Validating the Supernatural

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Today, I’m (finally) revealing the results of my recent study on the Biblical basis for supernatural signs and wonders that was lost thousands of years ago. Some of my blog followers are familiar with this material but, from my observation, the vast majority of people (regardless of beliefs) have never heard of any of this.  In this article, I’m going to catalog many of the major miracles and reveal how this goes way beyond just healing the sick. My intent is to show that there is so much more than we realize and it is all found either explicitly, or in some variation, right in the Bible.  

Just prior to my receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit, I had asked someone why it was taking me so long to get what I knew I should have.  The answer I received was that the biggest barrier we usually have is in our mind.  I later came to realize that the mind is the primary battlefield where satan attacks in order to steal, kill and destroy our faith.  If satan can fill our minds with intellectualism and dead theologies that reject what is in the Bible, then we have no chance of receiving what is available to us.  These thoughts, if not cast down, become what Paul describes as a stronghold.  They are, as he says, anything that exalts itself against the knowledge of Christ.  


Intellectual strongholds frequently manifest in the form of theological error which sound great and logical on the surface but are in reality a total lie that waters down the power of God in our present-day reality and makes the Bible into a history book rather than a living document fully relevant to today. Because of these strongholds, the vast majority of the western churches (meaning the people who go there) are in bondage as I was most of my life.

Equally unfortunate is that there are many who would have come to the church except, because of it’s dead lifeless teaching, have taken up sometimes hostile positions against it.  The vast majority of western churches have reduced themselves to a place where the only thing taught is “how to live a good moral life” (whatever that means…)  Newsflash: You can seriously become a Hindu or New Ager and do the exact same thing!  

Natural Human Inclinations

When I was a teenager, I did what is very common to many others.  I began to have a seemingly unexplainable interest in the paranormal.  I heard about people who could bend metal objects without touching them, they would know things that most people did not know and they would tell stories about real ghosts and UFO sightings, etc.  It did not take me long to realize that these people really were opening the door to the supernatural, but through the occult (demonic) pathways.  Like most other people, I had no way to connect or understand the paranormal as it related to the Bible.

Jumping forward in time to just a few years ago, when I first began hearing about some of what I include below, I didn’t immediately see it as something for today.  I had accepted healing miracles and the basic gifts of the Spirit that we see in 1 Cor 12 but it took me some time to understand that these miraculous signs and wonders were actually demonstrations of what we are supposed to have now in our modern day.

At some point, it finally occurred to me that Jesus was actually teaching His disciples and all of us to do the same types of miracles that He had done.  ALL of them!  The purpose was to bring all these back rather than to make a one-time historical monument out of them.  

Stepping Way Outside the Church Box

Let’s consider the realm of the supernatural from a different angle.  Instead of outright rejecting some of these things with some religious knee-jerk doctrinal statements, we need to ask ourselves a few questions.  How about we stop finding reasons to reject the supernatural and instead look at where in the Bible it says these things are expressly prohibited?  I’m going to suggest a few ridiculous sounding questions and I’d like you to do a serious search and find the answers.

Where in the Bible does it say:

  • Thou shalt not make a coffee table levitate in your living room
  • Thou shalt not turn sand into gold
  • Thou shalt not fly through the air without an airplane
  • Thou shalt not be taken up to Heaven and see God without first dying
  • Thou shalt not do greater things than Jesus and the prophets did

Once you have finished scouring the entire Bible for the answers to these above questions, you will have to honestly admit that there is no such law against these supernatural acts. The truth is that not one of these are moral issues!  Nowhere in the Bible are we prohibited from bizarre supernatural acts!

It’s not in the Ten Commandments, it’s not in the Levitical law, it’s not in any of the New Testament books.  The only thing we are told is to do all things God’s way, not the devil’s way.  When we operate in the supernatural according to God’s character and His standards, we are able to advance His kingdom through many unusual and creative ways.

What follows next is my rather exhaustive, but not fully inclusive, catalog of all the major miracles that are plainly seen on the surface while reading through the Bible.  There are actually many more which are implied or hidden below the surface but those I am leaving for a later time.  For now I feel the need to bring out what is most obvious for your own understanding and consideration.

Supernatural Transport:

Bruce Allen, David Herzog, James Maloney, David E. Taylor and many others have both taught on and spoken of their own personal testimonies regarding supernatural geographic travel in different forms.  Both David Herzog and Bruce Allen have told how they were driving a car a distance that should have taken several hours, but instead, they did it in less than half the time while going the speed limit.  James Maloney and David Taylor have been taken in the spirit to distant locations where God has used them for a short assignments.  Again, these are not the only people who have been used like this.

When we open our minds to God’s ability to do unusual things to accomplish His purposes in the world, we can easily see how such things as supernatural transport are very valuable.  Even with modern air travel, you cannot go everywhere that God may need someone to go.  Some places are too remote and commercial air travel is expensive and logistically cumbersome at times.  If God has an assignment that can’t wait, our modern transportation vehicles are not always going to be the answer.  Do you really believe God allows such limitations to stop His plans?

  • Philip was transported instantly from one city to another:  Acts 8:38-40
  • Elijah ran ahead of chariot at speeds no human can run: 1 Kings 18:45-46
  • Jesus goes from a mountain top to the middle of the Sea of Galilee nearly instantly:  Matt 14:22-27

Power over nature:

It may come as a surprise to most (as it was to me) that Moses was not the only one to part water and walk on dry land.  Yep, it’s true!  Two other men have done the same but I never heard this preached in any church that I could ever remember.  Elijah took his mantle, wrapped it up and struck a river and walked across on dry land.  Very soon after that, his successor Elisha did the exact same thing.

Beyond parting water, we see other forms of power over nature involving the control of rain, lightning and storms and even dominion over animals.  I think most people have not considered that when God made man in His image, He gave us dominion over all of nature, including the animals.  Yes, true, Adam and Eve gave up everything when they sinned but Jesus restored all things at the cross.

Think about the tornados, wildfires, monsoon rain storms and other acts of nature that have caused immense destruction and loss of life.  Think about all the stories of meteors targeting the Earth, destructive earthquakes and tsunamis.  There is good reason for God to give us power and authority over nature!    

Make objects float/levitate:

When I first learned to fly airplanes, I had to study aerodynamics. One of the things I learned was that the atmosphere (air) is a liquid and has the same properties of other substances like water.  If you take an airplane wing and move it through the air fast enough, it will rise. If you take that same wing and move it through the water, the exact same thing will happen, it will rise.

My point here is that when Elisha made a metal ax head float in water, it was absolutely no different than if he had made it float in the air. It amazed me to discover that not one time can you find anything in the Bible that says levitation is a sin! 

Just because people in witchcraft are doing such things does not make that wrong. What makes a supernatural act right or wrong is the way it is accessed, whether through occult (demonic) pathways or God’s way.  It is the pathway that makes it right or wrong, not the act itself. 

Let’s carry this a step further and remember that when Jesus ascended into heaven, He had to rise up into the air until He vanished into another physical location (or dimension).  That’s called levitation.

When Jesus walked on water, He was stepping on a boundary layer that separated liquid water from air with water vapor in it.  When water vaporizes, it becomes part of the atmosphere (air), which already has a certain water content (humidity).  Without humidity, you’d very quickly dehydrate and die.  Therefore, there is an imposed boundary layer that restricts liquid water to its state and gaseous water in the air to its state, thus separating the two.  Note the science lesson:

When I said,
‘This far you may come, but no farther,
And here your proud waves must stop!’
(Job 38:11 NKJV)

Transforming matter:

This might be a good time to ask ourselves a question about economics.  What happens when a nation continues printing money that has no basis to establish its value?  Simple answer: that paper money becomes more and more worthless.  It used to be that all global currencies were based on a gold standard (not anymore).  We have a major global economic problem but that’s a topic for another article later on…

Let’s consider the other side of this “coin”.  What happens if you take a rock and turn it into gold?  Simple:  you just increased the economic status of your country.  I’m not suggesting we should aim to do these kinds of transformation miracles on our own choosing at random. What I’m saying again is that in order for a miracle to be done God’s way, we need to be going about them according to His character and approval. See, if you think about it, these miracles actually serve a greater purpose beyond the limits of our imagination.

Multiplication of resources:

In a very similar manner as the above section on transforming matter, we have Old and New Testament demonstrations of causing resources to multiply.  Let’s suppose that changing the molecular substance of one thing into another isn’t what God wants you to do.  What if He wants you to demonstrate His power and character by causing one thing to turn into many things for the benefit of many people?  Either way, both are miracles that defy human explanation.  It does not take a lot of thought to see the value in something like this, especially in poor areas where people lack resources.  

  • Elisha feeds 100 men with what is in his knapsack: 2 Kings 4:42-44
  • Elijah causes a widow’s flour and oil not to run out: 1 Kings 17:8-16
  • Jesus multiplies loaves and fish:  Matt 14, Mark 6, Luke 9, John 6 (5,000) / Matt 15, Mark 8 (4,000)

Telling the future:

Anyone familiar with my blog already understands the gift of prophecy so I won’t go into much detail here. But because there are so many people who still lack understanding that modern-day New Testament-era prophets are valid, I decided to show this was not limited to the Old Testament.  Regardless of which era, both Old and New Testament prophets operate based on the Holy Spirit as we see in 1 Cor 12.

  • Agabus:  Acts 11:28 & 21:10
  • Church run by prophets at Antioch:  Acts 13
  • Daughters of Philip prophesied: Acts 21
  • Joseph sees his own future in dreams: Genesis 37
  • Joseph interprets two prisoner’s dreams:  Genesis 40
  • Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dreams:  Genesis 41
  • Ezekiel, Zechariah, Isaiah, Obadiah and many more have recorded prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled in our times now.

Healing and Raising the Dead

There’s a major misunderstanding about healing miracles.  While Jesus did the majority of healing (and on a very large scale), this is not the first time we see this type of miracle! Both healing the sick and raising the dead were also done by Elijah and Elisha.  See, this fact right there destroys the church doctrinal lie that miracles were done by Jesus for the purpose of establishing His new teaching.  If Jesus was the only one performing these types of miracles and no one had ever done that before Him, then this would all be a different story.

Before Jesus ascended into Heaven, He sent out his twelve disciples plus seventy others to heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out demons.  After Jesus ascended into heaven, we see Peter and Paul both raising the dead and healing many sick and lame. Plain and simple, healing miracles are very normal and Jesus said these types of signs would follow everyone who believed in Him.

Speaking in tongues:

This may not seem like a miracle to the average Pentecostal or Charismatic but I can say for a fact, that before I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, I was completely incapable of speaking in tongues.  Not only that, but as I wrote above, I had a very hard time receiving this gift due to a huge intellectual barrier.  Because I experienced what it was like to not have this gift, and then with my difficulty in receiving it, the fact that I can now do this with great ease, is absolutely a miracle.

If God could cause everyone at the tower of Babel to suddenly speak a different language literally overnight without even thinking about it, it is no problem for Him to give people like myself the ability to speak a language that does not originate on earth. For all the nonsense arguments that people have against this gift, it needs to be understood that anything regarding the realm of the supernatural is totally outside of our intellectual ability to understand.  Those with a demonic stronghold of intellectualism are preventing themselves from ever moving into the realm of the supernatural in every aspect I’ve been describing above!  From what I’ve observed, those who don’t speak in tongues also don’t operate in any of the above miracles either.

  • At Babylon, God instantly gave humans the ability to speak a language they had never learned:  Gen 11:1-9
  • Prophecy of tongues in OT: Isaiah 28:11
  • Speaking with new tongues:  Mark 16:17-18
  • Paul teaches on and speaks in tongues more than anyone else: 1 Cor 14

Action Step!

Well, now that I’ve cataloged many of the supernatural signs and wonders that exist right in the Bible and given good reasons for their operation today, it’s time for you to take action.  The basis for all miracles is faith.  Without faith, you cannot do these unless God makes an exception.  What that means is, if you do not have faith for these right now, you are going to have to get working on it. Just like going to the gym and improving your physical fitness or strength, your faith is like a muscle that must be exercised.  Here are some things I’ve learned from my own study and pursuing miracles:

  • When we seek God for operating in miracles according to His way, He begins to put us through a training and maturing process.
  • The first step is to saturate yourself with knowledge and understanding of how these miracles work.
  • Next is to seek credible people who are already operating in these miracles and listen to their testimonies and teaching. There is power in a testimony!
  • Then…keep pursuing as God leads you and do not give up.  If you are not seeing these right now, you will once you get past whatever may be hindering you.  Never accept an excuse that these are not for you.
  • All the Old and New Testament era prophets and Apostles were very “normal” people who God used to do miraculous things.  Never accept the belief that you have to be “special” for God to use you in these ways!  


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