Sixth Year Breakthrough: Hidden Mysteries Revealed in Dreams

Hidden Mysteries Revealed In Dreams (2)

Just a week ago I received a huge revelation to something that I have been wanting for several years now. It’s actually the subject of many of my articles but I kept much of it hidden except for a few casual references.

Six years ago, I began asking God for something very big because I wanted to be part of God’s end-time plan to fund ministries that would reach across the globe.  But since I began asking, I really did not believe God had answered me directly or given me any clues about what or how this could happen. 

It wasn’t until last week that I finally received my breakthrough. The amount of material that ties together in this revelation is enough to fill an entire book, and that is exactly what I plan to do with it.  But until that time, I’m going to give just enough here to show how all this applies to you and what you can do to get similar results.

I will give you the treasures of darkness And hidden riches of secret places, That you may know that I, the Lord, Who call you by your name, Am the God of Israel.
(Isaiah 45:3 NKJV)

Business Prophecy

Here’s the short version of what happened… In July 2015, I received a prophecy from an apostle named David E. Taylor in a very unusual manner.  He told me God was going to give me an idea and that it would produce exactly what I have asked for as I described above.  He gave me a few details but mostly the exact nature of the idea was not revealed. This left me in a state of wondering what this thing was going to be.

It’s like the prophecy created more questions than it answered but one thing it did – it became my clearest answer that God had heard me and was going to give me what I had asked for.  Everything else that has happened since that time has become more or less a matter of record in many of the articles here on this entire website.

But last week, after what seemed like an endless period of silence, the answer finally came. I had just completed two 3-day water-only fasts, when a phone call unexpectedly gave the answer.

Single Word Unlocks Mystery

The whole thing began with a dream that I just could not figure out. The essence of it was that I was in outer space and was seeing and hearing about two unrelated separate objects that were oddly superimposed onto each other. This definitely took the prize for one of the most bizarre and intriguing dreams I’ve had.

So, for the next couple weeks, I did everything I could think of to find the interpretation to this enigma.  Bible keyword search, Google, etc, but nothing really made sense. I knew there was something much bigger that I was missing.

Finally, I decided to make a call to the dream interpreting staff at Joshua Media Ministries International, which I am also a part-time, long-distance member and dream interpreter. I got one of the newer guys on the phone and I told him the dream. He gave me a few ideas which I had already been thinking about but then he said something that stopped me in my tracks.

Just as with many others you might speak with at JMMI, this guy is really good at sensing what God had to say to him while on the phone with me. After we discussed the dream for several minutes, he received two words of knowledge about my personal calling.

He first asked me if knew that I had a calling to business. I replied, “yes, but I don’t know what type it is”. He then said that my calling is in the field of _____ and he named a specific type of business.  As soon as he said this second part, I knew immediately this was the answer I had been waiting six years to hear. 

You have to understand, this guy does not know me very well at all so there is no way he could know anything like this. This second word of knowledge was directly a part of my own family lineage, my own interests and my own previous career background. I knew right away, beyond any doubt, that this was it – this was the single clue to unraveling my answer. 

Hidden Answers in Dreams Revealed

In the days following this phone call, many dots started connecting. What shocked me was that, all during these last several years, even before receiving the prophecy from the apostle, God had already been giving me the clues I needed in my dreams! Because I keep a record of all my dreams (in more than one place), I was able to look back and see just how many clues already existed in these dreams dating back three years.  

Not only did clues appear in many of my dreams, but God even revealed that some of the hints about my idea were found right here in my own articles. One of the most prominent pieces was in the article I wrote about how the technology used for GPS navigation is very much like how God speaks to us in our dreams.  And sure enough, this exact concept ended up appearing again in at least two of my most recent dreams.

I also discovered that other aspects of this mystery idea had been in my own thoughts in the past year. These came in the form of an aggravation over a certain problem in our everyday life that needed a solution. I had no idea all this time that God was actually speaking to me about my future in these thoughts!  If you’re like me, you also might be passing off what seems like a random thought, not realizing it actually came from God, and is a big hint about something in your own future!

Now as I look back, it is so obvious that God was working all these individual pieces together – my own thoughts, aggravations and hidden clues in bizarre dreams – each becoming one more piece of the puzzle that was about to be revealed. 

Personal Connection

As I received this news, it was a huge relief to know that this idea is something that fits into my own family lineage.  It’s actually related to my own interests and experience but it also goes way beyond anything I’ve ever done.  At least now I know I don’t have to learn a whole new skill in a field that is foreign to me!

That leads to a very important lesson I had learned in the last year about how to discover our highest purpose in life. We need to ask God to reveal what gifts, skills and abilities have been put into our family lineage but may have never been accessed by our ancestors.  In my case, as far as I can tell, unfortunately none of my ancestors ever seemed to have asked God what was their purpose is here on earth. How much they missed in this life!

Advance Proof of Source

Here is a significant point that needs to be emphasized now.  One of my top criteria for this huge thing that I’ve asked for is that it would never be used to glorify myself as some brilliant genius.  No, I wanted the credit to go to God as the source of this idea. I also wanted it to be something that would go way beyond my own abilities so it would be clear that it did not originate from me.

I believe very strongly that God is at the center of my life and that all that He gives me, is accredited to Him. In addition, I believe in Jesus, the Son of God who came so that we may be have our sins forgiven and be made an active member of His kingdom.  I also believe in the Holy Spirit who gives many supernatural gifts to include speaking in tongues, words of wisdom, words of knowledge, gifts of healing and prophecy, just to name a few.

As such, I also want to make it known that all this is a direct result of my own deliberate efforts to do what Jesus told us specifically, saying that anything we ask, we will receive. 

Inventions in Dreams – Honoring the Source

If you do an online search, you will find many articles about inventions that came about from dreams.  I have looked at many of these but I noticed that most articles do not give credit to God for these dreams. Most of these completely omit any discussion of how such dreams can even come about. It’s a bit bizarre how anyone can seriously think that inventions come in dreams but then conclude that they just materialized out of nothingness.  Uhh… seriously?!

whose minds the god of this age has blinded, who do not believe, lest the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine on them.
(2 Corinthians 4:4 NKJV)

How can something clearly intelligent and beyond the human mind’s ability actually come from nothing? This is where “science” and “psychology” fails miserably.  The most obvious question should be regarding the source of our dreams. As I’ve made it a point to write all over my website, God is the creator of everything and that includes the supernatural realm, of which dreams originate.  To go through life failing to ask the most obvious and important questions is very unfortunate.

Wisdom and Discretion

Let me give credit here to Gary Keesee for his teachings as I have written in a previous article on kingdom financial principles.  Gary makes a very strong point that when God gives you an idea, He will also give you specific instructions that you must carry out immediately without delay.  You must also use wisdom and discretion in not broadcasting the specific elements of your idea to the world in advance.

You may have been asking now while reading this article, “what is the idea God gave this guy?!” Now you know the answer – it is a matter of secrecy that will be revealed at a later time.  But, the most important part here is that if you ask God for such things as I have, know in advance that you must likewise keep your communications closely guarded.


Because, if you have not yet figured out, there is a devil and there is a demonic kingdom at war with anything that is part of God’s plan. When God gives you an idea, the devil will try to stop you. That is especially true if you are deliberately working to advance God’s kingdom which is a direct threat to the devil’s kingdom. If you don’t believe that, you have already lost.

Your Action Plan

So…what is the starting point if you also want something very big like what God has been giving me in pieces over time?  The answer is in the most important first step – you must ask! God has given us access to all that is available in His kingdom but He requires us to first go to Him and ask.

What are some things that we can ask to get this started? Here are a few ideas…

  • Ask God for His plan for your life – His plans are bigger than yours (Jeremiah 29:11)
  • Ask for something bigger than you can accomplish in your own imagination or abilities. (Ephesians 3:20)
  • Expect that God will answer you in your dreams, thoughts and even aggravations to reveal pieces of the answer over a period of time. (Isaiah 28:10)
  • Ask God for hidden mysteries, things that have never been revealed. (Isaiah 45:3)
  • Go back and read my previous articles which were intended to be a resource and a documentary about all that God has taught me in the last few years.

…Yet you do not have because you do not ask.
(James 4:2b NKJV)

Oh…yes, be sure that when the time is right, you will find out the rest of what I have not yet publicly revealed.  Trust me, you will want to hear this.  Also, if you are a believer, I recommend praying that this all happens quickly and without hindrance because the result of this idea will most likely directly impact your daily life – yes this is an invention!  


If you have dreams that you cannot understand, they may contain hidden clues to your future and calling, contact me for free dream interpretation.

And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.
(Matthew 24:14 NKJV)


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  1. Wow! This is wonderful. Great to hear that all the pieces are gradually coming together for you, (which includes the dreams you have had about this, & the clues in your thoughts & aggravations). Praying this invention all happens quickly for you, can’t wait to read about it, and how this will impact us. Great post. Very insightful, thanks for sharing this. Blessings to you.

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