Fine Tuning Prophetic Accuracy & Discernment 

Fine TuningHave you had some dreams that you just cannot understand how they connect to real life? Have you thought a dream meant one thing, only to find out it was actually about something completely different? If so, you are in good company.

Interpreting dreams is not simple by any means. There are an endless number of possibilities that may come up when you are trying to connect a message in a dream to real life. Having said that, there are some ways to increase your accuracy. Here’s a great practical concept in the natural realm that relates to our topic and a few keys you can use… 

Musical Tuning

If you’ve ever played a string or woodwind instrument, you know the importance of tuning it before you play it. Myself personally, I’ve played both kinds of instruments and regardless of whether you’re playing solo or in a group, the necessity of tuning cannot be ignored. It really becomes most obvious when you have a guitar or piano and you’re playing a chord. If those strings are not all tuned properly, you’re going to end up with a cacophony rather than a harmony.

Fine tuning usually requires two things – a tuning instrument and a good ear. The tuning instrument gives you the perfect pitch that establishes the baseline frequency. Your ear will help identify anything that’s outside of that correct range once you’ve tuned. In the context of a guitar, you can tune one string to the tuner and then use your ear to line all other strings up to that correct pitch.


(Image source: Flickr: KORG AW-2 guitar tuner)

Tuning a guitar is the process of taking strings that are off pitch and making corrections until they are all in sync. In order to do this, you must first realize the strings are out of tune. The more you tune an instrument, the more you become sensitive to anything that is not in tune. This is all about making corrections and being sensitive. 

Prophetic Tuning

Let’s take that practical concept above and see how it relates to the prophetic realm now. We can use the same concept of tuning an instrument according to an established perfect baseline and a having a sensitive ear to know whether we are on or off in matters of prophetic discernment. In our case, the tuning device that provides a never changing baseline is God’s word – the Bible. The ear is our spiritual sensitivity to pick up on what God is highlighting to us, usually through the very subtle voice of the Holy Spirit.

The more you know the Bible and God Himself, the more you will understand the “perfect frequency” or the correct baseline to make all interpretations from. The Bible never changes and will always keep you on track – it is the ruler by which we measure everything in the prophetic realm.

Not everyone who interprets dreams or deals with the prophetic realm has the correct foundation. We see this in the stories of Daniel and Joseph – those of a pagan religion were not able to give an accurate and proper interpretation to the king’s dreams.  We also see false prophets in Israel who prophesied whatever made them feel good. Each of these are great examples of not using a correct tuning device and a solid baseline of unchanging truth.

I hate to say this but I’ve also seen so-called “Christian” dream interpreting that was completely out of sync with clearly established Biblical symbols, even in some cases completely contradicting them and going off into something very “new age” sounding. If you are going to interpret dreams, you must be established on the foundation of the Bible. God gives most of the dreams we get and it is His established standard from which we gain the interpretation.

God’s Cryptography

Dreams are like cryptographic messages from God. Among the many possible methods that can be used in the writing of coded messages, there is one where you have a book that contains a list of words, letters, numbers, etc, that are used to represent a word, phrase or set of instructions. This type of cryptographic communication requires that it be both written and deciphered using the same source code book.

Attempting to write a coded message of this kind using one book and then trying to decipher it with a different book is not possible. If you try that, you’ll get a false message. This is exactly the way the Bible was written: the Holy Spirit inspired the writing of the Bible and only the Holy Spirit can inspire the understanding of it. Trying to understand the Bible without the Holy Spirit is completely pointless and will most likely lead to a completely false interpretation. This is why so many end up twisting God’s words to fit a fraudulent agenda.

If you’d like to see examples of how these cryptographic messages have been used in the history of the American military, check out these links for the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.

Then Pharaoh said to Joseph, “Inasmuch as God has shown you all this, there is no one as discerning and wise as you.
(Genesis 41:39 NKJV)

Dream Examples – Connecting Links

Family Picnic Dream

Just a few weeks ago I had a dream where my entire extended family was gathering and we were all at one very large picnic table, stuck very close together. There were also many other large picnic tables in the same outdoor park-type setting. In front of, and near our table, was a large stage. 

In reality, there was an upcoming family gathering and many of my extended relatives were invited. As the day came closer, I noticed that the weather forecast indicated thunderstorms for the entire afternoon and evening. That meant we would all be inside the house rather close together instead of out in backyard where there would be more space.

All these things I understood in advance except the stage and the other tables.  I later realized that the many extra tables indicated that it would be a time when many other people would be getting together. The stage near the tables indicated an event of some type would be the common reason for all these gatherings.

In case you’re wondering – this dream was about Father’s Day – an occasion when many would be having outdoor or picnic-type gatherings. The dream really did not have any additional profound meaning because nothing unusual happened that day but it was very accurate and proved to be an excellent example for how to relate a symbolic dream to real life by paying attention to subtleties in advance.

Credit Card Fraud

A year ago I had a dream where I was standing on the sidewalk near the front door of a house where I live and a woman wearing all black ran across the grass pushing a stroller also covered in all black. As soon as she got to me, I swung my arm out to stop her and she fell backwards. 

Let me admit right up front this was a major warning dream that I completely missed. The dream came about two weeks before the incident so I did have enough time to take some actions that could have led to my avoiding this. Here’s what happened…in reality, a man came literally to the front door of the house selling a cleaning product. The product was the stroller that the “woman” was pushing. The all black covering meant that something evil was in the works.

I normally don’t buy things on this type of scenario but this was an unusually good product according to the demo and I just decided to give it a try. Instead of giving the guy cash, I did something also very unusual for me – I gave my credit card, but I was right there when he made an imprint using the old style with the carbon copy receipt. About two days later I received multiple alerts from my bank asking about a $430 charge made at a store about 300 miles away from where I live.

So, you see I missed identifying the warning as it was in the process of developing right in front of me. If I had spent time praying about the meaning of the dream right immediately after waking up, and then considering it persistently for several days afterwards, I should have been able to at least get a rough idea what to look out for.

Death of Neighbor Dream

Several months ago I had a dream where I was first inside a house and I walked around the corner in a hallway to find myself suddenly outside in a neighborhood. The scene was dark and I noticed a house that had all the lights off. I walked a short distance down this street, considering that house, and then turned around and went back. As I walked back, I turned the corner and was immediately back inside the hallway of a house.

That same morning when I woke up, I heard that my grandmother’s neighbor of 70+ years had died in the night. A house can be symbolic of a person and the all dark neighborhood and house with no lights on indicated the death of a person. Before I heard the news, I understood the dream was an indication of a probable death; what I did not know was who it would be. Walking around the corner of the house was an indication the death would be “near” to the family and in the same neighborhood of someone I knew.

How to Get in Tune

You might be asking by now, “ok, so how do I do this fine tuning thing?” The first part is to recognize the need to be increasingly sensitive to the leading and voice of the Holy Spirit. Ask Him to speak to you about everything. The more we talk with Him and listen for His response, the more results we will start to see His leading in every situation. That is the number one step. This means keeping a dream on your prayer list until you get the clarification you need and you sense a confirmation that you have the correct meaning.

Increasing our sensitivity requires practice and trial and error. If you’ve known me for a while, you realize my accuracy with dream interpreting has improved over time. Anything in the prophetic realm involves hitting and missing. You’re going to be right on some and off on others. I often learn as much from my mistakes as I do from my successes. Yep, I still do miss on some of these, especially my own.

When you’re stuck on a dream, you can always use process of elimination to get the correct meaning. If you think a dream is saying one thing, but you come to find out that’s not it, no problem! You just found out what it is NOT about. That right there is a much bigger answer than you might realize on the surface. Eliminating the wrong possibilities will definitely help zoom in on the right meaning.

Keep the dream in your mental “watch list” and persistently keep up your awareness for subtle clues that may appear in the natural realm. These may come in a variety of forms and will highlight something that clarifies what you saw in the dream. This is necessary especially in the case of a warning dream where you have to take certain actions to avoid the situation rather than just pray against it.

Pray in tongues while focusing on the dream. Dreams are mysteries and speaking in tongues is likewise about praying mysteries. When you pray about anything that you do not understand, you are connecting with God at a higher level than just your native spoken language and entering into the spiritual realm where hidden things can be revealed. (1 Corinthians 14:2)

Be very careful not to make many assumptions about what you think a dream means. Making assumptions and jumping to conclusions is a very sure way to miss what God is actually saying. I’ve done this myself! When we impose our own self-will and desires about what we want a dream to mean, we will completely pollute the entire message God is trying to give us. Approach the dream with an open and neutral mindset and you will have a clear channel of receptivity to a correct interpretation.

Make it a habit of continually asking God for His discerning and guidance. The realm of the prophetic requires that we go back to God and ask Him for clarification about what He has shown us. He may give us hints in many ways and the more we become sensitive to hearing Him, the better we will pick up on those clues. They will most likely be very subtle, but the more you train yourself, the “louder” they become. We are never supposed to just try to figure these all out on our own as I used to think when I first began learning!

Acceleration Key: Ask God to give you a wise and discerning heart as Joseph had (see above Genesis 41:39). This is the inner spiritual condition needed for accuracy in the prophetic realm. 

Be diligent to study and become increasingly familiar with the Bible. Many of the answers to our dreams will come straight out of the Bible. Not all will, but you can almost always find a key verse or passage that contains the most prominent meaning of the dream. As I’ve written before, you can do word searches in the Bible for key symbols in the dream – look at all those passages until you find one that stands out more than the rest.

Finally, one key that cannot be overlooked in any realm of the supernatural is fasting. I’m not saying fasting is the answer to everything – it’s not. But we must do this. Fasting will improve your sensitivity to God’s voice because it is part of the process of cutting off the worldly nature that causes us to go after every single temptation that arises. It’s a huge help in any area of life that you may be out of control in. Spending money, bad habits, etc…anything needing self control and discipline will greatly improve by fasting. Ok – enough said on that.

“Inasmuch as an excellent spirit, knowledge, understanding, interpreting dreams, solving riddles, and explaining enigmas were found in this Daniel, whom the king named Belteshazzar, now let Daniel be called, and he will give the interpretation.”
(Daniel 5:12 NKJV)


Alright, so that’s my perspective on prophetic accuracy as it relates to a common concept in the natural realm – tuning musical instruments. Remember this is a process of continuous improvement, it does not happen all at once. The more you do this, the more fine your tuning will become and the more accurate you will be.

Try all this out with your own dreams. The more you take active steps and apply all this above, the more accurate you will become. While you’re in the process, check below here for how you can get your own questions answered personally…


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Connecting Dreams to Real Life


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