Cryptocurrency & Blockchain: Starter’s Guide to Buying, Selling & Investing | Ebook

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain CoverHave you been noticing all the news about Bitcoin and other digital currencies? Have you wondered how to get in and buy a Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency but had no idea where to start? Or maybe, on the contrary, you thought that they were too weird or unreliable for you to get anywhere near them? In the last couple weeks, I finally acted on the urge to find out what all this was about and get at least a basic working knowledge of how to start buying and selling with these high-tech digital currencies.

In the midst of a huge amount of research on this topic, I began taking a ton of notes which turned into a 26 page ebook that I’d like to make available to you right now. This new ebook will provide you with the most basic and necessary understanding of what blockchain and cryptocurrencies are and the simple steps needed to actually open an account and begin buying, selling, sending and receiving Bitcoins and other digital currencies. This ebook will help answer all the following questions and provide additional resource links for you to do more research. There’s a ton of material in this product; once you read this, you will have a workable understanding of…

  • What is blockchain?
  • What is Bitcoin and cryptocurrency?
  • Why would I want to use digital money?
  • How do I know cryptocurrencies are trustworthy?
  • Where do I find the current prices of all the digital coins on the market?
  • How can I open an account and buy Bitcoin or any other similar digital assets?
  • How can I receive Bitcoins from other people for donations, gifts or sales of products and merchandise?
  • Are there any Biblical insights or concerns about cryptocurrencies?
    (Are they good or bad?)
  • Where can I find out more about all this?

Plus: Financial Investing & Trading Tips

The final section of this ebook contains some relevant financial tips that I’ve learned in years of experience in trading in the US stock market.  The same general principles used by a stock, options and commodities trader applies here to digital currency markets.  If you’re unfamiliar with the realm of trading digital assets, I’ve got some advice you’ll want to hear.

Free Ebook…Donations Requested

This ebook is free because I want it to be available to those who live in countries where financial challenges exist. If you are able to make a donation for the downloading of this product, please consider it. Everything I do on my website at this time has been completely free; donations help offset the personal cost that went into everything I do here on this site.  Thank you!

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Download This Ebook

Click this image below or the link here for downloading instructions:

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain: Starter’s Guide to Buying, Selling & Investing

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Cover


Please post comments below here or email me using my contact page and tell me what you think of this and if it answered the questions you need to get started in cryptocurrencies. I’ll reply to comments here or on my social media sites for anything you may have questions on.


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