Progress Check! Lessons Learned from Reader Submitted Dreams

Progress CheckIt’s now been six months since I began giving free prophetic dream interpretation through this website and I’ve learned many things in the process.  Backing up to around July 2015, I felt very strongly that God was prompting me to offer interpretations.  I had heard that it’s easier to discern the meaning of another person’s dream than it is our own and I wanted to try that out and see what would happen.  I also knew that my learning and skill development would be capped if I did not step out in faith and take this risk.  Well…several months now since doing exactly that, I’ve now made many discoveries which I will be revealing here today.  These are lessons worth passing on because as you read what I’ve learned, you will be able to apply this to your own study of interpretations.  

Personal or National?

A few years ago, in my early stages of interpreting, I misunderstood a few of my dreams thinking them to be on a larger scope than they really were.  The vast majority of dreams we get are about ourselves, not anything else.  This includes those that apparently show natural and/or national disasters.  It is true that many people have seen disasters before they happen, but there is also a level of symbology that I’ve come to realize most people do not understand.

There are dreams of disasters that might be literal but most often, they are symbolic about an individual person’s life only.  I’m not saying throw out the possibility that your dreams have national significance but I am saying to be very wary of over-interpreting them as I did myself a few years ago.  Knowing the difference between a personal or national-level dream is something that requires discerning and training.

Take the example of a tsunami dream.  From my scanning of social media, these dreams have been very popular lately.  A friend of mine was doing an analysis of many such dreams posted on a prophetic website not long ago where people were asked to send in their disaster dreams.  The strange outcome of his work was that the disaster dreams people posted were in locations where other people felt they were being told to move to!  That right there is proof that those dreams were telling of personal situations, not national-level events. The point here is to be very careful of not over-interpreting your dreams!  

Details, Details

In some longer dreams, there are often too many details to go chasing after.  Some of the symbols in a dream are simply less important than others.  This is like the saying about not seeing the forest but only each and every individual tree separately.  Getting lost in too many details will cause you to lose the most important message being conveyed.

Dreams are similar to movies in the sense that there are “filler” details.  As an example, a dream may have a scene of a living room in a house.  In that room, there may be a TV, couch, chairs, coffee table, fireplace, etc.  Not every single detail has meaning by itself. What you want to do is pay attention to anything that appears to be emphasized, exaggerated or otherwise unusual.

If that same room only had a single chair in it, or was filled with chairs to overflowing, those would be significant details.  Or, it could be the colors.  Is the room dark or is it brightly lit with bright painted walls and sunlight coming in the windows?  Some details are important and others are not; learning how to sort all this out comes only by practice and trial and error.

The solution is to step back and get the big picture before going back and sorting out symbology and details.  At times, it may be best to set the dream aside for a few days and come back to it with a renewed perspective.  This has worked wonders for me!  The primary source of discerning which details are most important comes from God and the ability to pick up on what He is saying is learned over time.  

It’s Metaphoric!

This may sound silly but, I’ve actually done this myself.  Focusing too much on the symbol rather than the meaning behind it will throw off your entire understanding. This must be a common pitfall for everyone.  Part of the process of learning to interpret dreams is that we have to force ourselves to ignore the symbol at face value but to look behind it to see what it means metaphorically.  As an example, seeing a dog sitting in the front passenger seat of a car you are driving is completely symbolic!  Dogs are usually negative signs.  Cars indicate something about the direction of your life.  The question to ask is, who does that “dog” represent in your life and how are they “traveling” with you right now in your personal circumstances?

Unknowingly using left-brain analysis rather than asking for the insight of the Holy Spirit will lead to many mistakes.  This does not mean throw out the brain from this process.  What I’m saying is that the hints and impressions given by the Holy Spirit are what need to drive our interpretations.  This again requires practice and training, especially if you are not already knowledgeable in sensing when God is speaking to you. Don’t worry…I’m not exactly a total expert in this either although I have learned a ton through several years of experience.

Forcing Outcomes

Reading too much into what you want an outcome to be for a particular person can be very misleading.  In my case, there were actually a few dreams I got a bit carried away with the interpretations because I had shut down my ability to discern God’s leading.  Some of this was due to being too familiar with the person I was interpreting for and I ended up wanting certain outcomes for their life.  Over-familiarity with a person can (sometimes) lead to the same bias pitfall that happens when we interpret our own dreams.

Just as we can incorrectly interpret a dream for another person based on bias, the same applies to our own dreams.  Relationships, job searches, geographic moves, etc, are all hot-button issues with perfect setups for an incorrect interpretation.  The greater the need or desire for something in your life, the greater the tendency to make a dream say what you want it to say.  Again, forcing an interpretation or over-interpreting a dream to fit a personal need can be disastrous!  

Always step back and just let the symbolic meaning come through the quiet voice of the Holy Spirit. Once you force one dream to say what you want, it becomes an avalanche where every subsequent dream becomes one more “answer” according to your own predisposed and desired outcome.  The farther you go down the wrong road, the bigger the mistake that awaits at the end!

Positive or Negative?

Jumping to a negative interpretation when the real meaning of a dream has nothing to do with the suspect issue will lead you to significant misunderstandings.  Dream symbols always have more than one potential meaning.  Here’s a perfect example…in several dreams, I’ve seen airplanes crashing.  A negative meaning would be something destructive in the life of a person, or the ending of something.  In one of my crash dreams, it actually meant the ending of a negative pattern in my life and family lineage rather than a warning of a personal disaster coming.  As you see, these two are very different potential interpretations!

The point here is to be careful of jumping to a negative conclusion about a dream.  Even when we do get clearly negative dreams, these are given to us by God for the purpose of warning us to avoid personal disasters.  Therefore, even a negative dream is intended to give us a positive outcome.  

Symbols Yes, Meaning No

Many times I have been correct on decoding the dream symbols but I did not understand what the interpretation was pointing to in real life.  In this case, it is not necessary for me to know or understand the full meaning right then but to just leave it for a time and see if it sorts itself out.  There is a point to where we just have to say, ok, I understand the symbols but I have no idea what this is pointing to.  The strange truth is that God will sometimes give us dreams knowing that we will not be able to understand them for a period of time.  In a few of my own dreams, it has taken me several months to a year to fully understand the meaning.

Often, interpreting one dream by itself will not give a very accurate picture of what is going on in a person’s life.  This discovery really surprised me.  In the early stages of my studying dreams, I never learned from any of the experts that I should look for these “series dreams”.  Instead, I figured this out in the process of interpreting my own dreams. After I began working with dreams submitted from readers, this discovery proved itself very valuable more than a few times.

In the event that a single dream does not give a clear interpretation, the answer will usually come from a series of dreams that each have a repeating symbol.  When this happens, that is God’s way of giving you more and more information using different angles on the same topic.  In doing so, He reveals an emerging pattern that will point to the exact issue in real life.  This was the focus of my recent GPS Trilateration article where I went into detail about how these “series dreams” work.

Personal Issues Revealed

Some dreams will actually tell me more about a person than even their best friends or family will know.  I’m not necessarily talking about overly personal or embarrassing information.  There may be some issues a person is keeping to themselves and not telling anyone about.  In many cases when I interpret dreams, I will not know what the real-life situation is but once I send back the interpretation, the person will then quickly know what the dream relates to.

This often produces a very amazing and insightful series of back and forth emails where I also learn more about my interpretations by finding what the exact issues are in a person’s life.  In the process of this, I get to know my readers better and they get to know me also.  It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

The most amazing thing about dreams is when we realize that that these crazy abstract enigmatic nighttime movies really are direct messages to us from God.  When we learn what our dreams mean, it reveals in unmistakable terms that God really does know everything going on in our life.  

Action Step!

Take everything I’ve written here and see how this fits into your own dreams.  These are my own personal lessons learned from the past six months interpreting dreams from readers and also from four plus years of studying my own dreams using the materials of teachers I’ve listed on my resource page.

I continue to be amazed by the dreams submitted by my readers and some friends who have caught on to the fact that God really is speaking to us at night!  I hope this has helped you and accelerated your own learning.  Please send me any questions or comments by either posting a reply below or using my contact page.  Also, you can send all dreams that you’d like my help with using my interpretation request form.  I really enjoy interpreting dreams from readers and I look forward to your submissions soon!

Awaken understanding


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