Chased, Attacked, Immobilized And Other Nightmares:  What To Do About These

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Since offering dream interpretation on this blog site, I have been receiving submissions from readers with some very negative images and scenarios.  I’ve seen several cases now where a person is being chased and they are constantly running from one location to the next and hiding.  In some dreams, the person has been attacked by either a person carrying various weapons or by predatory animals.  But these are not just coming from my readers, I myself have had these exact same types of dreams over a period of more than a decade.  If you have any nightmares or otherwise disturbing dreams, I have good news for you!  Based on my own studies and personal experience, I am able to shed light on what these are all about and how to stop them from repeating.

Unable to Speak

Over a decade ago I had a repeated series of dreams that took place in many different settings. Basically, the scenario would play out the same way, regardless of where I saw myself in the dream.  I would be trying to talk to someone but they couldn’t hear me.  I would then start raising my voice until I was screaming but still the person couldn’t hear me and no sound seemed to be coming out of my mouth!  In most of these dreams, the person I was trying to communicate with just looked at me with a blank stare as if I had not even opened my mouth.  Dream interpreters like Doug Addison say this is a common dream type where God has a calling for you but there is something in your dreams that is coming against you, sometimes in the exact area that you are called to.  In my case, it appears there was an attack to “silence” me.

Shark Attack

This next personal testimony is the type of thing that an uninformed, or misinformed, person will falsely attribute to a fascination with nature or certain animal species.  Not long ago I was having a major faith test and certain circumstances were not lining up with some things I had been expecting for a long time.  I was getting very worn out from the waiting and I began to have some serious doubts.  I didn’t realize at first that this was actually a demonic attack.  I had really stepped out as far on the edge of my faith as I ever had before and in the midst of all these doubts and fears, I went to a supposed “Christian” for some help.  What I got in return was shocking.  This person blasted me and said what an irresponsible fool and idiot I was for following what I knew to be God’s call for me.  Needless to say, this made things about ten times worse.

Shortly after that, I had a dream that I was being eaten by shark.  This is one of many clear symbols of a demonic attack.  It bears stating here that not every thought that comes into our heads is from ourselves.  Many times we get very negative, anti-Biblical and doubtful thoughts which actually originate from the demonic realm. Most people do not seem to be aware of this, but from my own personal experience, I can now say this is absolutely true.  In the case of this dream, the attack came through another person.  


A short time before the above attack on my faith, I had a dream of a gigantic black insect that was crawling around inside what looked like an unknown house.  In the dream, I saw it crawling on the ceiling in the bathroom and then it came down to the floor in the living room and suddenly it became about ten times as large.  I saw it running directly at me at full speed at me and I woke up physically kicking almost violently.  If you ever have a dream where you wake up in the act of doing something of this type that you see in a dream, you need to be aware that this is one of the most serious warnings you can get.  God is trying to emphasize to you that what you see in the dream is not just a figment of your imagination and you need to take prompt action to stop what you are being shown.  In this case, it was another warning of a demonic attack.

Family Testimony of Nightmares

A family member of mine has had a lifelong history of nightmares for as long as I can remember.  I first began hearing about them as teenager but it was not until decades later when I discovered the cause and the solution.  In these dreams, this person describes how she has seen deceased relatives appear to her and say angry and harassing things during the night.  I even remember hearing how this even went beyond just a dream but also became physical manifestations where the bed would actually be kicked and shaken.

In Bible terms, this is called an attack by “familiar spirits“.  These are demons that watched your relatives while they were alive and can come to you now and impersonate them to make you think you are in contact with these deceased persons. See these passages in Leviticus for more information about such demonic entities.  The Bible is extremely clear that God does not permit deceased people to come to you and harass you.  

Solution to Nightmares

Earlier this year, I became aware of what this situation was all about with my relative and I gave a specific prescription which I believed would work in ending these dreams and other manifestations.  I wrote out a prayer of salvation and then included about five Bible verses that dealt with the authority of a Christian over demonic spirits.  To my surprise, shortly after I gave her that, she said all those dreams stopped.  Several months after that, I kept getting the same comments.  One time though, I heard the opposite because she had temporarily stopped saying the prayer and Bible verses, these dreams returned until she again said this prayer.

Opening Demonic Doors

Here’s a little family background that needs to be mentioned.  I don’t know exactly how or when these experiences started but I am aware that several of my family members (including the one mentioned above) who had become involved in occult practices like palm reading, horoscopes and tarot cards.  One family member in particular had gone so far as to become involved with Silva mind control, which is extremely demonic.  Based on this history, it is obvious that a combination of these activities opened a door “illegally” in the spirit realm.  When it comes to the demonic, you can open a door but without the authority of the name Jesus, and a covenant relationship with Him by His death on the cross and His blood shed for your sins, you have absolutely no ability nor authority to close that door again.

Without exception, people who become involved in these activities begin with what starts out like an “innocent or silly adventure”, but very quickly these spirits begin to reveal their true colors and they take over and begin to destroy the person.  This is a very serious matter.  In addition to what I describe above concerning pathways to demonic attacks, there are other things such as horror movies, pornography, alcohol, drugs, ouija boards, certain types of music, etc that will open the door to the demonic.  I have personally either seen or experienced the effects of some of these myself to a degree.

Recommended Books

There are many other types of nightmares which have similar clearly identifiable negative images and scenarios.  The topic of nightmares falls generally under the subject of “deliverance” ministry.  This is unfortunately not well understood by most Christians but there are many great resources available from a variety of authors.  Here are a few ( links):

Warning Dreams vs Nightmares

I could continue to write more about this topic but I think at this point, you get the idea. There are reasons for these dreams and there are actions to take depending on what you see in the dreams.  Each of these point to specific things that are ongoing in your natural life and they require action on your part.  Some are warnings of an attack coming against you through other people and others are the result of your opening of a demonic door.  On a related note, I have also written about a wolf attack which deals with an attack through another person.

If you’ve had a history of any of these, or they are happening to you right now, please consider contacting me through either my dream interpretation request form (for nightmares) or the general contact form (if not dream-related) and I will help you figure out what’s going on and how it relates to your life.  If necessary, I’ll try to point you in the right direction for further help.

  • Nightmares can indicate something is trying to stop you from achieving God’s call for your life.
  • Some negative dreams are a warning of an attack coming against you.
  • Other dreams indicate either you or a family member has opened a door to the demonic realm by inappropriate choices and behaviors.
  • Each type of dream has a meaning which requires understanding to differentiate and an action to take based on that symbolic meaning.

NOTE: please also see my updated post on this regarding witchcraft in dreams…

Before You Send Me A Dream Involving Witchcraft, Read This



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