Power to Change Nations: Keys of the Kingdom | North Korea

For those who have been following the recent events in North Korea, you’ve probably heard all the political coverage of the astonishing news about the coming unification of North and South Korea. Some of you have heard the prophecies spoken by men like Larry Randolph, Mark Taylor, Rich Vera and others who have foretold this event within the last few years.

At this time right now, the big news in the prophetic realm is about how all these prophecies are being fulfilled and how these men spoke of these events several years in advance. But what is not being talked about nearly as much is the backstory behind all this. Here’s the summary and video proof of what happened that many are not reporting or are not aware of… 

Before all the prophecies of reunification were given, a specific event happened that kicked off everything that is now being seen today in the news. This previously unimaginable idea of unification began when a man who was given the same keys to the Kingdom of God that Peter received 2,000 years ago, stood in South Korea in 2013 and made a declaration that the king demon over North Korea would be broken and that unification would take place in five years.  

As of the time of this writing, that declaration was made exactly five years ago and now we are seeing in the news that this event has now begun to take place. The man I’m speaking of is one I’ve mentioned many times here on this website: David E. Taylor.

And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”
Matthew 16:19 (NKJV)

Kingdom Results Manifested Physically

This unification that we are now seeing did not begin with prophecies spoken by prophets. This all began when a man who learned to operate as a king, used the keys that only he was given to break the power of a demonic ruler that had held an entire nation of millions of people captive for 65 years. This is how you know the real Kingdom of God has come down from Heaven to earth and a physical result has taken place. When you see undeniable changes happen right in front of your eyes, you know the Kingdom of God has now come into a region.

Most of us in the church realm have never heard of such things as a man in our day now being given the keys to the kingdom – the same keys Peter was given by Jesus personally. We’ve been so used to only hearing church realm things like prophecies given by prophets but hardly any of us have heard of or seen with our eyes the actual Kingdom of God being brought down to earth with astonishing results taking place to prove that this kingdom has in fact arrived.

When you see the Kingdom of God come down into your city or region, demonic principalities will be broken and dethroned and the government, media, schools and social institutions will come into alignment with God’s standards. When evil is shut down and filth is eradicated, you know that God’s kingdom has come and has overthrown everything that is against it. If you are not seeing this in your city or region, then God’s kingdom has not come.

Just because you have 100 churches in your city, that does not mean God’s kingdom has come. If there’s still evil and filth all throughout your region, then there is a demonic kingdom set up right over the top of your churches. All you have to do to figure out which kingdom is in power in your region is open your eyes and look. Yes, IT IS that obvious! You cannot have two kingdoms ruling the same area at the same time – it’s either God’s kingdom or the devil’s.

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.
Ephesians 6:12 (NKJV)

Kingdom First, Not Church!

Our church realm teaching has mostly failed us in this area of properly teaching the kingdom message that Jesus preached. We should have been learning our kingdom position first, not our church position. I began to realize back in 2009 that something was seriously wrong when you could find many churches in every city but the world just kept getting worse at a rapid rate.

I already knew something was wrong but disturbingly, hardly anyone else had even bothered to notice and question any of this! Most church people and pastors acted as if they were completely oblivious to what was going on around them and when confronted by reality, they made up a bunch of ridiculous excuses for why they had no results!

Fortunately for me, everything in my life began to change when in 2014, I became connected with a global ministry that had already been actively operating in this kingdom message for over two decades. If you are not familiar with this ministry by now that I have already been writing and speaking about here, go right now to this website and get connected: Joshua Media Ministries International.  When you do, you’re going to find out how much of the church realm stuff we’ve been hearing is completely wrong and backwards.

See the bottom of this article for links to my other blog posts here where I’ve already written about these things. If everything I’m saying here is new to you, I strongly recommend you get the many teachings available from JMMI on the Kingdom of God (see below image).

Video: Keys of Kingdom Used by David E. Taylor to Break King Demon Over North Korea

Now for the original video where the keys of the kingdom were used and a declaration was made by David E. Taylor in 2013, while standing in South Korea. As you watch this short video, you will see and hear what was done in the presence of these South Koreans. This is the video proof of how all these events you now see in the news began – not by a bunch of prophecies, but by this kingdom declaration here.

UPDATEDThis is the full length video that was broadcast on the Miracles Today TV show. See all other episodes at this link: JMMI MTB YouTube playlist 

So now you know the real story behind the unification events with North and South Korea. While many are talking about the prophecies spoken in advance and the politicians meeting together to work out all the details, now you know what actually was done to cause the demonic stronghold over North Korea to be broken. Now you’ve seen the evidence of what happens when the real Kingdom of God actually shows up and manifests itself physically in front of your eyes.


Point of clarification: just as Peter was the only one given the keys to the Kingdom of God 2,000 years ago, so it is the same today, only one man has these keys – David E. Taylor. If you want to see this kind of transformation in your own city or region, all you have to do is invite him to come to your church. If you are not familiar with this kind of authority, you need to get educated. I’ve been personally connected with JMMI myself, including on the part-time staff, for three-plus years now and I have found the proof that these claims here are 100% true and this is not an exaggeration. I’m speaking here to pastors and ministry leaders – you need to get connected with David E. Taylor. 

Also, get the Kingdom of God School series available at Joshua Media Ministries International and begin learning and activating your kingdom position!



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Image Source: Joshua Media Ministries International


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