman take out a bag (with the baby in it) from a car and threw it under the bridge. The bag landed at a river bank. There were some local women standing on that river bank and started running away from the site of the bag but one of them approached to open the bag.

This was the Interpretation:

The baby boy I had delivered meant receiving a leadership gift and it will be bigger than I was “expecting”.  The other boy that I wanted to care indicated a distraction, a separate calling intended for someone else and that calling will be found by the person who has the courage to step forward in new faith and receive it.

The women running away were people who find that calling too difficult and so they run ( as indicated in Matthew 22:14 “many are called but few are chosen”).  The river indicates something that God is doing on a large scale. The unknown driver is the Holy Spirit transitioning us through a “night season” to an unknown destination.

The bridge indicated a pathway transition in my life and is a connection between where I was previously (past) to where God is taking me now (future). God was separating things from me that were not beneficial to my new calling.

In reality:
I was then establishing a career in as a Database Administrator in one of the leading telecoms in Kenya, and God told me to give up that baby. So I did. The new gifting I received is currently being nurtured through this transition to my new assignment.

If you were like me wondering how to make heads or tales of these night dreams, then I invite you all to reach out to gifted dream interpreter who can decode the symbols and mysteries of your dreams because God is saying something to you in a metaphoric language. If you wish, you can get FREE dream interpretation from my friend Chris Michals from this site like I did months ago. Not only will he help interpret your dreams but also teach you how you can.”

Universal Language of Dreams

The above is of course, the short version of many emails I sent back and forth to Victoria concerning her current situation as it relates to the symbology in her dream.  As you can see, the “baby” represented something in her future that God was giving her, but in the process, she had to give up something else in order to have this new calling.  Traveling along a highway and then over a bridge at nighttime represents going through a life transition and crossing into something new during a time of great uncertainty.  

Victoria’s testimony makes some very interesting points that many readers of my blog are probably wondering concerning dream interpretations.  It’s one thing for me to post my own dreams and the interpretations of them, but to try this out on others is “where the rubber meets the road”, as we say here in the US.  Either this all works or it doesn’t!  Fortunately, based on Victoria’s comments, you can see it really is possible to interpret the dreams of others using the principles I write about here in this blog.  

Overcoming Challenges

What hit me immediately when I began receiving interpretation requests were some obvious challenges which I had to overcome quickly.  First, I cannot see the person who sends me a dream, so it is not possible to ask questions or read non-verbals.  Second, I have no way of knowing any details about a person’s circumstances so I have to use some discernment in sorting out different possible interpretations. Third, it just so happened, this first request came from a person in a different country on the other side of the world with a very different culture than my own!  In light of all these challenges, the interesting fact that comes out of this is the proof that God’s language in dreams is universal and has no geographic or ethnic barriers!

Your Turn!

If you are as brave as Victoria, check out the dream interpretation articles here on this blog and then go to this page where you can fill out a contact form and send me your own dreams for interpretation.  I look forward to the opportunity to help you unlock the code to your dreams!

To reiterate my purpose in writing articles for this blog:

  • To demonstrate that God speaks to us in a unique metaphoric language, exactly the way He does in the Bible in the parables of Jesus and in Proverbs, Psalms, Ecclesiastes, etc.
  • To reveal the keys to learning this language so that you can likewise understand your own dreams and then properly give interpretations for others whom you come in contact with.


Send requests for dream interpretation using the contact form at this page:

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