Timing & Personal Breakthroughs: What Should You Do While Waiting?

Leap of FaithAre you in a waiting period, expecting and hoping for big things, but you have not yet seen them appear yet?  Have you ever asked the question about God’s timing in your personal circumstances?  Do you believe some things just don’t happen until God decides them?  Have you ever wondered what your part is in this, if you even have a part?
I’ve discovered some keys to help answer these questions and the basis for them is found right in the Bible.  Take a look at what I found and see how this can directly apply to your life right now.  These may surprise you…(hint: waiting is part of it but you can still miss your breakthrough if you only wait)…

Two Sides of Same Coin

Waiting and action are like two sides of the same coin.  It might even be more accurate to say it’s like a tug of war with each side fighting for control over the other. On the one side, we must wait for things even though we would rather not.  On the other side, we are required to do something in order to get the things we want and need.  I’m sure you’ve heard of the concept of active waiting.

For sure, waiting is not supposed to be passive.  There are many things we can do while it seems “nothing is happening”. As a personal example, this entire website is the result of my own extremely uncomfortable period of active waiting for some really big and necessary things to show up in my life.

This concept of going after big things in life is also known as pursuing a personal breakthrough.  More than any other subject, this is covered extensively by Doug Addison and I strongly recommend checking out all his related materials.  Some of his advice was needed to get me going in the right direction and was also influential in some parts of this article.

Waiting is Only One Part

Waiting is definitely a big piece to getting the huge things we need and want in life.  If we don’t wait, but instead try to force things to happen in our own self-effort, we are probably going to end up entangled in a disaster.  Have you seen people who want to get married just take the wrong one because they got tired of waiting?  Yep, unfortunately this happens all the time.

Or what about a job or career choice?  Do you live in fear of a lack of paycheck and financial provision running out and have you felt the urge to just go force something to happen? Money is a big common fear, for sure.  Do you have an ingrained thought pattern and habit of thinking, “if God does not show up by XYZ date, then I’m just going to…”?

Well, if you really want to know, I’ve been in several situations where I’ve felt extreme pressures and aggravations to just do something!  Somehow however, I managed to not make a really big mistake and force these things to happen, although I could have very easily.

Also it is not good for a soul to be without knowledge, And he sins who hastens with his feet.
(Proverbs 19:2 NKJV)

Let me tell you straightforwardly that if you try to force any big life event to happen on your own timeline, you are walking on very thin ice.  Those who do this generally have a problem with a thought process and a mental stronghold.  Here’s the real root of that: impulsivity and impatience are both a sin rooted in pride.  

I say this very blunt remark understanding how aggravating it can be to wait for really big things and especially those involving careers and marriages because the pressures that come against us in these areas are huge. I’ve experienced no small degree of aggravations with both of these myself, partly because of how long I’ve had to wait for them. But again, somehow I barely escaped making a poor choice in either a career move or a marriage decision.

Key Solution:  While you are waiting, you must distract yourself by getting very deliberately involved with and focused on a productive and constructive project. 

Proactive Steps

But now on the other side of the coin, to say that we don’t have any other assignment than just to wait for a big breakthrough in our life leaves us in a mythical state of self-justified comfort, devoid of any personal responsibility. Ouch!  Another blunt remark.  Ok, let me see if I can explain why the need to be so direct.

All this reminds me of when I was a flight instructor.  One of the most challenging aspects of learning to fly for a new student is the landing phase.  Many things are happening all at once and the brain can become so overwhelmed by sensory input that the only way to get through to a student is to yell at them.  Yes, I’ve had to do that!

When you’re in the midst of an emotionally entangled decision, sometimes the best thing anyone can do is to “yell” at you and break your thought process if it looks like you are about to drive yourself straight into the ground.  You literally need an outside voice to speak louder to you than the thoughts yelling inside your own head.

Ok…so now, do you see my bluntness is not mean spirited?  Hope so, if not, maybe you need to go up in an airplane with me and see what I’m talking about.  I promise I can very easily scare you if you’re not a licensed and experienced pilot.

Fullness of Time

Ok so let’s now get into the topic of God’s timeline.  There are lots of Biblical examples of how God operates on a timeline.  Some of these are known and explicitly stated and some are not.  Sometimes there are clues that are hidden and you can use them to least find ways to indirectly guess at the general timeline.

Regardless of whether or not there is a predetermined timeline for your life, there is a principle called the “fullness of time” where God waits for circumstances to line up and people to become ready so He can bring about certain things that He has planned. What you need to do is make sure you are fully ready and prepared so that when God’s timing does arrive, you are fully prepared to jump in and not miss what He has in store.

But when the fullness of the time had come, God sent forth His Son, born of a woman, born under the law, to redeem those who were under the law, that we might receive the adoption as sons.
(Galatians 4:4-5 NKJV)

One of the best Biblical examples of a clearly stated timeline is found in the seventy year Israeli captivity in Babylon.  This is the period of time when the prophet Daniel lived. Strangely enough, it was during this period of captivity in a pagan nation, that Daniel received some of the most profound prophecies regarding major world events and the coming of the Messiah, Jesus.

For the purpose of this article, let’s take a look at how Daniel understood the timing of the end of the seventy year captivity.  Daniel was serious about following God and one day he discovered by reading from the scroll of Jeremiah the prophet that the seventy year captivity was about to end.  Daniel read this scroll and did some quick math and realized this period of time was very specific and it was about to end.

in the first year of his reign I, Daniel, understood by the books the number of the years specified by the word of the Lord through Jeremiah the prophet, that He would accomplish seventy years in the desolations of Jerusalem.
(Daniel 9:2 NKJV)

The point here is that Daniel was actively searching for something and He found it. The next point is, if you continue reading that chapter, he immediately did something in response to what he discovered.  Daniel took a very active step beginning with praying to God regarding this prophecy about the coming release from captivity.

It’s not directly stated here, but you really have to ask the question, if Daniel did not do anything, would the captivity just end by itself when seventy years ran out?  Well, there is sufficient Biblical evidence in other passages to suggest that it may have ended without any direct intervention or national deliverance (Ezekiel 22:30).

My point here is that in your personal circumstances, God may have a set timeline for your “deliverance” from a negative situation or extensive period of waiting, but like Daniel, you must do something.  Nowhere in this Daniel story do we see him just sitting back and doing nothing.

Deliverance Battle

Let’s jump to another story about a deliverance from captivity:  Moses and Egypt.  Moses was sent to be the deliverer of an entire nation.  God sent Him at the right time and, in the process, caused an evil Pharaoh to make conditions as miserable as possible so the Israelites wanted out of Egypt at any cost.  There was nothing nice and pleasant about this deliverance and that may very well be the case for your situation also.

Here’s the pattern to remember: Moses speaks regularly to God and receives specific instructions for actions to take.  Each of these instructions are part of a process that ultimately leads to the deliverance of an entire nation.  Nowhere do we see anything (this time) about Moses just making things happen on his own.

Consider this for your own life as well.  If you are stuck, you need to follow this same pattern as Moses.  First speak with God, get His instructions, and then take actions based on those.  Repeat the process until your answer comes!  

On the contrary, if you want to see an excellent example of how to make a total disaster that will set you back years in your life, go back to Exodus 2:14 and see what happened when Moses first tried to deliver his people by his own effort.  That particular incident sent Moses running into hiding in the wilderness for decades before he could return and try it again the right way.  Next time you want to force things to happen without God’s specific direction, just read that section again.  

The Time of Visitation

If we look again at the passage in Daniel 9, there is a section where God tells specifically when the Messiah would appear (Daniel 9:20-27).  Scholars have studied this and done some serious math to calculate the timing of this prophecy and discovered that it landed on April 6, 32 AD which was the exact date Jesus entered the temple on what we call Palm Sunday.

God was very serious about His people being fully informed about who the Messiah was and when He would arrive and it was even a requirement that they know this!

and level you, and your children within you, to the ground; and they will not leave in you one stone upon another, because you did not know the time of your visitation.
(Luke 19:44 NKJV)

As we know, unfortunately, they missed the time of the appearance of Jesus as Messiah. If you really want to see the math involved in this prophecy, I strongly recommend getting acquainted with a man who God pointed out to me around 1999 when I had been asking for reliable material on end times prophecy.  The way God caused me to become acquainted with Chuck Missler was at that time the most astounding thing that had ever happened to me.

Literally, when I saw how God orchestrated events in my life to line up with specific elements of Chuck’s teaching, my entire life abruptly changed in a matter of a 2 hour period. Start with this article and you’ll see what I mean, the level of technical detail in the Bible is astounding:  Palm Sunday Surprise:  The Unexpected King, by Chuck Missler. 

The point here is that there are times when God has a very specific timing to events on His calendar.  Since He has such things planned on a global basis, you can be sure He intended for you to fit into this somewhere also!  Just because you don’t necessarily have an exact timeline given to you like there was for the arrival of the Messiah, that doesn’t mean there isn’t an exact time planned by God.  Expect that God will surprise you at a time you may not be aware of and be ready for no matter when it happens!  

Truth:  God works on a global basis and He has destined you to live right now at this time and He has a specific plan for how you can fit into something much bigger than what you could ever ask or imagine.  

When Everything Goes Against You

Here’s a big key that appears to be frequently missed in the prophetic realm.  When I first received a huge prophecy, I was never told about this rather significant detail in the “fine print”.  Here it is…when you get a big prophecy for a personal event, there is a Biblical precedent for having to go through the opposite first.  I wish I had known this when I got my own prophecy but it wasn’t until later on that I heard Doug Addison explain why this is often the case.

The key passage for this paradoxical scenario is 1 Samuel 18.  David had been anointed as the next king but, before he actually took that position, he had to run from Saul.  Think about that – David was supposed to be king and God had rejected Saul but David did not just walk right in to the palace and take over.  David had to go through the opposite of his anointing and prophecy first.  

Although not necessarily obvious on the surface, there are good reasons for this type of undesirable situation. If you receive a prophecy for wealth, God wants to make sure His blessing does not destroy you. I had to learn first hand about God’s process of character development where all sorts of huge hidden flaws were exposed that I didn’t even know existed. Psalm 19:12 became a very familiar passage to me as I discovered many character flaws that I needed to be aggressive about fixing.

Regarding business and financial prosperity, God absolutely wants His people to have success (see this page).  As I’ve said before here, the only way God can accomplish certain parts of His plan is to get the right people with money to support these events and activities.  A poverty mindset has been pervasive in the church for hundreds of years and was based on completely misunderstood Bible passages.  If you have these errors in your beliefs, it will not be possible for you to become financially wealthy.

God is not opposed to money but He is opposed to His people going off and forgetting Him once they receive it.  All you need to do to prove that is read the entire sordid history of the Israelites who, once entering the promised land, eventually began following pagan religions and practices that were directly opposed to God’s law.

What You Can Do Now

In my own process of waiting, I did a ton of work to find everything and anything that looked like it may have been a hindrance to getting the things I want and need. If I sensed God was prompting me to study a certain topic or follow a certain teacher, I did that without delay.

I learned there are such things as family or generational curses against marriage and financial matters.  I learned how to repent of either my own sins or the sins of my ancestors and how, if left unaddressed, they would remain hanging over my head and blocking me.  I went through my own life and discovered character flaws that I needed to ask God to either help me eradicate them or have Him do it.

I learned what strongholds are and how they come from the devil in the form of seeds of thought that are planted and grow to become huge ugly thorny weeds.  I learned some ways to destroy and eradicate these so I could think like God rather than the devil.  I realized that these strongholds are what causes people to live in bondage to the system of the world (Babylon and Egypt) rather than according to God’s kingdom system.

I learned about supernatural personal transformation and what specific things to do to make this happen in my life.  I learned about how to discover family gifts, talents, skills and callings that may have never been used by my ancestors and I began to ask God to reveal these to me and to activate them.

I learned that the two Biblical stories of captivity (Babylon and Egypt) had direct parallels for each of us and that we must seek first to learn how God’s kingdom operates and rid ourselves of these two evil worldly systems (Matthew 6:33).  I began to see how these systems will influence every area of life, whether in marriage or financial matters or seeking our calling and purpose in life, etc.

The more I studied deliberately, the more God revealed to me and the more I began to notice myself change.  Not only that, but several people have told me how I’m very different than I used to be only a couple years ago.  What worked for me will work for you also!

Steps to Your Breakthrough

  • Do not set artificial timelines for God to act on your schedule. That is almost a guarantee you’ll be waiting longer than you wanted.
  • Go first to God and get His directions for how to proceed in all areas of life. Expect Him to provide specific instructions and assignments for you to carry out each step of the way.
  • In order to be ready for a big assignment, you are going to need a lot of personal transformation.  This requires a mindset shift and often deliverance from strongholds of the devil in the form of unbiblical thought patterns.
  • Remember this is a process and your progress is contingent upon you doing what God shows you each step of the way. If you do not progress, you can eventually miss the timing of your deliverance.
  • Learn how God’s kingdom system operates and progressively eradicate anything that is a worldly “Babylonian” or “Egyptian” system of thinking and living.
  • Remember that your life is part of God’s huge global plan and many complex pieces are being fit together.  Although this is easy to forget in the midst of very challenging life circumstances, God is extremely specific and has everything figured out.
  • Expect that if you receive a major prophecy something big in your life, especially in the financial realm, you will probably have to go through the opposite first. This is normal and is God’s process of character development.
  • Remember that God is very positive!  His plans for you are amazing and include much more than you could ever imagine.  Do not miss the timing of your own visitation!

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  1. Wow Chris!! This is so good! Thanks for sharing this. Waiting is not fun at all, but I have discovered that God encourages us in our waiting with His word through the Bible and through others like you and you blog. I personally have benefited a lot from your blog. This is such a timely word and it resonates with my spirit!! May God continue to bless you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awesome article. I wish I had known some of this last year or years ago. I learned the hard way. Love the Daniel analogy and all the examples. Now I just have to figure out with the help of Jesus…what is my calling? What hidden talents do I have? Very exiting!
    Thank you for such a well researched gem and all the tools for the one that wants to do things God’s way.

    Liked by 1 person

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