Macrocodes: Technology Parallels with High Confidence Dream Symbols

Macrocodes in Dreams (1)

If you’ve been reading any of my articles, you probably realize that I put a high degree of confidence in what God is telling me through cryptic dreams with often bewildering night-time scenes.  Actually, you probably arrived at my blog because you were looking for help in figuring out what your own dreams meant and whether or not you should be taking them seriously.  Today I’m going to give another modern technology parallel I recently discovered that relates to these.  Using my own personal dream examples, I’ll show again why I put a very high value on what these are telling me. 

Advanced Biblical Engineering

Back around January 2000, I heard a teaching by Chuck Missler called, “How We Got Our Bible“.  He began talking about how there are codes in the Bible that are deliberately designed by God to prove the reliability of the text of the 66 books.  I was very amazed by what he said and I’d never heard anything like that before.  The material was very technical and detail focused and opened my eyes wide to the reality that there was a lot more going on in the Bible than I had ever imagined.

But that wasn’t what really got me.  It was the fact that I had just completed a training course for a job assignment that dealt with some of the exact principles Missler taught in that lesson!  The collision of those two circumstances within a couple weeks of each other – the training course plus the teaching, was absolutely shocking.  For the first time in my life, I realized God had a deliberate design for my life and He had just orchestrated my steps that led me to that discovery.

“We now discover the entire Bible is an integrated message system that has its origins from outside our time domain.”
– Dr Chuck Missler

Missler taught two key principles that related directly to my training and turned out to be a major key to proving the accuracy and reliability of the entire Bible.  Those two terms were: authentication and validation.  As it turns out, these two principles are universally known among those familiar with the use of coded messaging systems.  Authentication deals with various methods used to establish the authorship of a message; in this case, proving that it was God who directly inspired the writing of the Bible.  Validation is about determining if a message is consistent with what the author has already established according to his procedures, rules, standards, personal character, etc.

Regarding dream symbols, we can both authenticate and validate the messages we receive as being part of a larger series of consistent themes that God is sending us concerning various topics relevant to us.  Authentication can be done by linking the symbols in our dreams to Bible-based metaphors to reveal possible interpretations. Validation is the result of combining all the interpreted symbols to reveal a message consistent with God’s character that actually makes sense and bears witness with the person who received the dream.

Each of those above two principles requires us to know how to look up symbols using the Bible (as much as possible) and correctly discern their use and meaning.  Simply put, our dreams are designed by God in the exact same manner as what we see in the visions and dreams all throughout the Bible.


Dr Missler does something I also like to do here in this blog by discussing Biblical concepts in a manner that relates to previous career experience and educational background.  He speaks of how the Bible is filled with something called macrocodes which are mostly seen in computer programming.  Macrocodes (or macros) are a shortened version of a longer, more detailed code sequence that can be used for the sake of efficiency when designing programming lines. These macros are understood by the computer almost like a keyboard shortcut that eliminates a complex set of steps to initiate a specific action.

Here’s a simplified example of a how a macro might work regarding a text-editing action in a document.  Suppose you want to highlight an entire document and then copy or modify the text.  You might start by clicking your mouse cursor at the beginning of the text and then sweep your pointer all the way across to the end.  However, for the sake of efficiency, instead of doing that, you can simply hit the “Control-A” keys together (“Command-A” for Mac users) and the computer knows it is supposed to automatically highlight all the text in the document.  Therefore the keyboard shortcut saves you time and effort and accomplishes the same thing.  That’s a rough idea of what a macro might do.

Relating this to the Bible, macrocodes are singular symbols that have dense instructional or prophetic application to a variety of circumstances.  Examples of these macros include the seven feasts (Passover, Pentecost, Tabernacles, etc) which are specific dates to be observed each year.  While each feast is significant of events to be remembered from the past, they also have prophetic implications pointing to an event yet to occur. Another example would be Enoch because he was taken up without ever dying; this is a single micro-event foreshadowing a macro-event of the coming rapture of the church.

Now relating macros to dream symbols, God can give us a single symbol like a dog, car, tree or a some form of action scene which all have their own unique dense layers of metaphoric meaning. Rather than God giving us a message using many words (ehem, like this blog…), He just gives us a macro in the form of an image that is “worth a thousand words”, filled with multiple layers of personal instructions.

When we receive these symbolic dreams and go about researching the meaning, we discover what amounts to a compressed zip file.  Discovering the meaning for each image reveals expanded layers of information just like clicking an icon on your computer to unzip a file. Therefore a dream scene is like a macro – a simple picture (or many) that represents a dense layered set of information.  Just like in computers, our dreams are filled with multiple macros, each of which requires unzipping, expanding and interpreting.

Circumventing False Signals

Here’s how these macro-images serve a purpose in proving the reliability of the message God is sending us.  Metaphoric symbols avoid any sense of message corruption.  When God gives us a series of images, we come to understand the meaning by properly deciphering the code according to the same source document used in creating the code thereby revealing what He intended for us to know.

God designs our dreams using sets of symbols that all fit together creating a consistent story line in a way that our brains could never concoct.  If a dream was literal, you could in many cases say it was just a product of your overworking imagination. But when you have coded metaphoric images and you use a consistent decoding method based on an unchanging source which is likewise used by the sender of the dream message, you can quickly discern how these reveal a coherent message series consistent with God’s character.

The key is to have a consistent decoding method based on an unchanging source document which is likewise used by the creator of the coded message; therefore both the creation and decoding of the message must use the same source document in order to prove both authenticity and validity!  

The Bible is the starting point for all symbol interpretations.  In cases where a symbol is not found in the Bible, you still use the same standard principles of interpretation and apply that to the modern-day image (see Dreams of Aircraft: What Do These Mean?)

Spiritual GPS Guidance System

When you’re able to connect several dreams and repeating symbols together, it is then possible to group them together by topic and discover a larger message series. This is where I had the idea about how all this relates to a GPS navigation device in my previous article on GPS Trilateration.

Let me briefly go back to that because there’s actually a distinction that applies to interpretation.  GPS navigation relies on a system of trilateration, not triangulation.  The difference between trilateration and triangulation is distance vs angle. Angles are about the relative direction of one object from another; distance is about how close or far away an object is from another.  GPS navigation uses trilateration (distance) computations, not angular computations to determine location.

The simplest way to make this relevant to dream symbol interpretations is that you need to know the relative “distance” or “strength” a symbol holds regarding its application to your life circumstances.  For example, if you need to interpret the color yellow in a dream, you need to know which of the possible meanings is the strongest match to the context of your dream. Yellow can mean either fear, unclean, plague, self glory or the glory of God. These are very different possible meanings! So how do you decide which is correct?!  This is where the Holy Spirit is required to cause one of these to rise above the rest producing a stronger (closer) fit than the others.

Connecting Dreams to Real Life

The point of this technicality is to simply state that dreams are coded images sent by God with multiple layers of meaning which our brains cannot concoct and can be put together in a series forming a consistent, multi-dimensional message that points to a clear specific message highly relevant to the receiver of the dream.

Personal Decision Dreams

Below are several of my personal dreams that I’ve put high confidence in and made decisions based on the messages I understood God to be giving me.  Let me also insert a personal note that I tend to base much of my life on the intellect and figuring things out in a logical, rational manner.  This presents a major challenge because God does not really work that way.  Learning to take things like this by faith at first is not easy but I’ve increasingly been able to shift my thinking especially with the knowledge and context of all I have written here.  Here are a few examples…

That job is a distraction!  I saw 2 karate midgets attacking my car in a dream within hours before a job ad was sent to me by email in my real life.  I had already established previously that this karate series of dreams was an instructional message steering me away from the worldly methods of pursuing wealth or career directions.  Seeing this image of the midgets attacking my car (personal direction/journey/destination) was a warning to avoid a distraction with that job ad. I wasn’t so sure at first if I should accept the job or not but after considering the dream against what I believed God had called me to, I ignored the opportunity.

Business concept mismatch!  Another time, I was approached with a business idea that I was being forced to make a decision about in a short period of time.  While I was in the process of deciding, I had a dream showing that I was driving a car and missing a turn on a highway; I then stopped in at a gas station/convenience store where a sleazy man was trying to coerce me into letting him cut my hair. It did not take me too long to realize this is what Delilah did to Samson!  I avoided that business as it would represent poor judgment on my part to accept it.  I had already been getting a strong impression that this particular business was very good in itself but not suited to me. It was a huge help for God to confirm that to me in the dream!

Unexpected JMMI staff calling.  Anyone familiar with JMMI knows that they are considered part of the “Joel 2 army”.  This is a very frequently used term among the staff and they literally consider themselves like an army and a family.  With that in mind, it is no surprise that I’ve had an extended series of dreams showing me working on the staff in various scenes.  I’ve seen myself wearing business clothes in a setting with other staffers; having a close relationship with a “military general” who wore civilian clothes; walking around a building visiting several offices with military personnel in uniform and seeing a file with a position that I was being offered.  While in the process of trying to decide about pursuing this involvement, I saw myself at a crossroads at night, trying to decide which direction to go while some obnoxious people were trying to get me to go the wrong way.  In addition to these dreams (plus too many more to list here), I’ve had several staffers say repeatedly that they believe I should be there with them.

Don’t worry about money!  God had put me in a most awkward position of having to trust Him by faith exactly and literally according to Matt 6:33 for an extended period of time.  It was not easy and every time I asked Him what about the money issue, He gave me more than one dream telling me to stop worrying about it (not so easy to do).  In one dream, I saw myself walking on a beach with many people sitting outside on a sunny day by the water, then I walked into restroom and washed the sweat off my sunglasses.  This meant I had a “sweaty perspective” and I was supposed to be taking a break, not worrying when I should have been at rest as if on vacation.

In another dream, I saw myself in an office and given photos of myself (personal past/history) and being told to pay $2.40 for them.  I did not know why I was given the photos or required to pay for them but I understood it to mean that I was bought with a price, this was a death to self (2) wilderness phase (40) with the ultimate end result of a promised land.

High Confidence Codes

So let’s wrap this up in a complete circle here.  Based on the above discussion of “dream technology” and the exhibit of my own personal dream examples, I hope I’ve made the case why I believe so strongly in the reliability of these messages for use in personal decisions.  There’s just no way our own brain or subconscious thinking could come up with all the types of metaphoric images that just so happen to all link together forming separate parts of a consistent theme, layered, multi-dimensional message system that speaks directly to circumstances relevant to our personal life at the time the dreams are received.

The only way for these dreams to be so clear, specific and relevant was if they originated from a “Being” of supreme intelligence residing in a dimension outside of our time/space domain! 

Caution Flag!

For by wise counsel you will wage your own war, And in a multitude of counselors there is safety.
(Proverbs 24:6 NKJV)

This would be a good time to insert a caution flag for those who are not yet mature in their ability to interpret dreams.  If you have a big decision to make, you can be sure God will speak to you about it in a dream.  But even for myself, when making a big decision, I never go off just one or two dreams.  I make sure my interpretation of that dream lined up with additional sources of confirmation using other ways God will speak on that same matter.  But once I understand all of the above, I have learned to place very high confidence on decision-making based on what God has shown me in these dreams. 

Resource Recommendation

HWGOB ebk020

If you want to see how incredibly detailed and complex the design of the Bible is, I strongly recommend checking out “How We Got Our Bible“, by Chuck Missler.  It’s a very technical, historical and academic resource which I believe provides an excellent foundation from which to understand the reliability of the entire Bible.

This also is a perfect match for those who need evidence that God is the author of science and technology (not man) and everything we have in our modern world originated from God with an astounding level of technical design and foresight.  

  • Dream symbols are, like many Biblical metaphors, macrocodes that each contain dense layers of meaning that must be expanded to reveal the correct interpretation.
  • Biblical dream metaphors are created by a supreme code designer (God) in such a way that the human brain could never concoct.
  • We can both authenticate and validate our dreams as part of a larger series of consistent themed multi-dimensional messages that God is sending us concerning various topics relevant to us.
  • Proper interpretation requires consistent use of the same coding and decoding source (the Bible).
  • Once you learn how God speaks using His metaphoric dream language, you will likewise see why such high confidence can be placed in them for all major decisions.
  • As always, if you need help interpreting a dream, please contact me and I will provide free interpretation in as timely a manner as possible.


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  1. I once had a dream about ending a job at a specific time. It was a very risky decision (that seemed ludicrous at the time) and was looking for more confirmation, on what felt like an urgency as it pertained to another decision (relocating elsewhere). I had 2 dreams back to back that were different but both showed a cracked window and a “hindering” situation. I kept thinking there’s a crack in the window, there’s a crack in the window. (What does that mean?) A few days later I was asking that very question while a woman nearby was having her exit interview and suddenly I realized that the name of my department was called “Windows”. This is not to say anything was wrong with the organization or company – but it confirmed there was a “crack” on my team. Or things were not all they were cracked out to be. After additional confirmation I made the decision to quit and instantly, in ways that had nothing to do with my decision, multiple incidents happened in the department. In less than 3 days, multiple contractors were unjustly fired, upper management was exposed of bad practice, and leadership was reorganized. Had I not made the decision exactly when I did, I would have been caught up in cleaning up a lot of mess that had nothing to do with me and not been able to relocate when I did and how I did. Dream was confirmation, guidance, and an amazing play on words.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sounds like you got it sorted out & came to the right conclusion. In that case, the window being a word play for your organization & showing something was broken.


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