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img_6033You are invited to Taylor, Michigan for a global event held by Joshua Media Ministries International that has taken place every year in August and attracts thousands of visitors from many countries all over the world. In the past ten years, this event has been known as the Crusade Against Cancer but this year it is being combined with 16 other conferences into one big mega event.

I’ve been attending many of these major JMMI conferences for three years now and I wanted to make sure you had the chance to hear about this from me so you can start making plans right now to be there. Here’s a brief glimpse of my past experience and a quick rundown of the schedule of events and guest speakers, plus the official JMMI video announcement… 

My Experience at JMMI Events – Many Profound Miracles

In the past three years that I’ve been attending these JMMI events, I’ve seen many miracles take place including healing from cancer, bone deformities, car accident injuries, arthritis, AIDS, many in wheel chairs and walkers able to once again walk unassisted. Many have also received financial miracles and deliverance from demons of all sorts. Some of you reading this may not be familiar with such things like this in the church. The same was the case for me since I spent four decades in churches that did not believe in anything.

As I’ve written in many previous blogs here, it was seven years ago that God began to reveal to me, and to prove, that miracles of the same kind you see in the Bible are still happening today – in the same exact way they did 2,000 years ago. I myself have prayed for a number of people who have been healed either instantly or over a short period of time from injuries, pain and sicknesses by using this verse below.

And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.”
Mark 16:17-18 (NKJV)

While at the first JMMI event that I ever attended in 2015, just one of many profound miracles happened right in front of me. A teenage boy with cerebral palsy who was confined to a wheel chair all his life, stood up for the first time. On the second day of the event, I watched as he walked right in front of me, pushing his mom in the wheel chair that he had previously been trapped in. You can’t fake a healing from cerebral palsy – I saw this with my own eyes, right there in person.

As I watched this miracle taking place, it became one of many very clear personal validations that JMMI is in fact a true Biblical miracle ministry of a very unusual kind. Here is the photo of that young man (left side behind wheel chair with white and blue striped shirt):

Image Source: Joshua Media Ministries International

This is just one example of many that I’ve seen with my own eyes at JMMI in the last three years – I’ve included it here as yet another brief glimpse of what you also will see when you go to this upcoming Mega event.

You Are Invited!

Here’s why you should come to this event and spread the message… If you, or anyone you know has cancer, any sickness, a disorder, an injury, any personal life crisis or something that needs a miracle solution – you must come to this and bring those with you who fall into this category. I have myself invited many – either in person, on my social media sites, or through this blog and mass email campaigns. I have also helped others to come so they can experience much needed miracles in their life. When you spread this message, you can be part of saving someone’s life.

Invitation to Ministry Leaders

As you may already know from my previous articles here, I am a part-time member on the JMMI staff, specifically on the dream interpretation team. I’ve been attending many of the major events held in Taylor, Michigan since 2015 when I first became connected with the ministry. If you have not already seen my article, Intro to Face to Face Appearances: The Movement & Miracles | JMMI, I recommend you check it out now – this is where I explained some of the most prominent aspects of Joshua Media Ministries International for those who are not yet familiar with it.

I’ve said this before and it bears repeating one more time… The position held by Apostle David E. Taylor is not common or ordinary – it is very unusual and there is a 2,000 year Biblical pattern and precedent regarding face to face prophets. For more insight into the level of authority that Apostle Taylor walks in, see my recent article on the North Korean unification. I realize that what I’m saying here is very unfamiliar to those who have, like myself, spent too much time in the church realm. JMMI is not a church ministry, but instead it is God’s established kingdom on earth – it’s not even appropriate to call it just a “ministry”.

I myself (Chris) am just one of hundreds of thousands of people all over the world who have joined this global movement and I am here to spread this news so you also can be on this global team. In my four-plus decades of following various ministries and churches of many kinds all over, I have found nothing that even comes close to JMMI. Because of the unparalleled nature of the teaching by Apostle David E. Taylor, it is normal for some to require a process of adjusting, learning and understanding that what you will experience there is fully of God and backed up Biblically. 

What I’ve learned from David E. Taylor has answered many years of questions that I’ve had and has brought a total life transformation to me in ways that no other preacher and teaching has ever done. It is not possible or appropriate to equalize any other ministry or ministry leader with what is found here. Just to validate what I’m saying about my active role on the part-time staff, you can see me in this photo, second from the right holding a stack of white prayer cloths.

Image Source: Joshua Media Ministries International – December 2017, Taylor, Michigan

Scheduled Events: 2018 Mega Miracle Crusade Against Cancer with David E. Taylor 

Below is the list of 16 individual conferences that will take place during 8 days between July 27 – August 4, 2018 at the JMMI Northeast HQ in Taylor, Michigan:

  • Pastoral Conference
  • Entrepreneur & Business
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Apostolic & Prophetic
  • Marriage Conference
  • Women of Destiny
  • Singles Conference
  • Men’s Conference
  • End Time Joel Army
  • Heaven & Hell
  • Face to Face
  • Youth Conference
  • Healing & Miracles
  • Inheritance by Lineage Mentorship
  • Praise & Worship Concert
  • Signs & Wonders Miracle Event

If you are only able to make it to part of this 8-day mega event, the most important dates are August 1-4 which is the official Crusade Against Cancer where sicknesses, injuries and disorders of all kinds will be healed. Contact JMMI directly to register for this free event and for more information at:


Joshua Media Ministries International
20320 Superior Rd.
Taylor, MI 48180


1.877.THE.GLORY or 1.877.843.4567

Guest Speakers

In addition to David E. Taylor, several special guests will be speaking at each of the various events during this time:

Video Announcement

Just below is the official JMMI video announcement for 2018 Mega Miracle Crusade Against Cancer with David E. Taylor. Take a few minutes to watch this and you’ll see much more than I could ever put into just one blog article.



Please spread the word about this event to as many as possible. You can refer them directly to JMMI and/or you can also forward my blog here so they can have my own brief personal testimony to validate everything you’ve seen and read about here. Even if you are a skeptic and have never seen anything like this before, call the 24-hour JMMI ministry line and talk to someone on the full time staff. They can pray for you right over the phone if you need a miracle right now.

If you know someone with cancer or any disease, or those needing any type of miracle in their life, just by passing on this information, YOU can be part of saving someone’s life. Time may be running short for them – do not delay, act now. Whatever you do – make plans now to come to this event!

I look forward to seeing you all this year, July 27 – August 4, 2018, in Taylor Michigan. When you contact JMMI directly to register, please also email me at my contact page to let me know you will be attending.



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Photo by me (Chris), December 2017, JMMI, Taylor, Michigan
JMMI Phone
Image Source: Joshua Media Ministries International


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