Future Outcomes: Coded Clues About Business, Romance and Friendships

Clues to success dreams

This is a topic I’ve lightly covered in a previous article but because I’ve received so many emails from readers with dreams on this topic, I decided it required another look. One of the discoveries I made a few years ago was that God absolutely does speak to us in our dreams about many of our decisions, whether big or small.  Business agreements, relationships, friendships and marriages are all subjects that God speaks about in our coded dream enigmas.  I myself have had dreams that cover all the subject areas in this article today and I’ve even made some new discoveries recently.  This is a really big issue for everyone and the emails I get from my readers confirm this.  

Early Realizations

Over a decade ago, I began to get a very strong conviction about people I knew directly who became divorced.  I had several friends who got married and divorced all within three years or less.  That was bad enough but these were Christians who should have known better!  As these events happened, I usually heard only one side of the story and to this day, I have yet to hear the other person’s side of the same story!  Regardless, we all know the saying about three sides to every story, “yours, mine and the truth.”

But the focus of my article today is not limited to marriages but instead about all forms of covenants, agreements, contracts and arrangements which directly affect our lives.  This would be a good time to mention that for those in western nations, the concept of a covenant is very poorly understood even though it appears 315 times in the Bible in nearly every book from Genesis to Revelation. In short, it is completely different from a contract and the best modern-day example is marriage which, contrary to many people’s concept, is not a contract in God’s eyes.  Let me start with the topic of marriage and then move on to the others here and I hope you’ll see that your dreams absolutely have hidden clues to your success in each of these areas.

Discernment and Prophetic Gifts

Several years back when I was first hearing about all these divorces, my conviction at that time was very simple although I lacked the greater understanding I have now.  While I was hearing all the blaming directed at the other person for the divorce, I never once heard these people admit honestly that they had part of the blame themselves for not correctly discerning the character of the other person before they entered into this life-long commitment.  It was as if these friends were completely taken by surprise unaware of the disastrous ending that was coming.  It was very obvious to me that something very big was missing from all these stories and I just wasn’t buying all of what I heard.

Although not well-informed myself at that time, something about all that just did not quite add up to me.  Let me insert here that none of what I’m writing here is a slam on anyone who is divorced; instead I’m trying to reveal the root of the problem is a lack of understanding about dreams and other prophetic gifts.  Not to mention, in a purely redemptive manner, my purpose is to help those who have gotten burned by this to avoid it again in the future!  Remember the other popular saying, “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!”

But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.
1 Corinthians 2:14 (NKJV)

God’s Wisdom is Available!

Thankfully, as I’ve written before, four years ago I began to learn a whole new dimension of the true Biblical Christianity which includes the supernatural element. I’ve also learned about the character of God in that he wants the best for us and will plainly tell us things about ourselves and other people such that we avoid personal troubles. In order to do that, he has given us spiritual gifts which include many forms of communication by which He tells us in advance of things that are important to us personally.

But aside from just marriage decisions, these gifts are also able to tell us specifically whether or not we should buy a certain house, accept a job, move to a specific city, etc.  Every major and even minor decision in life can and must be made using the information available from the God of the Bible who wants us to be successful in everything we do and has a plan to prosper us and not to harm us.  With the understanding I have gained, and the access to God’s freely available wisdom, it makes no sense to live life any other way using extremely limited information as a natural human.

Marriage Decision Dreams

I’ve now received dreams myself as well as those submitted by readers concerning the exact situations I’ve described above.  Recently, one of my readers wrote to me about a question concerning whether or not to marry a certain man.  She wrote to me asking for help with a series of dreams that spoke clearly about her future if she were to marry this man.  Every dream indicated poverty and lack in every aspect you can imagine.  This was a very easy interpretation!  Just from what I read, I knew the man in question was himself in a state of spiritual poverty and every aspect of his life was going in the direction of disaster.

In another case, a woman wrote to me about a dream where a man appeared in a dream who was acting in a very deceptive and unpredictable manner.  Every detail of that dream was negative and unfortunately, I could not find anything positive anywhere in it! This also involved a potential romantic situation between the two of them.  Based on what I saw in this dream, plus the reply about the real-life situation, there was overwhelming proof to say confidently this was not looking very good.

Let me state the obvious here:  these examples above are not the kind of thing you want to be seeing in dreams if you are considering marrying someone!  You should be getting positive dreams indicating prosperity and success in every symbol in the dream.  You should be seeing coded, symbolic indications that point to positive character traits, skills and abilities and anything else that reveals the future of your decision to marry this person.  

Concerning myself personally, I had a dream of two dolphins in an indoor pool playing with a beach ball and scoring a goal in something like a water polo game.  This was a prophetic dream telling me of the characteristics I would see in my future wife and told me under no circumstances should I accept any less.  God was revealing His best intentions for me in this amazing dream and keeping me on track in this area of my life!  Concerning the interpretation of my dream, dolphins are highly intelligent animals that excel at working together as a team and are highly skilled in communication.  The swimming pool represents operating in the supernatural gifts of God and scoring a goal means being very effective in ministry and life.    

Dream Symbols

So how do we know what a dream is telling us concerning our decisions?  Often, God will reveal an aspect of the character of significant people in our lives by showing us animals in our dreams.  For example, I’ve seen dogs appear acting in peculiar and sometimes hostile ways.  Dogs are almost always a negative sign in a dream unless it is your personal pet.  This is where some people make major mistakes because in most cultures, dogs are considered pets.  But in God’s language in the Bible, dogs are mostly referred to in a negative sense.

I’ve also seen wolves, hyenas, lions, birds, sharks and other animals that were a combination of several in one.  I once saw a moose-dinosaur combination and separately a huge four-footed ‘thing’ that looked like a beaver-possum-woodchuck that were crawling around inside the living room of different houses!  Each of these were negative signs that pointed to a situation happening either immediately or very soon in my own life.

But, not all animals are negative signs; in order to know whether these are good or bad, you need to find them in the Bible and see how they are dealt with there.  Sometimes, God will also tell us about our own character using animals, both positive and negative!  Context is key to determining if the animal you see in a dream is about you or another person.  Note that although I’m not adding a section here about friendships (as indicated in the title), you can easily see how this applies exactly the same in all manner of relationships with people in our daily lives.  

Business Dreams

Recently I had a dream where I was in a house with a husband and wife (whom I actually know) and they became involved in a ‘marriage covenant act‘ that was done without an appropriate level of privacy and I was in a situation where I needed to leave the area where this was happening.  What I’m saying is they were in a bedroom but the door was open and I was right outside in the next room.

On the surface, this appears to be a very strange dream which would cause most people to question how this could be from God.  I understand that sentiment but you need to understand God’s metaphoric language and, to start with, there was no visible scene of the act taking place. I only knew by impression what was happening in that other room.  Right after that, I was getting up to leave because of the awkwardness of the situation.  As I was leaving, I picked up a bag and dozens of partially cut up business cards started falling out of the bag.  

After some consideration of this dream, I began to realize the ‘marriage act‘ in the bedroom (symbolizing an agreement/covenant) was connected to the business cards.  And the business cards being cut could symbolize “cutting a covenant“, which in business terms would be like entering into a contract.  Then I realized that the bedroom door being open indicated an opportunity as it related to business.  So what we have now three symbols all pointing to a business agreement of some type.  

Do you now see why I wrote an article about connecting symbols using the “GPS trilateration” method!  On the surface, this seems like a very inappropriate dream involving that husband and wife as it related to my presence in the house; but now you can see that is not what the dream was saying at all.  This is why a thorough understanding of Biblical concepts and symbology is critical to understanding dreams!  

Continuing on…later in the same night, I had a second dream where I saw the husband walk past me in a different scene and I questioned him about the business cards that had fallen out of the bag.  He responded by showing me two of his personal cards.  One of which matched the style of what I use myself personally right now and the other was a plastic square with magnetic pieces on it that could be rearranged to make it say different things.  I understood all this to mean that there may be a business arrangement coming my way which would be good but done in a manner that may need to be rearranged in order to produce (magnetically attract) a profit.

Business Was Always God’s Idea

And He said to them, “Why did you seek Me? Did you not know that I must be about My Father’s business?”
(Luke 2:49 NKJV)

God does not have business failure or waste of money in His plan for us but we must be actively seeking Him in these areas and paying close attention to the many ways He speaks.  Dreams are absolutely a big part of how we receive clues to our success in navigating through correct decisions.  This is what we find in the Bible where God gave a warning dream to a pagan pharaoh who did not even believe in the God of the Bible!

See this story in Genesis 41 and how God used Joseph, a man with the ability to interpret dreams to show pharaoh what his dream meant and how to properly take action in response.  Although I won’t get into it today, this story also reveals how dream interpretation is a “kingdom” gift, not a “church” gift and operates very effectively outside the walls of a church including people who do not believe in the God of the Bible.  So now, with this additional coverage of our topic today, consider again the main points below and contact me concerning your own dreams!

Key Points About Covenant, Agreement and Relationship Dreams

  • We were not put here to make big and small decisions in a vacuum apart from God’s perfect guidance.  God already knows the future and will help us avoid disasters.
  • Dreams and other prophetic gifts are the way God gives us insight into the future concerning the outcome of our decisions.
  • Make a serious effort to understand God’s symbolic language concerning all major symbols you see in dreams.  Many of the scenes we see can be decoded using Biblical passages where specific symbols are used.
  • When you see strange symbols in your dreams, get a word searchable Bible (app or online) and look up the symbols until you find the correct meaning that fits the context of your dream.
  • Especially, when you are in the midst of major life decisions on any of the topics I’ve written about here, pay attention to your dreams and write them down!
  • Use the wisdom I write about here and avoid being surprised by the outcomes of your decisions!  There is no reason or excuse anymore for you to not make proper decisions.
  • Contact me using the form on this page if you are in the midst of making any of these significant decisions and you are having dreams that may be speaking to you about the outcome!  Interpretation is a skill that requires time and effort to master and you will need help correctly understanding the meaning of your dreams.


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