Infographic:  Common Locations and Settings in Dreams 

Today, instead of writing a long blog, I decided to try out a different style of presentation. It’s probably obvious to the casual visitor of this website that I especially like artistry and pictures. For those who haven’t noticed, check what I’ve created at several of my social media graphics sites or here on my gallery page.  At each of these sites, I’ve taken a simple message from a dream symbol or a few Biblical facts about dreams and made up many photo messages to convey a simple point using relevant images.  Since dreams are about pictures and each one of those is worth at least a thousand words, I’ve tried to make this blog more aligned with that same style of communication.

Houses and Buildings

Here in this article now, I’ve done the same thing again but this time, I chose to take a larger theme and give you a one-stop reference as a starting point for any time you see a certain type of common scene in your dreams.  One of the most frequently occurring settings of a dream is to see yourself either in your childhood house or an unknown house or building.  As you’ll see below, this imagery has direct Biblical links and anytime you see these, you should automatically get an idea what the dream is all about.

In the below graphics, you will find out what it means when you see yourself inside a house, in different rooms, or outside in different areas of the yard.  You will find out a little about what each room means, like the kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc.  You’ll also see that the level of the house or building is significant and how the condition or appearance speaks to an issue in your life or someone else’s.  These are not intended to be the full and complete guide to all symbols you may see in a dream of this nature, but it will give you a very solid starting point from which to do your own additional homework.  

Biblical Basis?

I have included only the foundational Biblical passages here because to include all of them for each sub-section, would take far too much space.  If you are interested in going beyond these infographics below, I strongly recommendation checking out two resources which I will list below.  As I’ve said in previous blog articles, the vast majority of images we see in our dreams can and must be linked directly back to a Biblical passage.

There are occasions when the images we see will not be found in the Bible due to the fact that in our modern times, we have objects that did not exist 2,000 years ago.  In that case, there are ways to still discern the meaning using Biblical concepts.  For a perfect example of what I’m talking about, see how I took a modern-day aircraft and proved how you can link these directly to the Bible:  Dreams of Aircraft:  What Do These Mean?  The more practice you get looking up symbols in the Bible, the more your dreams will begin to make sense.


Ok, before this gets any longer, let me give you the two resources I mentioned and then let you take a look at these infographics.  Please send me a comment in the reply section at the bottom of this page and tell me what you think of these!  Additionally, please see the rest of my graphics as mentioned above at various social media sites.  Discussion is highly encouraged where possible at each of these sites!  I plan to add more of these in the future in order to make this blog site a great user-friendly personalized reference; I hope all this helps.  Here are the top Bible-based resources I recommend:


Please note that there can be either good or bad meanings that go along with each of the scenes you see in dreams.  Generally, there are tip offs that will reveal which is the case. If you are uncertain about what is going on in your dreams, keep scrolling down to the bottom and I’ll tell you what to do next!

Questions For You

Have you seen any of these in your dreams?  Did you understand the messages being conveyed?  Either way, please take advantage of my offer for free dream interpretation by filling out the request form at this link.  I greatly enjoy receiving dreams from my readers and most of the time I’m able to respond with an interpretation within 48 hours.  Like many others who have contacted me here, you will be amazed to find out what God is really telling you in the night! 



Send requests for dream interpretation using the contact form at this page:

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  1. I’m so thankful that I found this blog!!! I believe that dreams come from God our Creator and these contain messages in them, but I couldn’t understand what they meant. God is speaking to us in the night. What is He saying? This became frustrating to me. I began to search online and found dream dictionaries but these were rooted in cult or sorcery. Surely I don’t want that!! I only want to know what God’s language is…not anything else. I wanted biblical and scriptural interpretation. That’s why this blog is the best! SO GLAD I FOUND this BLOG!!

    Chris has the true gift of dream officer. It says in the book of Job that there is only 1 person in 1000 that have this gift. Our world has lost this ancient path, and the church doesn’t even recognize the gift of dreams. This is valuable. God spoke in dreams to the patriarchs and He still speaks today. In ancient times, kings would seek out the dream officers because they bring prosperity. Kings would become wealthier, defeat their enemies, escape danger, their lives were saved, they could gain insight and knowledge above their own abilities. They wanted the dream officers because they brought prosperity. Now that I found this blog I’m going to prosper! This is why a dream officer is so valuable. I have much to learn, but this blog is my favorite starting point. Thank you so much!

    P.S. I appreciate the infographics because it’s like having flash cards. I learned a lot about the houses and buildings. Wow. Lately I had dreams of larger rooms. It means there is hidden talent and gifts. I never knew that before….This is amazing. I’m still going to read every article on this blog, because I need to learn the GPS concept. Even though I’m now receiving understanding of the symbols, I can’t put it all together yet.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Elizabeth! It’s exciting to hear that what I’m writing is being used to benefit others especially in this complex realm of God’s coded dream language. For sure, I have confidence that you will begin to learn how to interpret these also because of how you were actively seeking resources. That is how it began with me…I kept looking for new material and studying until finally these began to make sense (ask, seek, knock). Also what you say helps confirm what I should focus on for future posts. Reader feedback is very valuable!!


  2. Wow. This is so awesome and easy! I really appreciate this graphic. Just last night I ha d a dream about an upstairs room and a bathroom. Thank you 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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