Numbers: Biblical Significance in Dreams and Prophecy (Updated)

Occasionally, I look back at previous articles to see if any updates or amendments may be necessary based on anything new I’ve learned. Many times I will delete an article that is “outdated” based on my current understanding. This article here was originally written almost two years ago and it has been one of the most popular on my site.

But in the last two years, I’ve made a lot of progress in interpreting dreams and in my understanding of the prophetic meaning of numbers. As a result, I’ve decided to edit and repost this article that was originally published on March 9, 2016. Most of this is the same except for a few additions and subtractions.  


For those unaware of the study of prophetic meaning of numbers, this is not a small topic unknown to scholars.  On the contrary, this is a very well understood subject especially in the prophetic realm. Not to mention, there is an entire book in the Bible called “Numbers” and it’s filled with them!  I learned over a decade ago that there are no insignificant details in the Bible, this is another avenue by which God speaks to us.

Numbers can have an extremely dense amount of information, especially regarding your personal life circumstances.  Included here is a list of the most common resources available for you to do more in-depth study. If you want to understand the significance that numbers can play prophetically in your life, you must get and study these resources.

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter,
But the glory of kings is to search out a matter
Proverbs 25:2 (NKJV)

Early Experiences

A few years ago I began getting a constant repeat of the number 17. The first time I noticed something was up with this was on October 12, 2012 when an asteroid made an unexpected near-pass by the Earth and I kept hearing on the news that it was approximately 17 meters in size.  I had a strong but unexplainable impression that I needed to pay attention to this number.  Later, I was sent notification of an assigned parking space number 17 and that notice was given to me on the 17th of September, 2013.

Then, on July 9, 2014, I began getting another impression that I needed to pay attention to July 17th.  As I wrote in an earlier article, that was the date that a passenger jet, flight number MH17, was shot down over Ukraine.  From that time on, I’ve had many significant personal events take place on the 17th of the month frequently throughout the year.  As you will see below, this played out again very recently in a most astonishing manner in a dream that a friend had about me.

Needless to say, ever since these initial experiences, I’ve made a serious study of an increasing list of numbers that came into play in various circumstances in my life.  In my experience, the repeating numbers I get are often found on the clock, license plates of cars directly in front of me, store receipts, road signs, etc.  When significant things are going on in my life, or I am in a certain phase of life, I will generally see the same numbers repeating constantly almost everywhere I go.

One very unusual example was the time I went to a store and bought groceries.  When I got the receipt, I was shocked to see it was $33.03 and I bought 9 items.  That night, I had 7 total dreams, the most I’ve ever had in a single night at that point.  This was also very significant to me because my street address at the time contained the numbers 333.

cropped-cropped-img_4186-e1440945779741.jpgBy no coincidence, I took a photo of a clock in my neighborhood and never even noticed the time until a couple weeks later on when I decided to see if the time turned out to be anything significant.  Astonishingly, the time on this clock was 7:44.  That number 44 had been one of the most prominently repeating numbers for me during that time. Anytime you see numbers repeating often, you must understand that God is trying to get your attention on a certain matter as it relates to that number(s).

Why Numbers?

Here’s a great question you may be asking.  Why do repeating numbers in my life have any meaning and why would God be giving me a message in these?  The answer to this is the same answer as why God speaks in strange symbolic dreams.  Numbers are symbolic macrocodes containing vast amounts of information in a single data point. Everywhere you go, you can expect God to be speaking to you, including in numbers and numerical sequences.

The more sensitive you become to the many different ways He speaks to you, the more you will realize God is absolutely involved in every detail of your life.  When you get the fullness of this truth, you will then be much more likely to pick up on very important messages and answers to the issues you encounter in your life.

Foundational References

So now you’re probably wanting to know how do we go about finding out the meaning of numbers whenever we encounter them.  It turns out there are some very well-known resources which every serious prophetic scholar is well aware of.  Fortunately, each of these are very easy to obtain at very low cost.

1 – The first is a book, “Number in Scripture“, by EW Bullinger. This book is known by almost everyone who takes up a serious study of prophetic numbers.  If you really want to learn about numbers, you are going to have to get this book.  Bullinger goes into some extreme detail for many numbers and reveals some amazing insights which are not at all known just by a casual reading of the Bible.  He uses a combination of gematria as well as the study of the occurrences of certain numbers all throughout the Bible.

Gematria is a system of numerology that assigns a numerical value to the characters/letters of an alphabet, most commonly used in Hebrew, Greek and Latin.

2 – The next is a free ebook, “The Biblical Meaning of Numbers from One to Forty“, by Dr. Stephen E. Jones.  This is particularly excellent because it primarily goes to the Hebrew language using a combination of gematria and pictograph meanings to show how the value of each Hebrew character gives meaning to each number.  When I first began searching for the meaning of numbers, this became my foundational reference due to the Hebrew language basis. Also try this link for a version on Amazon

3 – We need to remember that most of the Old Testament was written in Hebrew.  As such, the Bible is filled with Jewish traditions and customs and Jesus Himself came in the form of a Jewish man and observed all these.  Hebrew is a very dense language and each character also is also a pictograph, each with unique metaphoric meaning.  Although I’m not an expert on Asian languages, I understand that the Chinese and Japanese languages are also based on this pictograph concept. For further study, I recommend checking out the website Hebrew 4 Christians which has detailed information about each Hebrew alphabet character. 

4 – The next resource is the Bible itself.  One of the principles used in EW Bullinger’s book is to look up all the occurrences of a number in the Bible and determine which passage most accurately fits the context of a given personal circumstance. The more you look up various numbers in the Bible, the more you will be very surprised how many of the numbers you keep seeing in your daily circumstances have clear Biblical significance. They key is to find out what is going on in that passage and then see if that has a direct meaning that can be applied to your life.

5 – There is also a free online dream symbols list available at Joshua Media Ministries International. In addition to many other categories of dream symbols posted there, you can check their list of numbers, which are all being added to on a regular basis. I am a part-time staff interpreter for JMMI and I’m very familiar with this global kingdom ministry, which I highly recommend you get in contact with as soon as possible.

6 – Finally, I recommend getting the book, The Divinity Code“, by Adam Thompson and Adrian Beale. I’ve referred to this book many times here on this website and it is one of the top resources available with a list of about 3,000 symbols, all with multiple Biblical references for each one. If you want one of the most solid Bible-based dream books available, you must get this.

Dream Examples

I’ve posted a few dream examples with numbers in several articles and videos with explanations for how I try to decode them. In the original posting of this article, I included one that, upon review, I decided to delete it. This was one of those edits that needed to be made based on my updated understanding of how to interpret dreams and numbers. In future articles, I’ll include more examples with numbers in the event that you might benefit from those. For this article, I decided to just leave it as a place where you can go to find a list of the top resources.

To check out other articles and videos that include my own explanation of numbers, see this link: Numbers category.

For Your Action

Now that I’ve given an overview of this topic of the Biblical meaning of numbers, listed some of the top resources and walked through the possible meaning of the numbers in one dream example, here’s what you should do next:

  • Get the books referenced above, one is free and another almost free.
  • Become familiar with the Hebrew alphabet and the symbolic pictograph meanings.
  • Search for numbers in the Bible and note the significance of the passages they are found; see which one may fit your circumstance.
  • Pay attention to repeating numbers in your daily life which may appear on a clock, license plate, store receipt, road sign…just about anywhere!
  • Check my store page for a list of other top recommended resources on many topics including how God speaks through dreams.


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  1. It was so good to read this article! I see the number 11 for 7 years now! All the time! And the number 7. You posted this article on December 7, 2017, love it 😊Great Info Bro!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha that’s funny. 😁 Today was the day to post it. Just had that feeling to send it out there. I like this updated version much better than the original.


  2. Hi Chris ..first time here . I subscribed to your site because I’ve been seeing 17 and number sequence of 17 like 517,817 etc and my last one today at 1:17 when I was opening your site to write the comment !!!. I actually subscribed to your site then unsubscribe because I should read more before invited you in. Then I notice when I subscribed the first time today it was 1017! So far I’ve had 9 x of these sequencestoday . Thank you for your site.God bless you !

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Geraldine – yes, thank you for commenting – that does happen at certain key times, often in personal transitions when numbers will repeat like that frequently; also when there is something God is wanting us to focus on for that time. The numbers we see will at some point change when our circumstances change or when God wants us to focus on or be reminded of something different.


      • Hi … Got up last night at 3:48 which speaks to me because that is another number “48” along with “17” that appear in sequence .( I woke up very quick from a dream that was so short . I was travelling on a battleship going across the ocean and that’s all .)
        As I looked to my phone and saw that my Bible app was opened? ! . I did not know how that happened. Lol .Then as I looked closely it was on Isaiah 17 ! . Well, I read it and then I started to pray In the spirit . I will do some more research so I could get more understanding. Thank you again for your blogs. God bless !

        Liked by 1 person

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