Interplanetary Dreams: When God Gives You A Science Assignment

Have you ever had dreams that were just too bizarre to ignore? Have any of them pointed to something in the realm of science, politics, sports, business or education? I have!

Starting around 2015, I began having a series of very strange “science dreams” that I initially didn’t know what to do with.  In these dreams, I was seeing all sorts of bizarre references to scientific experiments, extremely high powered energy beams, nuclear power stations and technology references that at first, had no explanation. There were even dreams of space travel and standing on far away unknown planets. 

It was not until April 2017 that I finally got a confirmation about what was going on in these. God was giving me a science research assignment to learn something new that He was revealing in each of these dreams. In the process of a ton of online searches, many connections emerged between about twenty of these dreams. It was quite an eye opening revelation. Today, I’ve felt the time is right to go ahead and discuss a little more about a few of the details in these dreams.

When Standard Rules for Interpretation Fail?

You’re probably aware by now that I’m a strong believer in accepted Biblical rules for interpretation of dreams. There are a number of false counterfeit methods of interpretation in existence today just like there have been counterfeit “magicians” going all the way back to the days of Moses with Jannes and Jambres. I don’t waste my time on those and neither should you. God gives dreams that can only be interpreted using the knowledge of Him and His way of speaking. Period.

Now it came to pass in the morning that his spirit was troubled, and he sent and called for all the magicians of Egypt and all its wise men. And Pharaoh told them his dreams, but there was no one who could interpret them for Pharaoh.
Genesis 41:8 (NKJV)

So…having said all that, it might be a little strange to hear me say how I recognized that many my dreams just didn’t fall into the normal rules for Biblical symbology. Although I do have hundreds of dreams on personal topics, some of them as I mention here, have been of a very different variety. What I began noticing in 2015, was that several of my dreams were on scientific matters, not personal ones.

In what I call my “science dreams” series, God began speaking to me about subjects that went beyond what I learned in my college education and my previous career. It took a while before I caught on to all this, but when the day came that it all clicked together, I suddenly realized I had been given a science research assignment.

Let me make a quick side note here before we go on. Possibly the easiest way to make a distinction between personal dreams and life calling or assignment dreams is this… Personal dreams fall into the realm of parables where God speaks using strange symbols that give instructions, warnings, correction and prophetic insights of all sorts. Most of the articles I’ve written here are about personal-type dreams and they are the most common. But again, this article is about those that will not fall into that category.  Hope that makes sense. Moving on now…

By now you’re probably wondering what I’m talking about with these unusual non-standard dreams. I’m about to show you. Below are only three out of the twenty in this series of strange “science dreams”. After I tell the dreams, I’ll give a brief summary of what I found during the many hours of research and link analysis I did to unravel the meaning of each dream and the individual symbols. Here we go…

Distant Space Discovery Dream

May 2017: This dream began almost like a Star Trek movie. I was in a spaceship with a small crew flying through uncharted regions of the universe far from earth on an exploration mission. As we were on our way to an unknown destination, I looked out the window and saw very large sized animals (from earth) floating by us. The scene changes and I’m standing on a sandy planet with my crew and I’m picking up rocks and looking at what’s inside them. Then, I’m holding the rocks as my crew is taking a photo of me smiling and showing what we discovered. End of dream. 

(Note: There are a few additional key details I’ve intentionally omitted which would give information that cannot be published at this time.)

Power Station in Space Dream

February 2017: This dream began with me floating in space next to a spaceship that presumably brought me there from earth. The scene changes and I’m standing on a far away unknown planet looking at a huge power station with bright lights illuminating it. In the midst of all this, I heard a spoken reference to certain known celestial bodies (planets, stars, etc) and then I had the thought that this was not the first time I had heard about them. End of dream. 

This is the dream I referred to last year in my article: Sixth Year Breakthrough: Hidden Mysteries Revealed in Dreams. Again, same as the previous dream…I’ve had to omit several details that cannot be discussed openly yet.

Han Solo Dream

April 2017: In this dream, I was walking out of a large building with the movie character Han Solo (Star Wars). I was pretending to be a guard and I had him as my prisoner but secretly I was taking him out of captivity. I had an explosive chip in my hand and understood that my assignment was to make sure that both Han Solo and the chip were taken out of this building as part of a clandestine mission. 

(Again, certain key details intentionally omitted for now.)

Research Connections & Discoveries

While researching all these twenty dreams, I began to make many surprising connections that linked them all together. While not everything is fully known yet, here’s the short version of what I found out so far… The first dream I’ve written above is about the future discovery of a substance contained inside of rocks which appears to have a possible connection with battery technology. The second dream is about a scientific process at the atomic level that’s a key in the generation of electrical power. Both of these dreams refer to something “far away” or “distant” in terms of our current knowledge, understanding or experience.

The third dream has a several messages all in one – personal and scientific. Han Solo is a symbolic personality reference about myself as an (admittedly) very independent, not really the best as a team player but industrious and self-motivated person. The device (chip) I’m carrying has several references to the design elements of computer circuitry. The “prisoner release” aspect is a macrocode referring to another series of dreams I’ve had about a Joseph-type containment scenario (see: Personal Wilderness: The Ancient Pathway). If that wasn’t enough, there are also many life parallels between the movie character and myself as a younger person in the teenage and 20-year age range.

Intriguingly, this third dream also seems to have a possible timing element because this year, May 2018, will be the release of the newest movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Purpose & Divine Assignments

If you haven’t noticed yet, one of the top themes in my blog site here is how God speaks to us about His plan for our life. Just like Joseph was given coded clues about his life calling in dreams as a teenager, all of us can and should be getting dreams while we sleep at night about a very huge plan that God has for us while we are here on earth now in this lifetime.

My purpose in revealing a little more about my “science dreams” is to show in advance how God has been speaking to me about this personal assignment that will eventually become fully disclosed in public. Hopefully soon, I’ll be able to show the actual “thing” that all these twenty dreams have been hinting at. As I’ve said before, I want it to be known that all this came from God in dreams and was not just a good idea I came up with on my own.

As you can see, I’ve only given a few of all the dreams in this series. As I alluded to above, there have been others in addition to these here which have shown extreme high energy beams, Star Wars droids, Quantum Vacuum – Zero Point Energy, an Einstein reference, interchangeable electronics circuit technology and much more.

So that’s about me. What about you!? What has God been showing you in your dreams? Did you know that certain popular movie plots came from dreams? Have you properly understood what God has been trying to show in your own dreams while you sleep at night? Has He been giving YOU a movie plot? A business idea? A new invention? A solution to events in the political arena? A calling to be a leader or prominent figure in any of these fields? What have you been missing in your dreams, like I did myself for the first couple years?

If you have not done so already, I strongly urge you to go back and read all of the articles on my blog site here about dream interpretation, especially as it relates to clues to your life calling. Do not miss your God-given life calling and assignment! It is much, much bigger than you could ever imagine!

Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.
Ephesians 3:20-21 (NKJV)

Action Steps & Keys

  • Write down ALL your dreams, even the “weird ones” – do not discount any of them.
  • Do not assume all your dreams are merely life parables on personal matters that are less than the level of life calling clues.
  • Do an internet research project whenever you find something in a dream that appears to be way beyond the “normal symbolic dream”.
  • Assume from the start, that God is speaking to you way above your head in dreams and that there are most likely clues to your assignment there.
  • Understand that God’s assignment may begin with the talents He gave you at birth, but will take you way beyond that; this will prove He was involved supernaturally and will give HIM the glory and credit for what YOU will accomplish.
  • Go to my store page here and get the books I’ve recommended on dream interpretation, including my own free ebook.
  • TAKE ACTION – Aggressively pursue your life calling from God and do not stop until you get everything He has to show you.



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  1. Very encouraging article and your dreams were truly awesome! I have been writing every dream down lately and I read them over and over to stay encouraged!
    I have gotten a lot of books you recommended Bro!
    As always you write stuff that matters! Danke!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Marion! Yes – those are great books. Looking forward to being able to tell more about these dreams here whenever the time comes.


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