Timing Clues in Dreams: Prophetic Abstractions with Astounding Accuracy

Timing Clues-1Have you noticed that in the Bible, there were specific prophetic timing references given in some dreams? Have you ever wondered if those may be appearing in your own dreams as well? Just recently I saw this happen in a few of my own and to be honest, some of them really surprised me. The remarkable thing was how accurate these indicators were – right down to an exact date in some cases!

After doing a little more study on the topic of prophetic timing indicators, I found several Biblical precedents that I had previously overlooked. I believe what I found will boost your own ability to understand when God is giving you an encrypted timing code while you sleep. 

From my experience, probably the most descriptive term for timing references is  what I call abstractions. These indicators are almost never straightforward or consistent from one dream to the next. Some dreams will appear to have a timeline reference but in real life, it may actually be something very different. Much discernment is needed to find the true meaning.

In the process of trying to figure out what and where the timing codes were in my dreams, I began to realize that God has several ways of communicating them to us. He does not just have one constant stamped out machine cut clone for every dream. If He did, not only would it be too predictable for you, but it would also be a dead giveaway for the devil. Message compromise protection is a much bigger element than you might realize.

So now, before we go any further, it might help to first define our primary term here for this article.

Abstract defined: 

something that concentrates in itself the essential qualities of anything more extensive or more general, or of several things; essence.
an idea or term considered apart from some material basis or object.

An abstraction, in my own words, is when you are trying to link two different things that have no obvious connection to each other. It’s like saying “wheels” when you really mean a “car”. If you were not already familiar that figure of speech, you could rightly say that a truck, train, airplane and even an analog clock each have “wheels”. The trick with abstractions is that they can point to any number of a very diverse list of possibilities. This is where you need to sharpen your level of discernment (see article: Fine Tuning Prophetic Accuracy & Discernment).

Abstractions: the Key to Prophecies

Learning to discern timing for prophetic matters, including dreams, requires practice and a heavy dose of discerning by learning to hear the impressions of the Holy Spirit. This has actually taken me quite a while to become more accurate. What I learned is that discerning timing references can sometimes be straightforward and at other times requires abstract thinking.

One way to understand this style is to do a form of link analysis where you connect seemingly unrelated subjects to form a dot connecting exercise. It’s actually quite intriguing when you learn how to figure these things out. It makes you a divine code breaker of sorts. Although not the subject of this article, abstractions also relate to all aspects of prophetic matters where you have to discern the meaning of the symbology. Therefore this is not just for timing but also for understanding the correct meaning of a dream.

Prophetic Discerning

There is a Biblical key to almost everything we want or need in life. I learned a couple months ago that having the right heart is the most important thing and that if we have that, God will give us what we ask for. Ever since learning this, I have really focused on asking for the right heart in all areas where I was previously just asking God for a certain thing that I wanted.

Understanding fine details in any area of life comes down to having discernment and wisdom. We know Solomon as a man of great wisdom so it should be no surprise that the key to obtaining a supernatural ability to discern timing would be found in his writings. And right here it is:

…And a wise man’s heart discerns both time and judgment, Because for every matter there is a time and judgment…
(Ecclesiastes 8:5b-6a NKJV)

Wisdom is connected to the ability to discern matters of timing. Along with that, in the same passage is the word “judgment”, which in the Hebrew means verdict, sentence, decree or decision. Therefore, for our purposes, what we see in a dream may be something decided by God (a judgment) and understanding the timing of it requires wisdom.

Anytime you see a passage like this, put it on your list of things to ask from God in order to fulfill your purpose and calling. In this case, ask for a wise heart so that you can discern matters of prophetic timing.

Biblical Timing Precedents

Now we come to the solid Biblical precedents that we can use to consider in discerning our own timing clues. There are three main types of timing indicators found in the Bible. As always, what we find in the Bible will establish a foundation for all matters of prophetic discernment. Here are three main timing indicators: 

  • Countdown: Watch for the number of objects that appear in a dream that may equate to a number of days, weeks, years, etc. (Genesis 40:12, 18Genesis 41:25-27)
  • Season or date: These can point to a specific date or event on a calendar or they can indicate a general timeframe within a specified type of “season”. This can also be a reference to a specific “appointed time“. (Luke 21:30)
  • Prophetic Sign: A key detail in a dream becomes an indication of “when you see “XYZ” sign appear, then know that “ABC” event will soon happen”. This type is found profusely in the Bible, possibly more than any other timing indicator. If either of these three categories could be termed “God’s favorite”, it appears this might be it. (Luke 21:31Luke 21:20Matthew 24:33Isaiah 66:14)

Before moving on, this would be a good time to interject an added dimension to these categories above. When dealing with counting down days, weeks, years, etc, one question to ask is – when does the countdown begin? It might be correct to assume that the countdown began at the time of the dream. In many cases this will be true, but if you have a dream that combines any of the above, you might have a countdown that begins once a prophetic sign or event appears.

For one of the most profound prophetic passages in the entire Bible, see the verse below. If you understand all the math that goes into that prophecy about the coming of the Messiah, you will understand that this passage predicted the exact date that Jesus came into the temple on “Palm Sunday”, riding on a donkey. This prophecy involved a countdown that began with the appearance of a prophetic sign. This may appear in your own dreams as well!

“Know therefore and understand, That from the going forth of the command to restore and build Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince, there shall be seven weeks and sixty-two weeks; The street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublesome times.”
Daniel 9:25 (NKJV)

Dream Examples


On April 3, 2017, I had a dream where I was sitting in a bus on a road that is up on a highway overpass bridge. There are buildings all around and they have a grey appearance. Suddenly, three military transport-type helicopters land below and to the left of me and a TV screen appeared on the right with someone talking who appears to be a lawyer. 

This dream turned out to be a literal countdown timing indicator because exactly three days later I received a phone call from the JMMI staff that led me to the revelation about several mysterious dreams where God was speaking to me about a technology invention. Three helicopters meant three days and the fact they were a military transport (VIP-type) was an indication of the arrival of something very significant. The lawyer on the TV screen meant I was going to receive “counsel” in the form of a prophetic word by this JMMI staffer.

Therefore the three helicopters were abstract references that, not knowing anything about countdown prophetic timing indicators, would have made little sense. Understanding the connection between them and the lawyer was necessary to confirm and validate the words of knowledge I received about the insight into the invention. Had I not had this dream in advance, I may have questioned these words of knowledge at a later time.

Specific Date

In February, 2017, I had a dream of a female friend sitting to the left of me and not happy about something. In the next scene, I was standing with some guys lining up for an event where we were going to do something for Mother’s Day. 

Shortly after the dream, I was out of contact with that exact female friend for most of three months. It was exactly on Mother’s Day that I came back into normal communications again with her. The dream was a nonspecific indication that something was to be expected regarding this friend on that exact date. At the time of the dream, I had no idea what it meant – the reference to this day was purely a prophetic abstraction that linked back to the dream and the friend.

It was not until after Mother’s Day in June that I understood what the dream meant. As it turned out, this was God’s way of showing me something about this reconnection with the friend at a future date, months in advance. Although He did not tell me exactly what would happen, this is a great example that God knows even the exact date that we will make a certain choice or take action to do something in the future. Crazy, huh!? 

Seasonal Timing

In August 5, 2016, I had a dream where I was walking outside in a mountainous area and there were fall leaves on the ground. While walking, I saw an unknown and seemingly friendly dog coming towards me from the left side. The dog turned and went behind me and then laid down for a very short time, then it got up and started running after me again. I turned around and looked at it wondering what it was doing and why it was following me. 

This dream turned out to be a person (represented by the dog) who was a friend from many years ago who contacted me twice in that year, 2016. She first contacted me in the spring and then later again in the fall. The fall leaves on the ground were a seasonal timing indicator showing me someone was going to approach me in the fall season. Since I had this dream in August (summer), it showed a link between the past and the future all in one. Here’s how that worked…

  • Spring season 2016 – first contact by female friend after many years
  • August 2016 – dream of dog approaching me twice
  • Fall season 2016 – second contact by same female friend

The dog approaching first from the left and going behind me was this woman’s real-life contact with me several months earlier in the spring (going behind meant “the past”). When the dog laid down for a short time, then followed me again, this represented the gap in communication between her first contact with me in the spring and her second contact in the fall season. The mountainous scenery was an indication of who this person was because in real life, she lives out west in the state of Washington. The leaves on the ground indicated the fall season.

I actually understood in advance that this dream was most likely about a female who would contact me in the fall season. What I missed was who it would be; this could have been discerned in advance by the link between both approaches of the same dog which represented two separate instances of communication with me.

Prophetic Sign

May 23, 2017 dream – I’m in a kitchen in an unknown house and I notice yogurt in a container that I forgot to put in the refrigerator the night before. I look inside it to see if it’s still good or not. I have the feeling like I’m not really sure if I should eat it. When I look inside, I see chopped tomatoes and a store receipt inside. One of my relatives then comes into the house but in another room next to the kitchen and does not see me. It seems I had the impression of wearing a striped shirt (I don’t actually have a striped shirt like that).

In real life, on June 8, 2017, I was about to open a new yogurt but I noticed it had a broken seal. I opened it to see whether the yogurt appeared to be still good but then decided not to take a chance. I returned it to the store and traded it for a new one (the receipt). The chopped tomatoes was a sign of having a right heart – chopped tomato means it is “prepared” and now ready for use.

The striped shirt was confusing because I don’t have one like that and a potential symbolic meaning made no sense. But, on the exact day that I noticed the bad yogurt, I got a text from a relative with an autocorrect error that said something about a “striped shirt”. That funny shirt reference was completely out of place in the context message and made no sense but then I remembered the dream – Bingo! That was a clue to understand this dream.

As soon as I saw that funny text message error, I began to realize all that was coming together here with this dream and my real life. I progressively understood additional layers of meaning how this dream was a prophetic timing indicator that I now had the right heart for something I had been asking a very long time for (tell you later!)

So the text message of the shirt error was an abstract reference that became a prophetic sign that linked back to what I saw in the dream. Whenever you see something like that in a dream that makes no obvious symbolic sense, be aware that it may be a prophetic sign.

Prophetic Sign But Not a Timing Indicator

Not all date or seasonal references are timing indicators! Just a few weeks ago, I received an email from a reader who had a reference to Halloween in it and it connected to a dream I had two months before that. My dream showed a woman speaking to me in a small storage closet and there was an abstract comment lacking any context made about Halloween. While the woman was talking in the dream, she also said she was going to make “two donations”.

In reality, the date her email came in, she made two donations here through my website. It turned out that I interpreted a dream she sent that also had an abstract reference to Halloween. So this actually had nothing to do with the literal date of Halloween or any event taking place that day. Instead, it was a prophetic sign that connected my dream of the woman and the two donations to her email and literally to the woman. So…just to keep you on your toes, date references may be literal, or they may be totally abstract. All the more reason to need wisdom for discerning timing! 


This is the most up to date insight I have received so far in my study of prophetic timing indicators in dreams. This may also apply to personal prophecies given by another person. Dreams are equal to prophecy when correctly interpreted so generally the same rules may apply to both. Go back over your own dreams now (since you’ve been writing them all down – right?!) and see how each of these categories of timing indicator abstractions may play out in them.

The more you practice this and become increasingly sensitive and discerning, the greater your accuracy will become. And of course…don’t forget to ask God for the meaning of your dreams and also a wise and discerning heart to understand all He is telling you!


Urgency of the Time Factor of Dreams


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  1. Wow….Amazing insights Michael. I have written most of my dreams down and the time indicators are probably in them as well. What great and wise nuggets you got from the Lord!

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