Infographic: Vehicles in Dreams


Vehicles are some of the most common types of images that you will see in your dreams. That’s been the case with my own dreams and also with most of the people who have sent me their dreams for interpretation here.  There is a very good reason for this!  In this article and included infographics, I’m going to give you the reason why these are so common and tell briefly what each can mean using a Biblical perspective.   

Biblical Basis

As many have already seen from my previous articles, it is clear that I believe dream symbols must be related back to the Bible in some way.  Although our modern vehicles are not found in the Bible, there are various forms of transportation found all throughout the 66 books as I have highlighted more extensively in my previous article on dreams of aircraft.  We see boats, chariots, horses and camels which were used extensively back then.  In addition to that, there are other passages that may be less obvious but you can still find a connection between the Bible and modern technology.  This may sound like a silly example to many, but this verse below is a perfect example of how you do a word search in the Bible and come up with dream symbol meanings:

Then I went down to the potter’s house, and, behold, he wrought a work on the wheels.
(Jeremiah 18:3 KJV)

Notice the connection there between wheels and work.  It goes without saying that the wheel has been in existence for a very long time and just because we use it on modern vehicles does not mean it is exclusive to them, but there is an obvious link between the two.  This is another principle of interpretation where you must learn to see things in an abstract manner.  Just because vehicles have wheels does not mean you can’t make the jump from a wheel to something totally unrelated to a vehicle.  Again, you must learn to think abstractly.

Having used the above example now, it should be said that not every dream involving vehicles is about work but this is one example where it can be. Ok, that’s as far as I want to go with that type of example.  Now that we’ve briefly established one connection now between modern vehicles and the Bible, let’s get into a few more details and then the infographics.


Generally speaking, any type of vehicle image is symbolic of where and how you are “traveling” in life your life journey.  Each one can speak about either different aspects of your life or about different times of your life.  Size, type, model, color and condition are all significant details which add a piece of clarifying detail to elaborate on specific personal issues.  In some cases, they are symbolic of situations going on right now in your life and for others, they are speaking prophetically about your future.

Cars & Condition

Not only is it common to have dreams of vehicles, but it is also common that you will see many different types of vehicles in your dreams over a period of time.  I’ve personally seen almost every type imaginable in my own dreams over a period of several years, including some that do not actually exist in real life!  With that said, let me answer a question you will eventually have.  Since these are such common dreams, you may be wondering why last month you had a dream of riding in a bus but just last night you were in a boat.  Or, you were first in an airplane but then a few weeks later, you saw yourself riding a bicycle.

Here’s a helpful fact:  one vehicle dream does not negate another one.  This is a valid question because each of these symbols have different meaning.  If you understand that an airplane can indicate a high calling, but then you see yourself in a car, you might tend to wonder if the car dream cancelled out the airplane dream.  The answer again, is no.

The reason why you may end up with a variety of these vehicle dreams because that is God’s way of zooming in on one particular aspect of your life at that time.  One dream is like a snapshot of one particular issue God is highlighting.  Also, remember that some dreams are about right now and some are about the future.  Therefore it is normal to get dreams of different vehicles.  In all my articles here, you can see this is exactly how it has been for me also.


Beside that he had of the merchantmen, and of the traffick of the spice merchants, and of all the kings of Arabia, and of the governors of the country.
(1 Kings 10:15 KJV)

Road conditions are likewise very descriptive of conditions in your life either at the time of the dream or prophetically concerning what is soon coming your way.  If you see yourself going off the road and or down a dirt road, through a field, or into mud, etc, these are mostly negative signs.  The better the road condition, the better your life is going.  A busy road with many vehicles on it is often a sign of commerce, as see in the above verse.

You’ll need to discern if dream is about your current life right now or if it is in your future. Frequently, driving dreams indicate where you are going if you do not change something about your life direction right now (whether positive or negative).  If the dream is negative, then you need to ask God for His wisdom and solutions to keep you from making a decision that will lead you to a personal disaster. 



Same rules apply for boats and ships as for other vehicle types.  The size, color, type and speed are all significant details.  Large ships have a very different meaning than a small boat. Think about this in real-life terms:  ships are usually related to commerce but smaller boats are just for yourself or just a few other people.  Ships involved many people, travel long distances and all have a business aspect to them.  Smaller boats almost always involve recreation or a personal and shorter-distance mode of transportation.

I once saw a huge white passenger cruise ship traveling at very high speed and leaving a large wake behind it.  This dream was about a very reputable ministry (white) that reached many people (size of ship and wake) and was making rapid progress (high speed).

The state of the water is significant.  If you are seeing stormy seas, there is something negative going on in your life right now that amounts to a personal “storm”.  I had a dream several months ago that showed me in a boat spinning around and around on choppy ocean waves with grey skies.  This was a time when I was being “driven and tossed” and totally acting outside of faith.  Needless to say, that was a very negative dream.


Trains are likewise very common and have their own significance very different than other types of vehicles.  Think about a train in real life.  What comes to mind?  Very big, heavy, they carry tons of cargo or many people.  What happens if you get in front of one?  They are very hard to stop and it is unwise if you should attempt to do so by trying to block the path of one.  Dreams of trains are exactly like this and they represent an organization or ministry that carries alot of “weight” behind it.  


This is something I’ve written about in several previous articles so I will be brief here. Some airplane dreams deal with your calling in life, others may indicate spiritual warfare going on right now.  Just as the size and type of a car or bus is significant, so it is the same for airplane dreams.  Same rules apply.  The difference with airplanes is that they deal with the spiritual realm and therefore indicate you are operating at a “higher level” in this regard.  Airplane dreams are generally very good.  For more information on these, please see my earlier article.

Action Step!

I can almost guarantee that if you are reading anything on my website, that you have had a dream last night or in the last few days, or you are about to, in which God is speaking to you symbolically about your life.   In most of the articles in this blog site, I have written extensively about many different types of common dreams that you will see.  I recommend typing in key words in the search bar at the top right and see if I have written anything here that addresses a dream you’ve already had.  If so, you’ll begin to get an idea of what your dreams are saying.  If have not covered your topic, contact me and I will consider it for a future article!

Following that, I repeat my offer here to interpret your dreams for free as I have for a number of others who have found my site.   Another guarantee I can make is that when you find out what your dreams are really saying, you will be very amazed!  Most of the time, they are not what you think.  Here are a few things to remember:

  • Clues to your life calling and purpose are hidden in dream codes, especially those involving images of vehicles.
  • Vehicles indicate something about the direction of your life and where you are headed if no changes are made (positive or negative).
  • God uses metaphoric language in dreams to get you to seek Him in all areas of your life; the more you understand His language, the more you will understand Him!
  • God wants the best for you and He is trying to help you along the correct path using His wisdom since only He knows the future.
  • Negative dreams can be turned around so that you avoid personal disasters.
  • For more information on specific dream symbols, see the list of symbols at Joshua Media Ministries Int’l or get the book Divinity Code or see the list of teachers I include on my resources page.



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