Kingdom Alliances, Destinations & Callings

kingdom-alliancesWe are right now in a time described in the Bible as the “last days“.  For most of my life, I studied end times prophecy (eschatology) with a primarily negative perspective.  Only in the last couple years have I heard a very different type of message that transformed and balanced out my understanding.  This allowed me to have a more productive approach so I get in position for all God has planned now in this season. 

If you’re like me, and you want to be part of something positive, keep reading.  This will be a summary of some key points regarding how God is aligning people into kingdom connections in the form of businesses, ministries and marriages.

The Gospel of the Kingdom

And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.
(Matthew 24:14 NKJV)

Newsflash:  Many people are looking at end times Bible prophecy wondering when Jesus is going to return, but they have missed the most important key to the end.  It’s right there with what Jesus said.  Until the correct gospel message is preached, the end will not come. There will just be wars and rumors of wars.  And these will just keep continuing until the correct gospel is preached through the whole world!

I’ve written on this topic already and it bears repeating that for many centuries, the church lost the message that Jesus preached.  This comes as a surprise to most, but Jesus did not preach a “gospel of salvation” message.  No. Go back and actually read His words. Jesus preached nothing other than the “gospel of the kingdom“.

The “gospel of salvation” that the church has been preaching only gets people “saved” from their sins but does basically nothing else.  Salvation was only to get you out of the devil’s kingdom and entered into God’s kingdom where you are then supposed to learn how His system operates and become an active agent in it.

I need to say it again.  How could twelve original apostles turn the entire world upside down in about 20 years but now we have churches everywhere and the world has only become rapidly worse?  Seriously, you need to ask such questions.  I did. And after several years, I finally got the answer.  It is right here in this message of the kingdom.

For more insights and teaching on the full kingdom message, check out the only man who has the highest level and most comprehensive understanding – Apostle David E. Taylor at Joshua Media Ministries International

Divine Kingdom Connections

How could one chase a thousand, And two put ten thousand to flight,
Unless their Rock had sold them, And the Lord had surrendered them?
(Deuteronomy 32:30 NKJV)

One of the overall principles behind what God is doing right now is to bring people together from all different locations for the purpose of maximizing efforts and combining resources, gifts, talents and abilities.  When the right people are in alignment with each other, the results are way beyond what anyone could do on their own.

Take a look at that passage above.  It does not say that one person can chase 1,000 and two people can chase 2,000.  No.  It says two of the right people joined together have a God-given multiplier of a factor of ten.  This is nothing short of miraculous when the right people are linked up.  This requires God to be involved in such connections.  On our own, we could never orchestrate such a thing.

If you haven’t guessed it by now, this whole idea of kingdom connections and life callings is a primary reason why I have written many of the articles here on this website. When you learn how God communicates with you in dreams, visions and through other means, you can follow His leading and be at the right place and the right time and get connected in the exact place where you are needed.

The top examples of God-ordained connections include everything from business to ministry to marriage.  If you’re like me, you probably want and need ALL of these to happen.  In my case, I’ve been waiting for each of these to arrive and except for what I do with this website, I’m still waiting as of the date of this article.  Arg…!!

Divine Strategic Marriages

One of the top questions people like me have are, “what is the holdup with finding the right person to marry?!”  Seriously, this has been the most unbelievably impossible thing for me to find – the right person (wife).  In 2011, God told me to stop looking for a wife and, as ridiculous as that sounded, I obeyed.  As a result, I ended up on a near-straight up steep climbing path that led to a total life transformation that resulted in my building a completely new foundation in my faith (most of that documented right here in my blog articles).

Here’s the good news for those looking for the right person but can’t find them…  The reason you are unable to find your perfect match is because God is getting you and them ready for a strategic connection.  When you finally meet that person, it might be a bit of a surprise regarding how it looks on the surface.  Doug Addison had some great insights about this in a recent webinar, “Discovering Your Divine Assignment” and his book, “Divine Alliances” (no longer in print).

To briefly summarize Doug’s message on marriages…age difference, race, social background, etc, will not be a barrier in who God brings together.  Some of the combinations that God brings together may look very odd “on paper” but, because God knows more than we do, He is orchestrating these for reasons not obvious to the casual observer. These are again, based on the principle in Deuteronomy 32:30.

Let’s not forget the examples in the Bible of how God frequently does things that seem very unorthodox and stretch our idea of “normal”.  Biblically speaking, there is really no precedent for God doing what fits into our logical and rational concepts and expectations. Surprisingly, these unusual insights have been already starting to form in my own thoughts although, I had questioned them until hearing Doug explain it like this.

Marriages must be based on two people who are equally yoked; contrary to most people’s understanding, this does not just mean “two Christians”.  No, that is an excessive understatement and a bowing to the lowest common denominator.  Equally yoked means two people with the same types of beliefs, with complementary skills and abilities, each going in the same direction according to a specific calling that God has for them both. This is not a generalized statement, this is very specific.  It is not something you can force on your own.

If you’re like me, most likely you have been kept single by God for a strategic purpose at this time right now.  In my own case, if we scroll the calendar back one year, three years, and definitely five years, I was a completely different person. Literally, because of the accelerated and rigorous training process God put me in, my own personal development has been very fast. This has been verified by those who know me only in the last couple years.  If you’ve been in a period of extreme pressure and learning like myself, this message is for you.

Business Strategies

This next one is also huge for me.  In 2011, I began asking God very persistently for a way to make a huge amount of money for the express purpose of giving to ministries that were spreading God’s message all over the world.  Little did I know that my request would put me through a very harsh wilderness experience only a few years later.  This is something I have written on several times here on this website (see all wilderness articles).

In my own process of pursuing a solution from God to make this amount of money, I was led to Gary Keesee’s teachings on kingdom financial principles.  As of the time of this writing, God has confirmed to me twice in dreams that Gary Keesee’s teachings are fully Biblically correct and that I will be actively using what he teaches (see article below).

The Joseph Factor

If you’re familiar with the story of Joseph (Genesis 37-41), you’ll know how he endured many unpleasant circumstances in his life which God used to prepare him for his ultimate assignment in life.  One big and relevant part of his story was how he was suddenly taken from prison and promoted to a very high-level position in a matter of one day.  This is exactly what some can expect right now.

I have seen this myself in a series of dreams that more or less tracks with the Joseph story. I’ve seen myself in a prison-type scenario several times and then more recently with other dreams and visions revealing a sudden release from a symbolic period of captivity.  God has kept some people like myself in hiding in a training process for the purpose of a sudden promotion into a place of great effectiveness by connecting with others.

Clues to Your Assignment in Dreams

Recently in this website, I’ve felt the need to focus on how to understand dreams that reveal your life calling.  If you have not read any my articles on that topic yet, I strongly recommend that now.  In those, I give clues to how you can connect the dots in your dreams and discover what God is preparing you for.  This is again what we see in the Joseph story.

If I can make one very strong suggestion here, it is to do what I did and study deliberately to understand the meaning of your dreams.  This is one of the top ways that God speaks to you about your destiny and the Bible proves this to be valid.

Here’s another clue from Joseph that you can use in your own life…look at your own past or present work and life experiences – God is using these to prepare you for your calling. Regardless of whether you think things have made sense or not, just like Joseph, God used every single circumstance to prepare Joseph for his calling and assignment. Look at your own life from this perspective but also go all the way back to when you were still a kid.

Prophetic Timing

I dealt with this in my previous article, but here’s a different angle…based on my own experience about the timing of prophetic dreams and messages we receive, don’t get all caught up on when you think these should happen.  If you get a personal prophecy about your calling, it doesn’t mean anything is wrong if time keeps passing and it seems nothing is going on.

Do not give up on what you’ve been given by God.  Keep going after God for your next steps concerning how to prepare yourself so you are ready when the time comes.  Often, a prophecy gives you the destination but does not necessarily tell you everything that will happen between now and then.  Again, go back and read the Joseph story – he was only shown the end but had no idea what was going to happen before his dreams became reality.

Practical Steps

Here are a few keys that apply to each of the primary situations above regarding kingdom connections for business, ministry and marriage:

  1. In order to be in position for God to connect you, you may need to make a geographic move to a different city or even just to a different church.  Be open to new ministry and business assignments that look different than what you have become familiar with.
  2. Be deliberate about going after personal transformation and put on the new self (Romans 12:2); God’s process of transformation almost always means you must leave certain things in the past (Luke 9:62).
  3. Get a correct understanding of prosperity.  Many Christians have either a negative attitude, very limited thinking or a poverty mindset, all of which are unbiblical.
  4. Learn lessons very quickly in areas of pride and humility in order to advance.  If you keep getting tested in the same areas, it is probably because you have failed previous tests. Your promotion requires you to pass God’s tests.
  5. Ask, Seek, Knock and expect God to show you what to do next in order to reach your ultimate destination (Matt 7:7).


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2 thoughts on “Kingdom Alliances, Destinations & Callings

  1. This is a great assessment. Yes…I can say that what you write rings very true also in my own life and it started in 2011 as well. Jesus said: When two or more touch and AGREE (or harmonize) I will be in their midst. This is a very crucial point that many people miss. Also, it is ok to remind the Lord of the Promises He gave us. Psalm 119:49-50. Just like agreeing with Him regarding our promises we received on our dreams. I also think that we are in some sort of last reformation/Revival. I am an avid learner from Pastor Derek Prince and have grown tremendously under his teaching. The pride and humility area in our life is so important. To be quick to listen and obey in this area is essential. I like how Apostle David described Jesus as a meek and humble person . This should be our ultimate example always. Great inspiration and resources here Chris. Thank you.

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