GPS Trilateration: Keys to Solving Hidden Dream Codes

One of my aims for this blog is to take a subject I’ve been learning about and write from a unique perspective that I have not seen anywhere else.  We each come from different backgrounds and experiences and we usually see things differently as a result. My personal career background involves a fair amount of modern technology in an aviation-related field.  Just recently, as I was replying to a reader concerning a dream interpretation, the idea hit me that there is a natural-world parallel to this topic of dreams that I have not heard discussed by anyone else.  For those who have a background or interest in science and technology, this one is for you!  

Missing Puzzle Pieces

Many times we get a dream where we may understand some of the symbols but not what they are pointing to in real life.  Ever since I started taking my dreams seriously and learning how to interpret them, I began to realize that some of them left me totally clueless about their meaning.  At times, I would get an understanding of the symbols but still not figure out what the dream was saying.  Other times, even the symbols themselves were too confusing or had too many possible meanings to even begin to understand what was being communicated.  Finally, one day I realized that I was getting dreams in series which could be identified by the repeating of a common theme or symbol.  

This is where we come to a discussion of the science behind how GPS devices determine their location and how it relates to interpreting hidden dream codes.   As it turns out, nearly the exact same method is used to connect several dreams together in order to find the missing key or hidden meaning in the midst of them.  In order to find out how this is so, let’s begin by covering the basics of GPS science.

Trilateration Method

Many of us use Global Positioning System devices in our everyday life but, like most of these high-tech gadgets, we often have no idea how they really work.  The general idea of GPS location is that information from multiple satellites is received and then computed in order to reach a three-dimensional point in space where the receiving object (device) exists.

Basic 3-D location requires signals from three satellites; this is where the term “trilateration” comes from, with the prefix “tri-” meaning three.  Each of the signals received produce a sphere of possibility where the point in question (device location) exists.  When each of these spheres (one from each satellite) are overlapped together, the final result is an accurate computation of location.  Saying it another way, each of the three satellite signals received provide an additional degree of accuracy and reduced margin of error for spatial reference.

…by the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established. (Matthew 18:16 NKJV)

In performing the final computation of overlapping spheres, there are actually two separate points that result:  one on earth and one in space.  The last step then requires the device to rule out one location (the one in space).  Once the receiver eliminates the obviously false possibility that it is in space, the final result is the one that is on the ground.  Although only three satellites are necessary, standard GPS receivers usually track four to seven satellites.  A fourth satellite is required for altitude computations which is primarily used only for aircraft.

For more information about how this works, I suggest these four sites:  Mio, GPS, Howstuffworks and GIS.  My intent is not to get into a highly scientific or mathematical discussion here because this is a blog article about dream interpretation as it relates to the science of GPS location, not a full explanation of how orbital mechanics works! Because I like graphics and designing my own artistic products, here is a quick slide show of how this works in a two-dimensional format.

Trilateration Diagrams

Ok, so that’s the end of my scientific discussion of GPS devices!  Now, before we can deal with how all this relates to interpreting dreams, I need to bring up one more point which is highly centric to our discussion.   There is one more reason why we might be getting several dreams in a series rather than only one single dream for a given message on a specific topic.  It turns out there is another scientific method which we need to discuss very briefly concerning the transmission of communications.

Biblical ‘Technology’ in Telecommunications?

Have you ever noticed from even just a scant reading the Bible that there is no single chapter that covers the entirety of any one major subject?  What I mean is, have you ever found a single page of the Bible where an all-encompassing discussion on baptism or salvation or spiritual gifts, etc, is found?  Strange thing…I’ve never found one!  What we find instead is each of these topics are spread throughout the entire Bible such that you have no choice but to read the entire book to get a full and complete understanding of any major topic!

It was over a decade ago that I first learned about this concept from a Bible scholar named Chuck Missler whose background is in information technology.  To find the reason for this spread-message concept, we need to go no further than three primary passages which clearly state the intended design for the writing of the entire Bible:  Isaiah 28:10 and 28:13 and Ecclesiastes 7:27.

For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept,
Line upon line, line upon line, Here a little, there a little.”
(Isaiah 28:10 NKJV)

Taking the concept from these verses, we can see this directly parallels a scientific concept used in the modern-day transmission of secure communications.  Spread-spectrum is the technique where a communication signal is spread across a frequency band such that if any part of that spectrum is jammed by a hostile source, the full message will still get through to the receiver.  This is widely used in military communication systems but can also be found outside of that arena.

With that in mind, it now makes sense why all major subjects of the Bible are found literally spread over the entire Biblical text from Genesis to Revelation.  If you tear out several pages or even books from the Bible, you still have the same message, even if some of the finer points may be lost from those missing pages.

Spread-spectrum technology is not a modern-day invention!  The entire Bible is written using this exact concept and it applies to all teaching found throughout the 66 books. 

Dream Interpretation Examples

Ok, now that’s for sure the end of my technology discussion for today!  It’s time to relate this to our real topic of dream interpretation.  Let’s summarize that we are using the combined concepts of GPS location techniques and spread spectrum technology. Each of these two methods illustrate exactly what we see when interpreting dreams that come in a series involving a clear common theme.

In several previous articles, I’ve written about how I’ve received a series of dreams involving an airplane flight, a train trip and then caves and tunnels (in addition to many others).  Each of these series dreams were made up of something like part-one, two and three of the same “story”. In the example of my caves and tunnels dreams, I had no idea for the longest time what these were all about.  In fact, an entire year went by before I had any idea what the cave scene meant!

Here’s a brief recap of the caves and tunnels dreams…  In the first dream of this series, I saw myself walking into a tunnel and then I saw a man sitting at a desk inside a cave within that tunnel.  Then, I saw myself sitting inside a cave and a man wearing an orange suit came out of a muddy water pool.  After that, I had two more dreams where I was seeing the exit of a tunnel and then I was inside a cave being asked a very strange question which was actually a riddle.   These dreams occurred over a period of almost two years and it wasn’t until I had the first three that I realized these were all part of a series.

In an additional series of dreams, I began noticing that I kept finding myself in the same location in the state of Florida.  I can’t even remember how many times I saw myself on the exact same part of the panhandle (northern part) of the state.  Often, I would be driving around the part where the state curved downward to the south along the ocean while other times, I would just be located right there at the curved part in a stationary scene.

Finally, one day I had the thought to look up what was significant about Florida and it hit me:  the color orange.  Go back again to my caves dream where I saw the man in an orange suit.  This again linked these separate series dreams together with the common theme of “refining fire” (orange).  Just like GPS trilateration and spread-spectrum technology, each dream in a series gives a little more information which serves to further emphasize and elaborate on and clarify a primary message being conveyed.  

Progression and Time Lapse

These are examples of a series of dreams which are identified by a common theme(s) that repeat among each dream.  In the caves and tunnels series, there was a progression of going into a tunnel, then being inside it, then coming out of it.  This same logical sequence was evident in my airplane and train dream series where I was getting ready to depart, then traveling enroute, and finally arriving at the airport or station.  Often series dreams will occur in a logical sequence which indicate a progression of events in the life of the dreamer.  

This same type of situation has played out in the dreams submitted to me by readers of this blog.  In many cases, the first dream or two in a series appears incomplete or confusing.  At times, it has been very difficult to determine the full interpretation until the other parts of the series were eventually received.  It is also most often the case where a significant length of time will elapse between each of these dreams before that series appears to be complete.  The awkward part there is that we end up having to wait for God to send us the additional information in future dreams so we know what He is really trying to say.

Consider this overly simplified diagram series of three separate dreams.  In each, there is a common theme symbol that repeats although it is slightly different in each dream.  You have to learn how to be very attentive to certain key details in your dreams.  Once you identify a repeated theme, you will then begin to get an idea of the bigger message being given which you can then connect to a real-life situation.

Note the common theme that repeats but each time in a different way.  If you didn’t see it, the common theme here is not the star, but the color purple.  Twice, there are purple stars and once we see purple grapes.  This common connection now begins to tell a larger story that has significance for the dreamer.  Remember, this is an overly simplified example; in reality, you will not get a dream series that looks like these diagrams!

This simplified example shows how several dreams are connected together using the same techniques we find in modern-day technology.  Each of these are necessary but if you eliminated one of the dreams (or overlooked it), there is still a common theme in the others that reveals a primary message being given to you.  The point being that God will often give you important messages, “here a little, there a little”, spread across several dreams.


So…how’s that for a modern-day parallel between the spiritual realm and technology! Hopefully you’ve learned something new about dream interpretation and also the science behind GPS and communications technology.  Be assured, this topic of connecting dreams to find hidden codes and meanings has become a major theme of mine and this is by far, not the last article I will be writing on this subject.  In the meantime, I would recommend going back to read the previous articles I’ve written on each of the dream series mentioned above to get a more complete idea how this works.

On a larger perspective, the more you study Biblical matters, the more you will find the abundance of spiritual and natural parallels everywhere just like I’ve discussed here.  At some point, you will begin to realize that God actually gave us the clues to our modern technology right in the Bible.  Having made this connection between the science of GPS location and dream series decoding, I’m more convinced than ever that we have yet to scratch the surface on what still remains hidden in the Bible.

  • Rule #1 for dreams:  write them down in a journal and include the date! Without a complete record, you cannot do what I described in this article because you will not remember enough of your dreams.
  • Some dreams cannot be fully understood until future dreams in a series are given to fill in the missing pieces.
  • Frequently we get dreams in series where common themes repeat, each time giving a different piece of the puzzle.
  • Common themes repeated in a dream series are given to emphasize and elaborate on and clarify a main point in the life of the dreamer.
  • When we get enough of the pieces put together from each of the dreams in a series, we are then able to get an understanding of God’s message to us.
  • Often God conceals some of His message by only revealing parts of it in a dream.  This is exactly what we see in the design of the Bible where we get “here a little, there a little” (Isaiah 28:10, 28:13 and Ecclesiastes 7:27).
  • If you are receiving dreams that you cannot make sense of and you are seeing repeated symbols or locations that indicate a series, please fill out my contact form for dream interpretation.  I will be more than happy to help you out!


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  1. Wow! This is a great analogy. I can totally grasp this in my understanding. It makes sense! Patterns and shadows are repeated through out the Bible and I agree, no subject is ever fully elaborated on in the one chapter of the Bible, but given to us in every chapter and so, the biblical GPS system is genius. I can see how God relates us to us in this way in our dreams. Little by little He reveals to us what we need to know. Relationship with Him and biblical knowledge is essential. How exciting. Oh that I might fully learn all of this little by little. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Marion! Yep – the Holy Spirit gave me this GPS idea – quite an amazing concept that parallels “Biblical technology”!


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