Kingdom Protocols: Supernatural Business Transactions

Kingdom Alliances

Have you ever thought of the Bible in terms of a business transaction? That might sound strange at first glance but if you start looking, you might be surprised to find out that the topic of business is actually all over the Bible.

A couple years ago I was thrown into the realm of kingdom financial matters and I had no instruction book to tell me what to do. In the spirit of passing on my own learning so you don’t have to go through what I did – I bring you today’s blog post. 

From my casual observation in those last two years, I’ve noticed that this aspect of kingdom financial matters is definitely not well understood. Add to that, there is a ton of confusing and conflicting messages out there and unfortunately, some of that is from very reputable church leaders. This entire article came from my own personal experience and study. Because I had no prior knowledge of this topic, it is valid to say that I also had no negative historical tainting to deal with.

I hope you will consider all this from my unbiased perspective and first hand personal experience. The contents of this article are the most critical piece that led to what I wrote in my recent article: Sixth Year Breakthrough: Hidden Mysteries Revealed in Dreams. If not for what I will describe today, everything I told about in that article would not have happened.

Credits: Most of what’s in this article I learned from David E. Taylor; prior to him, I had never heard anything about this topic in any church I’ve ever been to.

And He said to them, “Why did you seek Me? Did you not know that I must be about My Father’s business?”
(Luke 2:49 NKJV)

Kingdom Business Principles

All throughout the Gospel accounts, we see Jesus speaking about the kingdom of God and how certain forms of business transactions are done. We read parables of talents being assigned and then an account of their investment required.  We learn about sowing and reaping and birds that don’t have to worry about where their provision is coming from. We even find out about miraculous multiplication of resources when basic necessities cannot be obtained by natural processes.

In spite of all this, what many of us seem to miss is that “business” was God’s idea from the beginning.  He started all this and His ethics and dealings are far above and superior to that of any man-made system on earth. Another thing most people miss is that there are a few surprising similarities between God’s system of business and our earthly one.

One of God’s kingdom principles is that not everything we ask for is just freely given. Sounds similar to our earthly business, right?  Yep!  But where is that in the Bible? It’s right here in the letters to the seven churches. Jesus gave a very overlooked key when He rebuked a church that had a problem with spiritual blindness.

I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined in the fire, that you may be rich; and white garments, that you may be clothed, that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed; and anoint your eyes with eye salve, that you may see.
(Revelation 3:18 NKJV)

Some of the things we ask for require a price to be paid before they will be granted. God’s kingdom system of business involves buying and selling in the spiritual realm. The higher the value of a desired “object”, the higher the price tag. Failure to understand this is one main reason why we see so few miraculous signs in the average Christian’s life.

Form of Payment?

If God requires a payment for certain things, the obvious question is: what are the forms of payment He requires?  The short answer is that it is based on the value of the thing we are pursuing.  If you go to a store (any kind), each product on the shelf has its own price, they are not all equal. Let’s compare shopping for oranges versus shopping for a car. Very different price tag associated with each one.  Same thing in God’s system.

What if the thing you are asking for is beyond your current level of character development?  What if God gave you something really big that you asked for right now, would you destroy yourself with it?  Think of people with poor character and a ton of money. The entertainment industry comes to mind. I’m assuming you’d rather avoid ending up like many of them. 

Since God knows everything, just like a good parent knows their child, He also knows what your strengths and weaknesses are and what things you can and cannot handle right now. One reason people find themselves in unexpected disasters in life is because we all have character flaws that are hidden below the surface, waiting for the exact right circumstance for them to jump out. 

Who can understand his errors? Cleanse me from secret faults.
(Psalm 19:12 NKJV)

God sets the price for everything we ask for and we must seek Him and find out what form of payment is required. Some people do not obtain what they want because they are unwilling to pay the price. Think of Joseph and what he had to go through before God promoted him to the second highest position in Egypt.

Buying From God: the Heart

I recently learned that one way of buying from God was in establishing the right heart needed to handle the thing we desire. I learned recently from David E. Taylor that there are approximately 170 different types of “hearts” that relate to all sorts of things we may want. If we have the right heart, we can obtain what we want from God because He can trust us with it.

Without going into a list of what all these types of hearts are, take a look at this example with Solomon and see how a wise and understanding heart led to all that Solomon had and was known for. With this in mind, you can begin a word search to connect the thing you want with the type of heart you need in order to buy it from God.

behold, I have done according to your words; see, I have given you a wise and understanding heart, so that there has not been anyone like you before you, nor shall any like you arise after you.
(1 Kings 3:12 NKJV)

This principle of paying a price was confirmed to me in a dream last year:  I saw an empty shelf where some of my own personal belongings had been in real life and sitting right there in their place was a single item: a folded up store receipt.  This meant that once I had “paid the price”, I would make a literal geographic move and receive what I had been waiting for.

The Prophet: Spiritual Bridge to Natural Realm

This brings our discussion to a big piece of how God uses the office of the prophet to bridge the gap between the spiritual realm and our natural reality. God will often speak to us privately in our nighttime dreams about our future and calling but then He uses a prophet to confirm publicly what He told us in private.  In doing so, we receive a much needed additional confirmation and answer to our prayers. The same also applies for prayers we have sent up regarding anything on our request list.

God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.
(John 4:24 NKJV)

Everything begins in the spirit realm. We know that God is a spirit and Jesus told us that directly. When we read the Genesis creation account, we see God (a spirit) speaking everything in the natural realm into existence. That means everything originated from a God who exists in the spirit realm but speaks things into being in the natural.

What exists in the spirit realm is much more real and significant than what exists in the natural realm – without the spirit realm, the natural would not exist. And the office of a prophet is what God uses to bridge the natural and spiritual realms. That leads next to the authority that God gives the prophetic office…

The Authority of a Prophet

God has called some to the office of a prophet in the New Testament just as He did in the Old Testament. Prophets are given the unique privilege of receiving and delivering higher levels of insight about situations involving people, nations, government leaders, etc. This goes way beyond just the ability to hear God on a daily basis about personal matters.

…Believe in the Lord your God, and you shall be established; believe His prophets, and you shall prosper.”
(2 Chronicles 20:20b NKJV)

The first thing I needed to learn was that a word from a prophet carries authority for financial and business matters.  I had no previous understanding of this and because it was so new to me, it took a significant amount of teaching for me to grasp the validity of it. Because of the prophet’s authority level for such matters, it is a requirement that we believe in and obey any instructions they give us.

This also applies to me in the context of interpreting dreams that people send me!

Honor and Loyalty

One of the most important principles I needed to learn was to honor the person God used to send me a long-awaited prophecy. Honor was not something I had ever learned about in my previous decades of church experience. Not only that, but truth be told, I was actually taught a lack of honor from my own upbringing in many ways.

Honoring the source means honoring the prophet who delivers the message about your future.  Specifically, it means that when you receive a financial breakthrough, the primary source of financial giving needs to go straight back to the prophet who delivered the message.  I did not understand this at first, but eventually it began to make sense. If you have negative programming and don’t like this concept, keep reading and I’ll show what happens if you do not uphold this requirement.

Loyalty means not walking away from the prophet who God used to bring the prophecy. The fact that God chose a certain prophet to bring you a message means He wants you connected to that exact ministry and prophet until He tells you very clearly otherwise. This concept of loyalty is also very poorly taught and understood in churches.

Looking at the most prominent Biblical example of loyalty brings us to the basis for all our spiritual battles in life. Lucifer was disloyal to God and we see the eternal ramifications of this rebellion in God’s kingdom system (Isaiah 14:12-17 and Ezekiel 28:11-17). Honor and loyalty are extremely important and how shocking it is that this is hardly ever taught in churches. 

Two-Way Street: 1 Kings 17 Principle

One of God’s business principles is to involve many people in accomplishing His work here on earth. I can say from my own observation, God is really not into the lone ranger, independent spirit mentality. A great illustration of this can be seen by the way God divides up gifts, skills and talents among a wide variety of people rather than concentrating them all in just a few.

And the eye cannot say to the hand, “I have no need of you”; nor again the head to the feet, “I have no need of you.”
(1 Corinthians 12:21 NKJV)

With this community principle in mind, it follows logic that a prophet cannot use his authority to call money into existence for himself. That would be an abuse of authority and be rooted in a selfish motivation. That means the prophet must give a prophecy to another person so that they become wealthy and in return give back to the prophet. One of the best examples of a kingdom business transaction is seen in a passage with a prophet (Elijah) and a widow.

And Elijah said to her, “Do not fear; go and do as you have said, but make me a small cake from it first, and bring it to me; and afterward make some for yourself and your son. For thus says the Lord God of Israel: ‘The bin of flour shall not be used up, nor shall the jar of oil run dry, until the day the Lord sends rain on the earth.’”
(1 Kings 17:13-14 NKJV)

God uses prophets, just like Elijah and the widow, as a two-way, mutually beneficial arrangement. The prophet uses his authority to speak an instruction which leads to financial advancement to a person. That person must then in return give back to the prophet. Many times, that person is required to give first to the prophet just as we see with the widow and Elijah.

God wants to include two people in a business transaction like this. The prophet’s ministry does not live on thin air and must receive money to exist just like everyone else. Both parties then benefit.  This is also a universal principle that exists in many types of relationships, outside of just business.

Wipeout: When the Rules are Violated

A very big piece of my learning involved hearing testimonies of some who had received financial prophecies but did not continue to honor the prophet. I have near-first hand knowledge of how a particular man initially honored a prophet financially but then later turned away and stopped.

This man had received several direct prophecies and at first, he honored that prophet financially.  He initially went from very little to millions and then to over a billion dollars in business revenue. However, when he stopped giving back to the prophet, God shut down the entire business due to his dishonor and disloyalty to that prophet.

General rules for honoring a prophet financially means that you give a minimum of ten percent (tithe) from the specific business/financial outcome of that prophecy. 

When God sends a prophet with a financial message, you must honor them; in doing so, you are honoring God who sent them to you. God has established certain principles in His kingdom system and if you cannot follow the rules, you are not “fit for the kingdom”. If you are in a church that does not believe in this, I have to tell you directly, it is time to get out of kindergarten and learn the mature things of God’s kingdom.

Character Development Required

Circling back around to the beginning of this article…since receiving my own personal business prophecy, I went from near-zero knowledge of God’s kingdom system to everything I’ve written here in this website. Had I received what I was told in my prophecy the day after receiving it, I would have completely violated all these rules and made a total disaster.

One of God’s ultimate objectives in our lives is not just to give us what we ask but to make us into a person who can handle the things He would like to give us. Character development is very high on God’s priority list.  If you want to become financially wealthy far beyond that of what you’ve ever imagined possible, you need to understand all aspects of God’s kingdom system of business.

Summary: Kingdom Principles and Prophets

  • In God’s kingdom system, we are required to buy certain things; not everything is given freely – this involves having the right “heart” for the thing we desire.
  • The price we must pay is set by God and may require various forms of “payment”; you should ask God to find out what that is for your request.
  • God has established the office of a prophet to speak authoritatively and call into existence certain realities that we been seeking from God.
  • A valid prophet operates on a two-way street according to the illustration seen in 1 Kings 17, Elijah and the widow.
  • We are required to honor and be loyal to the source of our prophecy, failure to do so is a breakdown in God’s system.
  • When you send dreams for me to interpret, all the above in this article applies to me especially regarding financial matters and giving.


  1. Article: Sixth Year Breakthrough: Hidden Mysteries Revealed in Dreams
  2. Article: Intro to Face to Face Appearances: The Movement & Miracles | JMMI
  3. CD: Paying the Price, Buying From God, David E. Taylor


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