Prophetic Perspective: Star Wars, The Force Awakens


One of the prophets I follow, Doug Addison, regularly talks about how God speaks through media.  He says that prophetic messages can be discovered in sporting events, the news, art, TV and movies which can metaphorically point to a “right now” message that God has for a city, nation or the world.  After hearing about this, I began looking more closely at media in ways that in the past, I would never have even given three seconds of thought towards.  Readers of this blog have already seen my first serious attempt at this exact concept when I wrote an article about a metaphoric interpretation of art based on a painting I bought from a local art show.  Well, today, we are about to see how this same idea can be applied to the newest sequel of one of the most popular movies of all time:  Star Wars.  

Spoiler Alert!

If you have not yet watched “The Force Awakens”, I would strongly suggest not reading this post until you have.  I saw this newest sequel in late December, 2015, soon after it was released and I had not even seen a trailer or so much as read a short write-up before I went in.  I had almost no prior knowledge of the story line whatsoever and that made for a great viewing experience.  If you are still reading at the end of this paragraph, you’re going to get a preview of the movie.  I’m now about to discuss many insights I discovered while sitting in the theater making and in the days that followed as details of the storyline began connecting with prophetic messages that relate to our current times.

Surprisingly Paradoxical Biblical Theme

Before I get into the details of “The Force Awakens”, it would be good to take a big step back and get the overall perspective of the entire Star Wars theme ever since the first movie was released almost 40 years ago.  I had never realized all this until just the last few weeks but the Biblical parallels are remarkable even though in some cases they are only generalized.

It is true and well-known that this movie is based on a multitude of eastern religions all combined into one, but for the purposes of this post, I am only looking for those details that can fit a Biblical prophetic theme.  I am intentionally choosing to ignore the eastern religious aspects because my focus is on what the writers and producers unintentionally created which perfectly fits many Biblical themes. 

The intro to every Star Wars movie,”a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…”, is a remarkably familiar concept to Bible scholars.  The movie depicts a battle between two kingdoms and this is exactly what we see in the Bible.  God established His kingdom billions of years ago (literally outside the dimension of time) but there was a rebellion and satan broke away from God’s kingdom.  From that time, dual opposing kingdoms exist.  God exists in Heaven which is considered by many to be very far away from planet Earth.

In the movie, along with each opposing kingdom, there is a “Force” that can be used for good or evil.  In Star Wars, the Force appears to have a personality of its own and there are spiritual entities in an unseen dimension.  While this is not exactly what we see in the Bible, there are several approximations which we can relate to nonetheless.  What is interesting however, is that a western culture that generally prides itself on intellectualism and eschews a literal spiritual dimension cannot help but run to this movie, making it one of the top box office hits of all time.  

There is an innate awareness of, and desire for, the reality of spiritual matters regardless of one’s intellectually stated position.

End-Times Parallels

 For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the Lord shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee.
(Isaiah 60:2 KJV)

Episode VII (the Biblical number of completion) was released just days prior to the start of 2016, a year filled with extensive prophetic messages from many modern-day prophets.  Just as in the movie, darkness is literally trying to overtake the entire world right now in many forms but the final Biblically prophesied last great awakening has also now begun.  This spiritual battle is heating up to a climax where the final end-times eschatological scenario will take place.

Luke Skywalker has vanished into hiding and must be found and there are no trained Jedi’s anywhere.  This is a perfect depiction of the modern-day church in many cases lacking supernatural power clearly portrayed in the Bible.  The First Order is destroying everything in its path with a new weapon that cannot be defended against using those available to the Resistance.  The message here is that evil cannot be defeated by a powerless church.

A powerful but immature leader, Kylo Ren, with strong supernatural powers and a lack of self-control rise to the top of the evil side of “the Force”.  His character is not unlike that of many who are involved in witchcraft or terrorism.  Selfishness, anger, jealousy, immorality, etc are commonly found in most of these people whether it is overtly obvious or not.  For the sake of not giving any attention to these people, I will not mention their names but you can find them very easily on the internet.  Many of them have learned to tap into bizarre supernatural occult powers that are normally only seen in places like Africa, Haiti or India, etc.

Paradox of the Supernatural

A young girl Rey living in obscurity gets caught in the middle of the action by a chance discovery of a droid that has secret information about Luke’s location. Rey is an untrained  person concerning the ways of the Force.  Consider her like one of many who have either no church background or a formal, lifeless and rigid experience which never had relevance to any part of their daily lives.  Some people in these situations take an interest in the supernatural but unfortunately are only able to find it in one form:  false religions or the occult.  

Rey learns how to use the Force after first being a victim of it by the evil Kylo Ren. Many non-church attending people have had experience with the evil side of the supernatural and some have even learned the ways it works from this experience. Rey overcomes the evil Kylo Ren using the Force to counter him.  In our times now, many people have gone rightly looking for the supernatural but, in the wrong ways.  Because the church overall in the western countries has rejected anything “weird”, these people have had nowhere else to go.  Instead, their curiosity landed themselves in very destructive situations with actual demons they initially thought were friendly or benign but later realized cannot be controlled.

Just by casual observation, it’s obvious that God has put into every person an innate desire for supernatural things.  If that were not true then there would be no comic books, TV shows and movies with super heroes.  I myself experienced this when I was a teenager and began having an interest in things like the “sixth sense”, the “paranormal” and people who were said to have powers to bend metal objects without touching them.

Growing up in a typical western church environment, I did not believe in or see anything supernatural and had no Bible-based teaching on any such thing.  As a result, I eventually began to believe that the supernatural only existed in the demonic realm.  Thankfully, I no longer have those “religious” blinders on and I’m now very much aware of true Bible-based supernatural signs and wonders.

Back to the movie, Rey is like one of those people who experiences the supernatural, but first from the “dark side”.   In fact, she even learns how to use the Force by first observing it operating through Kylo Ren.  I’ve noted that people who do not have a strong church background and get into witchcraft often have a much quicker grasp of how things work in this realm than “religious people” who have been programmed and blinded by false teaching that Biblical supernatural does not exist today.  In the movie, we can for the most part consider Rey to be roughly an approximate example of such a situation.  She is also like many who have grown up in very negative situations and spiritual poverty and want something better if they only knew where to go.  

Han Solo:  Modern Church Parallels

Han Solo is characteristic of the modern church as noted in Revelation 3:14-22, the lukewarm church of Laodicea:  morally ambiguous, has a form of godliness but mostly very hard to differentiate from a non-believer.  These people are sort of good, but mostly very divided with one foot in the world and one foot in the church.  In addition to possibly being an absent father figure, Han Solo tries naively to have a rational discussion with a purely evil Kylo Ren (his son) but he himself has no power (the Force) and is going up against a very powerful person. The powerless church (“father”) thinks it can appeal to good morals and have Bible discussions with evil and win a logical argument.  Try this approach on ISIS and you’ll end up like Han Solo.

Many personal testimonies exist of those who have been heavily involved in witchcraft that  came out of it only after experiencing a much higher power of God, with signs and wonders operating in true Holy Spirit-filled churches.  In some cases, people operating in witchcraft have been able to use their power against nominal Christians (those without power) and have successfully cursed them even to the point of death or caused temptations to arise in the form of sexual immorality.  If this sounds hard to believe, I strongly suggest reading a post I wrote about nightmares that includes a list of resources that document what I’m saying.

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.
(Ephesians 6:12 NKJV)

Without the supernatural, heavy demonic activity will not be stopped.  Although I’m speaking primarily of witchcraft here, it must be stated that this also includes other forms of evil such as terrorism and lifestyles and behaviors that are totally at odds with the Bible.  Demonic strongholds and even possession cannot be broken by Bible discussions but only by the supernatural power of God.  Often it is a mind-blinding spirit which causes a person to be incapable of receiving and accepting truth (2 Cor 3:15-16 & 2 Cor 4:3-4).  

The Awakening Begins

Just the title of the movie, “The Force Awakens” is purely prophetic of the modern-day end times church.  While evil has risen to unimaginable proportions all over the world,  the church right now is also rising up and walking into its true calling. This is not a doom and gloom prophecy by any means.  What Isaiah says (above) is true, there are two parallel plans taking place right now.  Satan is throwing his full effort into his plan of destruction and deception but God, who is infinitely more powerful, is also bringing about exactly what He said He would do from the beginning of time.   While I can’t get into every aspect of eschatology here in this post, this brief overview is exactly what we see playing out all over the world.

The final scene of the movie involves a successful discovery of Luke Skywalker’s position on a remote far away planet and the girl Rey meeting him face to face.  Luke is the only remaining Jedi master on the good side of the Force.  We now see that Rey represents the remnant of the youngest generation of the church which people like Pat Schatzline speak about.  They are energetic and curious and are being led by older, more mature leaders who can be equated to Luke.

We can also see a modern-day prophetic parallel in an earlier part of the movie where Rey experiences a prophetic vision when she discovers Luke’s light saber.  The Old Testament prophet Joel speaks about exactly such a thing and in fact is the primary reason for my articles and this website that you are viewing right now:

“And it shall come to pass afterward
That I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh;
Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
Your old men shall dream dreams,
Your young men shall see visions.
And also on My menservants and on My maidservants
I will pour out My Spirit in those days
(Joel 2:28-29 NKJV)

As in the movie, there is a turning point now as a major global revival has already begun and a combination of older and younger generations are merging together to form this  final great awakening.  Now we see the amazing Biblically accurate prophetic messages found all throughout “The Force Awakens”. 

Prophetic Interpretations of Media

I hope I’ve convinced you by now that it is possible to take any movie, including those written with a basis on some other religious systems, and find true Biblical prophetic parallels and “right now” messages.  While Hollywood writers and producers may not be knowledgeable of the Bible or prophecy, it does not matter!  God uses everything that exists to point to His truth and His plan for all humanity.  All you need is the right perspective and an openness to hear what the Holy Spirit is speaking concerning any event going on in media.  Just like I did above, here’s what you can do to activate your own prophetic senses:

  • Begin noting details in the media and search out the metaphoric meaning using the Bible as you’ve seen me write about in many of my articles.
  • Pay attention to numbers in sporting events, many of these have Biblical significance.  Final scores of significant games such as the World Series or the Super Bowl can have prophetic meaning.
  • Note the big picture themes emerging in the news.  Do not get caught up in all the negativity. Just because the “dark side” appears to be winning, you must understand God’s plan and get yourself positioned accordingly in that.
  • Note movie or TV characters and see how they can approximate Biblical themes.  Just as in Star Wars, they may not be a perfect match, but still you can get a general prophetic parallel from them.
  • Train yourself to be open-minded to the positive and learn how to hear the subtle voice of the Holy Spirit as He speaks to you through impressions while you are going about your daily life.
  • Go back and read my articles under the “Prophetic” category to see further examples of how to activate your awareness of prophetic messages in many every day situations.

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  1. Very interesting. I can totally see the parallels! I see many symbolic numbers in many shows. I watch only a few things…but…when I watch I see numbers all the time. Especially 111. God uses everything and is King over everything. I believe that He uses the foolish things of men even, to show us subtle patterns of what is going on in our
    world. I am encouraged to move forward in my position as a person that is fine tuned to the Holy Spirit! Thank you Chris!

    Liked by 1 person

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