Warning Dreams of Personal Attacks: How To Respond

Warning DreamsIf you’ve ever had a strange dream of predatory wildlife in your midst, you may have passed it off as bizarre reminder of that trip to the zoo last year. But what if you see someone attacking and chasing you with weapons? These dreams are actually common and are God’s symbolic messages to you about what’s going on in the supernatural and/or physical realm.

Just recently I had one of these myself and in the same week, a friend sent me a dream that she had – both were on this exact topic. Since I have not written about warning dreams like this in a long time, this became the perfect opportunity with two new examples and lessons from each. 

Purpose of Warnings

It’s part of God’s nature to warn everyone in advance about negative situations that are about to happen. The intriguing thing here for those of us who are Christians is that God gives these same warnings to everyone regardless of what they believe. Acts 2:17 says that God gives these to “all flesh“, not just “Christians”. For God to be truly “good”, He has to be impartial and treat everyone equally, giving everyone the same chance to avoid personal destruction.

For those who have family or friends who are completely lost spiritually in a lifestyle that will send them to Hell, you can know that God will warn them in advance of their eternal destination. Job 33:14-18 is the biggest key to this truth and clearly states that God attempts to “keeps back his soul from the Pit,” (pit = Hell). If you really want God to increase His attempts with a spiritually lost person, you can do what I’ve done and ask Him to increase the number and frequency of these dreams so no matter what these people do, when they sleep, they cannot escape God’s personal communication and warnings.

But for those of us who are believers, God will warn us or give advisories about circumstances going on right now or about incidents that are coming down the tracks headed for us. These types of dreams are very common and it’s a really good idea to learn to respond effectively to them. All you have to do is ignore one or two really good warnings and you’ll learn never to miss another one – speaking from experience myself!

A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself, but the simple pass on and are punished.
Proverbs 22:3 (NKJV)

With this now as our Biblical foundation, let’s get on with these two most recent dream examples of warnings. These below are each of a different type and each reveals something you can use in response to a dream that is similar to either of these.

The first is more like an “advisory” dream about something going on in the spiritual realm and the second includes that but adds an warning element of a more personal nature. Both required a response and in each case, you will see what that was and how the actions taken led to a personal victory. 


I had an unusual dream of being under deep water and swimming in an area full of sharks. It was a rather dark setting and I was looking at these sharks both under water and also from the surface with their fins showing above the water. None of them came near me but were all within the same general area where I was and it was clear they were a threat. I can only remember one other dream before where I was under deep water like this. (The heading photo I used for this article here is pretty close to what I saw in this dream.) 

On the surface, this dream would make no sense unless you understood what was going on in my life at that time. Up until a few days before this dream, everything was going very well for me. I had just been in the middle of discovering a series of astounding revelations about my calling and everything appeared to be moving at high speed.

But about two days before this dream, I woke with a sudden unexplainable onset of a feeling like my motivation, zeal, enthusiasm and physical energy were completely gone. I was not able to get a sense of connection with God and praying was like the last thing on my mind. This was completely opposite of how things had been for several weeks prior!

Right after waking up from that dream, I got an interesting confirmation when I noticed the daily prophetic word from Doug Addison:

God is going to give you discernment & insight into what is happening beneath the surface of things.
Doug Addison, July 20, 2017 #dailyprophetic

Yep, that’s what he said…”beneath the surface”. Well, no kidding!! I’ve rarely had one of those daily messages line up exactly to the date with something going on in my life so it didn’t take long to make the association with that dream. The sharks lurking around me were the answer to what had been going on the last few days. My spiritual lethargy and lack of energy was the result of demonic activity in my immediate vicinity just like you might see with these predatory sea creatures.

This was a perfect example of what it means when you see predatory animals lurking around in a dream. You have to consider animals like this to be of a similar nature whether they are on the ground, in the air or under the ocean. Predatory means you might end up in their “food chain” without a proper response. Biblically, we see the example of a lion but again, take this same idea and apply it to air, sea and land…

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.
1 Peter 5:8 (NKJV)

So what was my response to this dream? After a few minutes of thinking about the dream and what to do with it, I began praying against what I understood from the imagery. I began asking God for warring angels to drive out, scatter and destroy all demonic activity lurking in my vicinity. I really didn’t pray this very long – only a few minutes but the results were nearly instant.

Literally within minutes, (no exaggeration) that blah feeling I left almost instantly and I felt like I was right back to normal again. I was actually surprised how fast this worked. In fact, it may have been the fastest response I’d ever received to a prayer. You might consider a response similar to this as well although I cannot guarantee it will always work that fast.

A bit more insight here – it turned out this was just the start of a two week period of one attack after the next from all sorts of directions. I recognized from my past experience that it was directly associated with my upcoming participation at a major annual ministry event that exists for the purpose of going after national level demonic principalities (JMMI). Attacks surrounding events at that particular ministry are documented to be much higher than those against all others.

Friendly advice: Never overlook the potential that your participation in any type of miracle ministry event will often be preceded by noticeable increase of spiritual warfare. 

Gasoline Attack

In the same week that I had this shark dream, a friend sent me a message of a dream where she was being attacked by a woman with gasoline. Oddly enough, this dream turned out to be good advice for me and “coincidentally” prophetic for a similar negative incident that happened only days later…

The dream started out with a woman dumping gasoline on my friend. The gas caused a cloud of fumes in the air just as it would in real life. It’s the kind that requires signs that say “no smoking within 50 feet” of a gasoline truck or pump, etc. Next thing that happens, my friend started chasing the woman but then stopped when she noticed the attacker was going to try to light the fume cloud on fire. The chasing and stopping scene seemed to repeat twice with the same ending. The gas was not set on fire either time but the threat was very real. 

When my friend relayed the events in her life just the day before, it appeared that the woman who caused this gasoline attack in the dream was the same one in real life who had just tried to start a big fight. In the process of discussing all this, it became clear that the attacking woman had been speaking volatile words that were about to draw my friend in and make her very angry. This would have led to a really ugly situation and got my friend into a something she didn’t even ask for or want.

The attempt to light the fume cloud on fire was a symbolic warning not get into this negative person’s “atmosphere”. The response to this dream was twofold… First to pray that God would take this evil situation away and help her not get sucked into it. Second, to take whatever actions necessary to avoid the negative person and stay out of any arguments with her. And that is exactly what my friend did – in the process, the whole situation ended right there.

This would be a great time to bring up one of several verses that speaks directly about this type of symbolic imagery. Fire can mean strife and if you don’t ignite a source of “fuel“, you will eliminate any possibility of a fight. Take my friend’s dream as personal advice for yourself as a future reference.

As charcoal is to burning coals, and wood to fire, So is a contentious man to kindle strife.
Proverbs 26:21 (NKJV)

Responses to Warnings

As I’ve made the point above, your response to a dream is everything. Just because we get a dream about an ongoing or future situation, does not mean God is just going to handle it on His own. No! God gives us dreams to let us in on what’s going on so that we will take an active step and do what He put us here for.

Passivity is not Biblical! We have a dual calling to be mature sons of God (not babies or children) and also as kings that exercise both dominion and authority.

So, dreams of this kind are partly about personal warnings and advisories but they are also about training for higher purposes. When God gives us this kind of insight into the unseen realm, He expects us to do something about it. The more we learn to take proper active steps, the higher He will promote us in the spiritual realm and the greater the victories we will have. Keep that in mind and it will serve as inspiration for your calling and destiny.

See below for more resources about warning dreams of various kinds and a video where I included a commentary on our calling as sons and kings.

Photo by Viktor Jakovlev on Unsplash (modified for use here).



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  1. Wow Chris! Right on time! I dreamed last night about a situation and I was anxious all night. It has to do with my ministry and right now I am taking a rest from my volunteering. In my dream, I was not dressed, the people from the ministry needed me, and everything was chaotic, and this morning it manifested. Wow….also the feeling of being detached from God was very strong this week for me as well. I prayed also and it got better. Today I am not myself yet, but based on your insight, I will pray and ask God to send me help. Thank you Chris….very much.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love it! It makes me think about the dreams I had over the past year, somebody was always shooting me with a gun. The last time I had a dream about being shot, there was no blood, and I was not afraid. In the dream I took authority over the evil one!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Great! Thanks Barb – yes, dreams like that are about attacks with words. If it looked more literal, then you’d have to be concerned about a real situation.


  3. Hello Chris I have had several intense spiritual dreams in the last two years since renouncing my old ways. I have recently entered a dark period where I have contemplated dark tings which are not Christian like I have been listening to black metal and changing my way of thinking last night I dreamt I was with some old people and they were warning me very directly that satan was coming for n in my dream I asked them in what form is he coming? they told me that it would be through people and situations just to be clear I had not been thinking of any of things before sleep nor did i watch movies in my dream I felt no fear towards these old people but I felt fear of the news they gave I spoke m6 devoted Christian friend but I seek fur5er guidance please respond and let me know what you think

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi always dream of snakes, or terrorist attacks or even comlpete chaos. I never die in the dreams i always fight and sometimes i kill people and beat them up to a point of me feeling bad when i wake up. The people in the dream will always rebuke me and i would end up attacking them too. Yesterday i dreamt this dog was chasing me and it was coming for me no matter where i ran to, open or closed it would be there. Me and my boyfriend seperated (changed direction) when the dog was chasing me. I became so overwelmed that i stopped and started fighthing the dog. The dog bit my hand and i broke its mouth into two. I pray to God that i may understand what these dreams mean. Please can you help me?


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