Key Facts About the Office of the Dreamer

Office of Dreamer

Here’s something found in the Bible but rarely taught when it comes to the subject of dream interpretation.  I first learned last year that there is, in God’s system, a such position as a “dreamer”.  It was the first time in four years of studying interpretations that I had ever heard of such a title and this intrigued me.

What I learned was that in addition to the offices of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers there is also a position for dreamers of dreams.  I also found out why this job title is never mentioned among those five offices which are known within the context of the church.  That, along with significant characteristics of this office, is what I am going to be discussing today in this post.  

Basis for Dreams Now

For those who have recently tuned in to this blog, let me reiterate the Biblical basis for dreams as a significant reality for right now.  On the day of Pentecost, the apostle Peter stood up and spoke the words in Acts 2:17,  quoting the prophecy from Joel 2:28, thereby establishing dreams as a valid means of communication from God right now in the times we are living.  This truth about dreams is a major piece of the last days outpouring of the Holy Spirit which is now increasing just prior to the end of this age and the beginning of the events we see in Revelation chapter 4 and onward.

God’s Method of Communication

Restating likewise, dreams are one of many ways God speaks to us.  Others, as I have written here in this blog include impressions, visions, circumstances, messages from prophets and other mature believers, etc.  Dreams as a form of communication are given in the same manner as the parables of Jesus.  They are, for all practical purposes, a language similar to what we speak every day except much more complex than all the languages on earth.  Dreams are extremely dense and can communicate many things in multiple layers; this is why a gift of interpretation is required to understand what God is speaking in dreams. 

One of the many benefits of learning to interpret dreams is that you will gain a very strong understanding of the hidden, mysterious or overlooked passages in the Bible.  The key to understanding all dreams is by a thorough knowledge of the “dream decoder”, the Bible.  The more I have searched for the meaning of symbols in my own dreams, or those from people who have contacted me through this website, the more I have begun to understand the Bible.  Passages I never knew existed suddenly came to life for me.

Studying dream symbols will absolutely give you a huge increase in your Bible knowledge and, more importantly, of God Himself and will ensure the warning in Hosea 4:6 does not become a reality for you!  

What is a “Dreamer” in the Bible?

And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ
(Ephesians 4:11-12 NKJV)

In the church, we hear about the fivefold ministry positions but we never hear about the position of the “dreamer”.  These five positions that we all know about are the church job titles that Paul writes about in the letter to the Ephesian church (above).   As stated, these are for the equipping of believers within the context of the church.

Pastors serve a purpose in dealing directly with personal issues in the congregation, apostles are those who are sent out and have authority over large regions, evangelists are typically found in traveling ministries that go all over the world preaching the gospel message, etc.  But, nowhere in the Bible (by instruction or precedent) do we see where these fivefold positions are to be given placement in governments or businesses.  

This brings us back to the question of the “dreamer”.  Where exactly do we see this mentioned?  Here’s a shocking revelation: the position of dreamer is not a church job title!  Nowhere in the Bible do we see dreamers spoken of strictly regarding “religious” institutions.  In fact, when we look again at the stories of Daniel and Joseph, we see the opposite is true!  The position of dreamer is instead found highly effective and active in kingdom positions completely outside of the church.  Both Daniel and Joseph interpreted dreams of pagan kings.  In Joseph’s case, he was promoted to the second highest position in Egypt strictly because of his ability to interpret Pharaoh’s dream!

Rulers and Dreams

Church vs Kingdom

This brings us now to an interesting problem.  The subject of kingdom is for the most part completely lacking from church teaching.  Most of what I have heard on this topic until recently has been very confusing because well-meaning pastors have attempted to take the kingdom concept and jam it into the church, which totally twists  everything around and makes a Picasso out of a Mona Lisa.

Kingdom and church two are separate systems.  The kingdom is Biblically a masculine entity whereas the church is a feminine symbol.  This is exactly why the church is referred to as the bride of Christ; not one time is the church referred to as a kingdom.  All believers have two simultaneous positions appointed by God:  both king and priest. We’ve been hearing our entire lives about our role as a “priest” but now we must learn to function effectively as a “king” as well.

To Him who loved us and washed us from our sins in His own blood, and has made us kings and priests to His God and Father, to Him be glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen
(Revelation 1:5-6 NKJV)

The kingdom comes first, the church comes second.  Adam came first, then Eve (1 Tim 2:13).  The only way a church can exist is if the kingdom first arrives on the scene.  This is the correct order or hierarchy that God established in his divine system.  Since this is new to most people, let me give a very simple illustration to prove the point:  go to any country that is hostile to the message of the Bible and you will find that churches cannot function except secretly “underground”.

The reason for national or regional hostility towards Christians is because demonic princes have set up their kingdoms in positions to influence governments which then leads to persecution against Christians.  In other words, the kingdom of darkness has established itself over a region where God’s kingdom was not set up and everything in that region has fallen in line with the character of that regional spiritual power.  That alone should prove the point.  Only a kingdom can defeat a kingdom (God’s vs the devil’s); and the church is not the system designed by God to take an offensive role in fighting the devil’s kingdom.

This is a huge topic which will need to be revisited another day but for now, that very basic foundation is necessary to understand why the position of dreamer is a kingdom gift, not a church gift.  If you go back and consider the stories of Daniel and Joseph, you’ll see they had national/political influence with the king based on their ability to interpret dreams.  If you’ve been following everything to this point, now you see that the office of the dreamer is higher than that of the fivefold ministry positions!  

Prophet vs Dreamer

“If there arises among you a prophet or a dreamer of dreams, and he gives you a sign or a wonder…
(Deuteronomy 13:1 NKJV)

This would be a great time to make a brief note about the comparison and contrast between the prophet and the dreamer.  They are not the same.  Both have knowledge of the future and supernatural insight not common to the average person and the prophet often has dreams, but that is mostly where the similarities end.

While Elijah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, etc, did speak directly to national leaders, they were never put in political governmental offices.  That is because God set up his dual systems of church and kingdom with completely different purposes.  The only person we see appointed to a political office is a dreamer, which is perfectly illustrated in the story of Joseph in Genesis 41.

Having said that, this does not subtract anything from the position of the prophet by any means!  As indicated above, the prophet is a church position while the dreamer is a kingdom position.  Both are very high and necessary callings with unique abilities which are each to be honored respectively.  Now that we’ve established the position of a “dreamer”, let’s get into what this person actually does and why they are significant.

The Power of a Dreamer

According to Job 33:23, the position of dreamer is one out of a thousand people.  What that means is that a dreamer is given the ability to influence the lives of at least 1,000 people.  Dreamers have the unique ability to interpret dreams and, as I have already written, can intervene to save lives and show how to avoid personal relationship and business disasters based on what God is revealing in dreams.

Important distinction:  while everyone dreams, not everyone holds the position of a “dreamer”.

Trained dreamers can either intervene themselves or explain how to stop negative events seen in dreams.  This is what is meant by Job 33:24 where it speaks about a “ransom”.  Negative events in warning dreams do not mean these things are destined to happen to you!  On the contrary, dreams are your opportunity right now to take proper action and change the course of events in your favor!

God doesn’t gives dreams to people about an event or circumstance that they cannot change or influence.   Again, we see this in Genesis 41 when Joseph interpreted pharaoh’s dream.  God stirred up pharaoh with a disturbing dream but His intent was to give pharaoh an “answer of peace” in response by revealing the solution to an upcoming famine that would last seven years (Gen 41:16).  In this case, while the events shown in the dream could not be prevented, a proper response was available which allowed the nation of Egypt to avert the deaths of millions using a plan that God gave Joseph.

There are many categories of dreams starting at the level personal circumstances and moving up all the way to global events.  Based on God’s calling and level of promotion, dreamers may have the ability to influence cities, regions or nations, etc.  All dreams have a time element which, if proper action is not taken within a short window of time, an opportunity will be lost or an event warned about will happen. 

Concerning dreams that are about other people; God does not give us sensitive information about other people for us to mishandle it and gossip about them.  This would be a gross violation of what God has entrusted to us regarding other people.  God is not a gossip and does not tolerate that in us either.  If He is giving us sensitive personal information, it is for the purpose of our handling it with the greatest of care.  That also does not mean immediately going out and telling the subject person what God revealed about them in the dream!  

Let me also insert here that just because we see another person in a dream, does not mean the dream is about that person.  Sometimes, the appearance of a person in our dream is not about them but rather symbolic of something about ourselves; the only way to know the difference is through discernment and/or the help of an interpreter.

As you can see, this subject of the office of “dreamer” is not a small one by any means.  There are many more pages that could be written on this topic.  My intent today is not to provide an all-encompassing discussion about the office of the dreamer.  Rather, I want to bring to light something that is almost completely unknown by most dream teachers and to establish the Biblical truth that there is a such position or office as “dreamer of dreams”.

What I have given here today will get you started in the right direction and I hope open up a realm you had not considered before.  Be sure, this is something I hope to revisit in the future along with additional insights.

Primarily for this article, I am recommending resources from only one ministry.  To my knowledge, the subject (title) of this post is not taught by any other ministry aside from the one I am going to mention here:  Joshua Media Ministries International.  In addition to teachings on dreams, I strongly suggest all teachings on the subject of the Kingdom of God from this same ministry.  Finally, I also recommend using their online dream symbols reference lists. See also the new JMMI comprehensive store page here…


  • The Bible speaks of an office of dreamer and reveals that is a kingdom position, not a church position.
  • Those who hold this position are 1 out of 1,000 and have at least that level of influence in the lives of people within those God brings to them.
  • Properly trained dreamers can change the course of the future by knowing how to intervene and bring about a positive outcome on a personal and large-scale basis.
  • If you need help with your dreams, please contact me as soon as you receive a dream that you need help with.
  • Do not delay seeking an interpretation; the longer you wait, the higher the chance you will forget the dream and lose the opportunity you were being given.


The Office of the Dreamer of Dreams, by David E. Taylor, contact to order CD or MP3 version: Joshua Media Ministries International

Office of the Dreamer



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  1. Wow…I learned so much reading your article! It will surely help me to look at my dreams from a different angle. Also, I really believe as well, that action is required when we dream; positive or negativ dreams alike. I am dreamer for sure and I am very excited to learn more! I also love the the dreamers symbol website by Joshua Media Ministries. It helped me a lot before I learned about you and your blog. Lot’s of stuff to learn and digest! Thank you! Danke 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I would like to speak with you concerning these I have dreams but some I can interoperate some I can’t but how do you know the difference if your somebody that is a dreamer or if you are just getting the dreams.


    • Hello Megan – yes, please use the contact form on the Dreams & Prophetic page and I can answer questions directly about these things. Thank you for asking!


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