Personal Commentary: Faith and Prophecy


Today, I decided it’s time to answer a question that no one has ever asked me but I’m sure it’s been in the back of the minds of many people who have come across my articles.  It’s something that has probably been mostly at the subconscious level but, sooner or later you will be faced with needing an answer to the topic I am proposing today.  Ever since I began writing this blog, I’ve had to deal with the unavoidable predicament that much of my content concerning the interpretation of dreams is all futuristic.  The challenge this presents is that, at the time of writing most of these articles, no hard evidence exists to prove the interpretations will play out as expected. If you’ve ever had this question while reading about prophetic matters, today is your day – I’m about to provide you the answer! 

By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to the place which he would receive as an inheritance. And he went out, not knowing where he was going.
(Hebrews 11:8 NKJV)

On the day I began writing this, I woke up very early and felt a strong conviction that now was a good time to hit this issue head on.  Personally, I believe that anyone who follows my writings should have an understanding of the reasons why I write futuristic (prophetic) articles deliberately without waiting to see events play out in real life.

Let me start off by say that I’m not the only person who writes prophetically and so what you see here is really no different than what anyone else in my category puts out.  With that larger context in mind, what you read here will apply 100% to you in more ways than just dream interpretations.  If you are new to matters of prophecy, then the subject of this article is going to be the foundational principle that you must stand on without wavering just as I do.

Faith vs Reason

In recent weeks, I began having this seemingly logical and rational thought emerge that maybe I should slow down on some of my writing because of the lack of tangible outcomes of some of my prophetic dreams. I was actually going to hold onto several new dream articles and not write them for a while until evidence came in that I was absolutely correct in what I was believing.  This idea of needing proof for my articles has been a low-grade annoyance in the back of my mind for a while now.  After all, I’m taking quite a risk putting all these dreams out for everyone to read!

There have been times when I wrote an article and then weeks later I wondered if it was really going to play out as I expected.  Even though my articles fit the Biblical rules for interpretation and line up with my God-inspired conviction, still it is very normal to want to see the proof before you take the risk with something new.  In case you’re wondering, that feeling of doubt right there is what will happen to you in every single area of faith that you step out in. 

Faith is a War

At times, the disparity between logic and faith can be so extreme that an all-out war will erupt in your mind and the choices you make during this time can even come down to whether or not you reach your own personal God-given destiny.  We need to remember, there is a such being as satan and he wants nothing to do with you achieving your purpose here on earth.  From my own perspective, sometimes the worst thing you can do is side with logic and reason.  We can’t forget, this is exactly the tactic that satan used to deceive Adam and Eve in the garden.

Risk, fear and stepping out in faith are completely inseparable from each other.  Honestly, I wish that wasn’t true.  If you’re not able to identify with what I’m saying here, then most likely you’ve never actually stepped out and exercised real faith.  But like I say, I’m preaching to myself here because I’m guilty of exactly this regarding other areas of my convictions that I have not been pushing myself out in as I should.  From my previous church background, the topic of faith was so watered down that it was barely recognizable in comparison to what we see in the Bible…none of what I’m writing here has come easy for me.  

Blog Inspiration

This would be a great time to go back to the beginning of this blog and explain how and why I started it.  Let’s flip the calendar back to one year ago, February 2015. I had just gone to two ministry events out of state, a twelve-hour drive from where I live.  I was seriously looking for answers concerning what my life direction was supposed to be since God had unexpectedly pulled the rug out from under me and (again) and flipped everything in my life upside down without too much advance warning.

On the drive back from that event, I had an overwhelming conviction that I needed to start writing a blog.  The conviction was so strong that I could even tell you exactly where I was on that drive when it hit me: in the middle of the Shenandoah Mountains on I-81 North in Virginia.  I didn’t even know what the theme of my writing was going to be but many, many ideas began bombarding me so fast that I could barely write them down while I was driving.  Note the intended paradoxgood thing for iPhones and Siri!

Personal Desire to Teach

Although I did not have a specific focus in the beginning of this blog, one primary theme soon began to emerge which was this topic of prophetic dream interpretation.  My study of dreams began more than four years ago due to bizarre but clearly God-originated dreams I had been getting.  It was therefore natural for me to devote a significant part of my writing to the actual dreams that I was learning to interpret.  This blog became an active outlet for me to put in writing everything I had learned.

At that time I remembered how one of the best ways to learn was to take an active step and teach something just recently learned.  I also realized that the best time to write on a topic is right after you learn it because at that point, you are still able to communicate in a manner that identifies with those unfamiliar with the topic.  In contrast, the worst thing to do is teach a topic that you’ve known for a long time, because by then, you’ve lost that ability to remember a time when you didn’t understand the material.  What I’m saying here is that, I never approached this blog with the idea that I was at all a total “expert” on anything I was writing!

Conviction Trumps Doubt

Despite my logical and rational concerns, the fact remains that God convicted me to write anyway and not one time did He tell me to sit on these waiting for hard proof. The obvious question is, why would He do that?  Since I’m writing all these articles, isn’t of most importance that I know for an absolute fact the futuristic things I’m writing about are true?  I mean, isn’t journalistic integrity of utmost importance?

Faith requires us to live in a state of risk, beyond our comfort zone and step out onto what looks like nothing in order to see what we believe should happen. 

Well…yes.  These are absolutely important matters to be considered. However, we need to stop and think about something.  We are told by God in the Bible that faith is not about what we see right now.  In fact all throughout the Bible, we see that faith has absolutely nothing to do with what we see at the present time!

And therefore I was again convicted by God to continue writing despite not knowing exactly how things would turn.  So let’s look at what would not have happened if I had stubbornly acted like a doubting Thomas demanding proof before I took a step.


If you could only see the hundreds of emails I’ve received from readers, I would not even need to write this post.  If I had waited until the proof came in in real life circumstances concerning almost every dream on this blog, I would not have written one single article out of the 40+ that I’ve written here.  This blog would practically not even exist.  None of the people who have contacted me would have received help with their dreams and none of the lessons I’ve learned since taking the risk in writing this blog would have happened either.  I would have capped my own learning and have done absolutely noting for anyone else.

And he said to him, ‘Well done, good servant; because you were faithful in a very little, have authority over ten cities.’
(Luke 19:17 NKJV)

Personal Keys

Here are a few things I’ve been convicted of while in the process of waiting for some personal prophecies to happen.  If you do these simple things, you will see many amazing results while maintaining a life of faith and will not abort your own personal destiny!  

  • We are told to have childlike faith and trust God with our whole heart and not try to rationalize and figure everything out.
  • We must not despise prophecies but test them and hold onto those that are true.
  • Faith is the only way we can please God; since we can’t act perfectly every single day, the only thing we can put faith in is God, not ourselves.
  • Know God and His character!  He gives good things to those who walk in His ways (make sure you’re actually walking in His ways).
  • Expect circumstances to come against you and test your faith.  There is an unseen war going on and satan’s intent is to force you out of faith.
  • God’s ultimate desire is for you to become a son of His, not a child.  In order for this to happen, you will have to continuously advance in the program and process by which He chooses to teach you.
  • If you are waiting on a personal prophecy or any of God’s promises in the Bible, send me a note!  I’m interested to hear personal testimonies either of something you are waiting on or a fulfilled prophecy in your life.


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