Keys to the Learning Process for Interpreting Dreams

Keys to Learning

It’s been almost seven years since I began to realize that God speaks in dreams and to go through the steep learning curve to understanding what these metaphoric messages mean. God gave me the idea to start this blog about three years ago while I was still in the beginning stages of a very focused period of learning all this and everything else in the supernatural realm. It’s been almost that long since He also gave me the push to start doing online dream interpretation here for whoever would contact me.

I’ve learned a ton along the way and a huge part of my learning came because God wanted me to have experience interpreting the dreams of many other people. Since doing that, I’ve received 1,300 emails from people all over the world with every sort of dream you can imagine.

What I want to do here is give a little insight into one aspect of how I’ve been developing the gift of interpreting. I should probably say from the start that even today, I still get dreams myself that are difficult to understand. I don’t get the meaning of every one of them right away. I have a list of dreams that are going on a year or two that I still have only a partial hint at what they might mean. When people email me their dreams, I think some of them have the assumption that I’m going to be able to give them a full interpretation on every single square inch of what they saw. This is a false assumption!

Your Dreams – Your Message

There is probably no one on the planet who can tell you everything about all your dreams. Why? Because God expects YOU to learn yourself. He expects YOU to go through the process of getting to know Him and how He speaks using the same metaphoric style that He’s been using in the Bible from day one. While I want people to send me their dreams to interpret, you also must understand that the preponderance of the effort is on your end, not mine. Most of the time I can either tell you the primary message in a dream or else I can at least give you a hint about what’s going on. But to tell you every square inch of the meaning of the dream from beginning to end…that is actually not my job.

One of the reasons for this blog is to give you ideas about what the meaning of certain symbols or types of dreams means. If you read enough of my blogs, you should start to get the idea pretty quickly at least about the general idea of what God is trying to tell you. In the cases where I don’t have something in my articles that relates to you, I’ve given several sources where you can go and get more information.

Partly that is the online symbols dictionary I’ve posted many times from Joshua Media Ministries International. Partly it’s the books and audio teachings I recommend in the store page here on this website. And of course, in part, it’s also by contacting me here through this blog site.

So this is like a double sided coin. Yes, I want people to contact me and yes, I want you to learn yourself what God is saying in your dreams. The more you learn, the more you can help others to interpret their dreams – especially those of people who are not believers! I never began this blog as an attempt to get a large following. This really was nothing more than a documentation of what I had been learning myself in my own process. The fact that God has brought so many people to email me here is quite amazing! There’s also a limiting factor here personally.

Dreams take time to interpret. I can get the short ones fairly quickly (most of the time) but the longer ones take much more time. The longer the dream, the more time it may take me to tell you what’s going on. I may not even tell you the whole meaning but just give you a few hints and just leave the rest untouched. I may omit things intentionally to force you to struggle with it yourself so you can go through the same learning process that we all have to go through with anything new in the realm of God. Struggling and wrestling is a very big key here. Just like going to the gym and working out – you are going to have to go through a difficult process of increasing this area in your life.

Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling; for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure.
Philippians 2:12-13  (NKJV)

Dream Example – Keys to Interpretation

I’m now going to give you the first dream I ever had where I got the meaning of it without using a single book or online resource to figure it out. In this example, I’m going to show you the keys you must use yourself – and that will work for you just like they did for me. As you read this, you’re going to see what I did and how I got the meaning and you can use that as a pattern or example for what to do yourself.

This dream was back around 2011. I had just begun asking God for dreams and the ability to understand and interpret them. It was at a time when I had finally understood that God does in fact speak in dreams and HE was directly communicating with ME in this way! But I had zero knowledge of how any of this worked. So here’s what I saw and then what I did to understand the meaning…

Dream: I was standing on the edge of a shoreline at a bay area in Virginia near where I lived. In front of me was an older two-story brick building that had been built protruding into the water but with foundation still on land (it extended past the shoreline but was still connected to the shore). I was inside the building which was all gutted out as if going through a renovation process of tearing everything out from the inside except for the brick walls. Inside, right in the middle, was a scaffolding that went up to the second floor level. On top of it was a girl who was standing and doing some sort of work with her hands.

There was a light hanging down – the kind you see auto mechanics use with a hook that you can hang it up near wherever you need it. The girl was dressed conservatively but I knew by a strong impression that she was very worldly and she seemed completely unaware I was standing there. Suddenly, I looked out through the windows and I saw the sky was grey and the waves began going backwards – out from the shore. As I watched these waves going out, immediately after I saw one very large wave, like a tsunami wave, coming right back toward me from the distance. The dream ended there. 

Process of Interpretation

Well…this was the first time I had received what was to me, a very challenging dream to understand. My first thought was, “WHAT WAS THAT?!” I struggled with it for two days and even began telling God something like, “ok, I wanted you to give me dreams, but if this is what they are going to be like, maybe I shouldn’t have asked!” Seriously, I had NO idea what this meant. I struggled with the meaning of this continuously for two days. Then suddenly on the morning after two full days of this mental wrestling, while I was in the bathroom getting ready to go to work, the first clue hit me: it was what the girl was doing. 

Go back and read the dream again. The girl was standing and working with her hands. BINGO. That was it. I knew immediately who the dream was about. This was the Holy Spirit giving me a clue so profound that I knew it came from Him and not my own thoughts. I was completely amazed!

This whole dream was about the events going on in the life of a friend who was a hairdresser. The dream did not show her cutting hair but the way she was postured, it was exactly what you’d see if you went into a hair salon. The girl also did not look at all like my actual friend but the description of her was exactly right on. Her outward appearance was conservative but her inner spiritual state was very worldly. And she was paying no attention to me. This was a friend from a church I used to go to. As soon as I had that clue, I knew exactly what the dream was about.

The gutted out two story brick building was a close description of the salon she worked at. It had an industrial look and that is exactly the style of how her salon was decorated. Standing up on the scaffolding was about being “lifted up” but not in a very good way (pride). The waves going outward were about something out of order and backwards going on in her life.

The tsunami wave was about a major destructive force that was coming to her and it was just about to hit. I never felt threatened in the dream by any of the waves so I knew this was not really something about me. The grey sky and waves were also about a storm that was coming to the life of this friend. In real life, this was unfortunately the truth.

Keys to Learning Interpretation

Go back and study that example. Although I believe strongly in the use of books, teachings, the Bible and Bible-based symbols lists as a starting point, you’ll notice that I used none of those here. And this was the first major dream I ever knew I had to interpret. I also did not have anyone to go to for help in interpreting this. I had no educational resources and no person who could help me with this. I relied completely on the Holy Spirit first, and then my own intellectual ability (from God) to figure this out. That was it! And I did it.

I was so amazed that I got the answer to this dream and inspired that I really could learn what God is saying in these dreams! And it was that dream that ultimately launched me into everything you see here now, several years later on this blog.

So what I’m saying here is rather multi-dimensional…these are the keys you need to learn. I’m saying that you need reputable educational materials. You need teachings from those who have been doing this dream interpreting, according to God’s ways for a long time. You need to know the Bible because many of your dreams will point directly to a passage or concept that will be found there. You need to study God’s ways and how He speaks – the more you know Him personally, the more you will understand what He is saying.

But even if you are new to this whole realm of dreams, it is STILL possible for you to struggle and wrestle with them and continuously seek the clues and keys from the Holy Spirit until you get at least the basic meaning of a dream. You CAN do this just like I did even if you do not have all the resources and time studying like I now have. Remember…all this above was several years ago, back in the beginning of my steep learning curve process of understanding dreams.

This dream, along with many others, pushed me to study diligently and to pursue the ability to understand God in this realm. At that time, this was all a completely new arena to me and my eyes were wide open and I wanted more than anything to know the mysteries and secrets of how God speaks to us in the night. I’m telling you all this to inspire you to do the same and to give you the keys here to help in that process.

Continuous Process

While I want you to send me your dreams to interpret, I also want you to learn this yourself and not be stunted at a level of immaturity, always needing someone else to interpret your dreams. Learning how to do this is part of a much larger process of knowing God. If you don’t know Him – His character, His ways, His personality – then you will never understand what He is saying in a dream or in any other way. You must come to know Him personally. All this studying of dreams has been a huge part of that exact process in my own life.

I still have dreams that I have to struggle with! I still have some on my list that I haven’t figured out yet – either partially or completely. This is a process that never ends. God is infinite and we will need an eternity to learn about Him. But just like any other subject, you can learn and you can progress, and…surprising to most – we ARE expected to know they Holy Spirit and Jesus and God personally as much as possible.

But let him who glories glory in this, That he understands and knows Me, That I am the Lord, exercising lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness in the earth. For in these I delight,” says the Lord.
Jeremiah 9:24 (NKJV)

I hope what’s here in my blog articles is inspiring you to do what I’m saying here. I hope I’ve written something, or spoken something in a video that has given you a desire to know more about everything here. And of course, I hope you’ve learned something that may not be available anywhere else. This blog site is like many other resources available – each author or speaker has their own experience, personality, style and insight. God gives us the knowledge of Him by parsing it out to many people – some more than others and to some, different aspects than to others.

If God leads you here, I hope there is something just a little bit different that you can add to your own learning process and get on the fast track to not just understanding dreams, but also God Himself.



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  1. Thank you for your thoughts and aspirations that we can all learn to interpret dreams with the help of the Holy Spirit and by meditating on the dream, it is possible. I am reminded of the scripture in 1 Corinthians 14:31 “For you can all prophesy in turn so that everyone may be instructed and encouraged.” Like everything else pertaining to His Word, it’s by faith…Honestly, I am inspired to seek the Holy Spirit more than in days gone by to receive help with my dreams because of a post like this. Very encouraging!!!

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