A Little More About Me and Why I Write About Dream Interpretations

ID Card iconmonstr.001It’s been several months since I last wrote about how I got into the study of dream interpretation and I felt like it was time to go back and answer those questions again from a different angle.  Anytime I become acquainted with a new person and start following them, there are several questions I need to answer in order to feel like I’ve found someone legitimate.  One of those questions is to find out where a person is coming from and what got them into the field they are in.  Most of my articles here have a teaching focus but today I want to give a little more from my own personal background.  

Who Am I?

Let me start off by telling what I’m not.  I am not a graduate of a theological university.  Nothing wrong with that but that’s not my background.  I am not a “prophet” although prophetic dream interpretation very much involves a certain degree of prophetic gift.  I do not technically run a ministry here on this website; not in the traditional sense anyway.  Nothing wrong with that but that’s not what I do (note that Daniel and Joseph did not either).  I do this entire thing for free because it is something I am personally fascinated with and I know that I have a calling to do this.  I also have a creative and artistic side that goes back at least four generations in my family and this website project is just one little way I try to make use of that.

112_1249So what am I then?  I’m a graduate of a top US university with a bachelor of science degree and some graduate work scattered around at four US universities.  I’ve spent around 20 years in a career dealing with a lot of fast-moving high-technology equipment and a lot of analytical work.  I’ve lived in many cities both in the US and overseas and have seen quite a few cultures along the way.  As part of these travels, I took a strong interest in learning some of the languages wherever I went.  I never became an expert in any of them but the one I never studied in school became the one I knew best (German).

It wasn’t until around four years ago that I began to realize there was a very different language I needed to learn.  This one did not involved memorizing new words and grammar idiosyncrasies (thank God).  This language actually fit me for a change!  It was based on pictures and abstract thinking so all I had to do was train myself to think out of the box and learn to connect things that had no apparent connection.  Not only that but it fit a major foundational part of my life as a Bible-believing Christian.

Codes and Eschatology

I suppose this is where I should mention I have a couple other interests that began when I was a teenager.  The first one was a bit bizarre because it didn’t fit anything else I was into at the time (tennis, skiing, flying airplanes, etc).  One day I picked up a book on secret coded messages and the topic was fascinating.  My second interest began when I read a book by a famous author about end-times Bible prophecy that set the direction of my entire life from that day on.

Fast forward to around 2000, I was at a Bible study where someone gave me an audio teaching that put these both together.  It was Chuck Missler’sHow We Got Our Bible“.  When I began listening, I nearly went into shock when I heard him teach on something I had just been trained to do in a new career assignment.  That topic was the science of coded messages.  With that newest stepping stone, the path of my life had just become much more clear.

Dream Interpretations?

So how do we get from all the above to the study of interpreting dreams?  Although a major subject of interest for me is eschatology (end-times prophecy), you’ll note a strange lack of writing on that huge topic anywhere here.  Let me say for now that it was one single eschatological prophecy that actually put me directly in the middle of the subject of dream interpretation!

“And it shall come to pass afterward
That I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh;
Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
Your old men shall dream dreams,
Your young men shall see visions.
(Joel 2:28 NKJV)

How to Interpret Dreams and VisionsBacking up to one of the earliest articles I ever wrote here on this website, it was my search for Bible-based dream interpretation material that led me to realize (much to my shock) that the Pentecostal/charismatic beliefs were true.  I had been getting dreams myself that I knew were from God but I couldn’t find where to get Bible-based teaching on this topic.  One day, I found a book in a random search at a Christian book store by Perry Stone called, “How to Interpret Dreams and Visions”.  When I began reading that book, I received the second major shock of my life.  Among other major events, Perry described seeing the terrorist attacks of 9/11 in a dream five years before they happened.  Due to the lack of proper teaching in the churches I had spent my entire life in, I had never heard of such a thing!

Why Do I Offer Interpretations?

So that’s the short version of how I got started in the study of dream interpretation. Now, why am I giving free prophetic dream interpretation here through this website?  You can do a google search on this subject and you’ll find the same thing that existed in the time of Daniel and Joseph.  There are countless websites for dream interpretation based on false beliefs and a wrong foundation.  The people who use psychology or “new age” to interpret dreams are the modern-day “magicians” of the Bible.  You’ve seen me say it here before and I’ll say it again.  God gives the vast majority of dreams we get and there is no way to understand them without a direct personal knowledge of Him.

I’m very forthcoming about who my influences are on this topic.  Check out the list I’ve displayed on my resources page and you will see I anchor myself to a long list of reputable teachers.  If you go to their websites, you will find they have an established ministry and a list of thousands of followers.  The down side of their popularity (for you) is that since they are widely recognized as experts in this field, it is nearly impossible to get them to personally interpret a dream for you.  There is no way they can handle personal requests from even 5% of their followers!

At this time, I do not have anywhere near their level of following and I’m relatively new on the scene compared to them.  They have more years of experience but I’m aggressively pursuing that on a daily basis myself and I know I’m called to do this sort of thing.  I believe it’s only a matter of time (by God’s inspired wisdom) before I will be at the same level as an “expert” that these people are.  You get my point, I’m a free resource and right now I’m able to handle the requests that I get.

My Results?

In the short time since I began giving online interpretations, I’ve received and sent a couple hundred emails with interpretations; I now have a level of experience I could never have gained with just my own dreams.  Some of what I’ve seen and learned in this time has been very eye-opening.  There have been patterns that I’ve observed which point to common themes which you will see in your own dreams likewise.  On a humorous but aggravating note, I’ve also run into a few dreams that I had no idea what to do with!  It’s ok though, that is definitely God’s way to keep me from thinking too much of myself!

Next Step

So here’s what to do now – read what I’ve written so far on this website and then check out my dream interpretation request form.  It does not matter to me personally if you have different beliefs than I do.  I actually expect to receive submissions from those with different beliefs.

In the meantime, consider this:  God speaks to you based on your life circumstances regardless of your beliefs.  His ultimate plan for you is good, not evil.  He will give you instructions that will cause you to prosper and make good decisions.

The question is, do you understand what God is telling you or are you like those who could not understand the parables Jesus told in the Gospels?  Contact me and I will help you understand the messages you are receiving in this language of dreams sent to you by the same God of Daniel and Joseph.

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