Before You Send Me A Dream Involving Witchcraft, Read This

In the last three years of doing online dream interpretations, I’ve received a number of dream requests that include witchcraft from all parts of the world. Several things have become increasingly apparent to me in my own process of learning how to deal with that type of demonic activity. Initially, I had no useful approach or skill in determining an effective response – and this became very aggravating.

But after three years and 1,500 emails, I’ve reached the point now where I’ve got much better insight and a new strategy that I’m using on all dream requests that involve any form of witchcraft. Therefore, before you send me a dream involving witchcraft, I am making it mandatory that you read this blog.

Reasoning Behind My Strategy

Let me caveat everything in this blog post by saying first that I am not an expert in witchcraft. And I really do not want to be. I’ve never dealt with it myself and it’s not a primary focus of my calling. But, because I’ve received so many emails from people in many countries, and a certain percentage of them involve witchcraft, I do believe it is my job to help you find a strategy to defeat this and rid it from your life permanently. And that is what I want to do. Anything that involves destroying a demonic kingdom, you can sign me up for that.

So, my strategy here is to help you answer a few key questions before you even contact me so this process can move along at a much faster rate. Here’s what you want to know up front: I am not a person who agrees much with the standard “churchy” ways of handling what should be a kingdom matter. Most of what is found in the church on spiritual warfare is childish and ridiculous. 

Witchcraft is a manifestation of a demonic kingdom – plain and simple. We are all called to be first kings, then priests (not the reverse). That means we are to approach everything we do from this perspective first as a king in a kingdom, not a “priest” in a church.

I have to date, at least twenty blog posts now on various aspects of what the kingdom of God is and how it is completely different than anything the church teaches or understands. If you have not read any of these, I have no choice but to make those mandatory reading for you right now. This is not about self-promotion for my blog site. I don’t need that.

My point is that, unless you understand what I’m saying about the real kingdom message, you and I are going to be talking completely different languages and there’s very little I can do for you.

All my kingdom category blogs can be found on the sidebar (or scroll down on mobile devices) or you can get them here: Kingdom. When you read them, you will also see the source of my training, which I strongly recommend you also get connected with.

I’m not trying to be difficult but if you have not noticed it yet, there are tons of books on witchcraft written by people who handle this in a manner that to my observation, has produced no results. My personal view is that most of what has been done to combat witchcraft it is a complete waste of time.

Here’s what sums up the church mentality and approach to dealing with witchcraft… If you want to waste endless hours of your time learning about all the names of demons and what they do, go read all those books. But if you want to actually get rid of them out of your life, throw that stuff in the trash where it belongs. There’s only one incident recorded in the Gospels where Jesus got the name of a demon before casting it out. (Mark 5:9 & Luke 8:30) How is it that the church approach is to devote all their time on nonsense that does not at all look like what Jesus did?!

Have you not noticed that a major strategy of demons is to get you to focus all your time on them and learn all about who they are? Oh, they love it when you give them such attention! And all the while, you’re filling your head with useless information that really just amounts to knowledge that puffs you up.

Witchcraft is Kingdom Against Kingdom

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
Ephesians 6:12 (KJV)

The reason why many of you have zero results in dealing with witchcraft is because you’ve been programmed by the church to go about it in the wrong way. And you have no clue about your real God-given identity.

If you have been taught to fight as a “priest” (church person), know this right now that you cannot do that. No! You must fight as a king. That means you must learn how to be a king. Until you get this kingdom understanding, and your position as a king, you are not going to win any wars against a kingdom that satan has set up with all his demons in various positions. Period.

Rather than waste your time on learning useless “churchy” information about demons, instead focus your time now on learning about what Jesus actually preached – the gospel of the kingdom. How a kingdom operates, what are the protocols, how do ranks, thrones, and authorities fit into the whole structure of a kingdom.

God established a kingdom as His governing structure billions of years ago – the church was only a very recent entity that only serves to grow you up to the mature state so you can operate as a king. Unfortunately, most churches have failed miserably to do this.

If you want to learn what the kingdom of God really is and how to operate as a king, go to the bottom of this article and see the product recommendation for the Kingdom of God school package by Joshua Media Ministries International and all associated resources. 

The kingdom approach is about finding and implementing strategies from a high level perspective, not getting into the weeds on details that are a distraction and a waste of time. So now that I’ve set the stage for the reasoning behind my approach…here is the actual process I need you to go through if you want me to help you get rid of witchcraft out of your life…

My Strategy

My process is fairly simple, once you understand all the above. I need you to answer two questions for me. Based on your answers, I will have some follow up steps for you.

Step #1 – I need to know if there is any origin of witchcraft in your family lineage.

You may or may not have this answer. If you know what it is, tell me who in your family was involved with it and generally speaking, what form they practiced (again, I don’t need unnecessary details). Keep it short and simple.

If you don’t know whether there is witchcraft in your family, you probably need to ask God directly to reveal that to you. There is a process of going to the courtroom of heaven which will reveal all this. Rather than explain all that here, I make a strong suggestion that you go to my store page and get a book by Praying Medic called “Defeating Your Adversary in the Court of Heaven” (see book image below).

This courtroom process is much simpler than it may sound. You do not need a high level spiritual experience to get a case heard in this court – anyone can do this and Praying Medic does an excellent job of teaching how this all works. If you’ve read anyone else’s book on this and gotten confused, throw those out and use Praying Medic’s approach. I guarantee you will get results.

Once you get the answer about whether or not there is witchcraft in your family lineage, I can help you with what to do next. Part of this will be included in the courtroom process where you must repent on behalf of everyone in your family lineage that may have practiced any form of witchcraft. It does not matter if you did it yourself, the problem is that it’s hanging over you in your lineage and you must get that dealt with.

Step #2 – I need to know if there is any witchcraft being practiced in your local area.

As with the above, you may or may not know the answer to this. In this case, you may not need to use the courtroom process to find out. Simply ask God to reveal this to you. Based on the answer to this question, I can help you come up with a strategy to go after that and stop it.

This now leads directly into what you must learn regarding how to make war against another kingdom. If there are demonic principalities that have set up thrones and are ruling over your region, this requires a kingdom response. The only way you can do this is by understanding things like ranks, levels of authority and thrones and how demons position themselves in these and make war against you. This is not what we have ever learned in the vast majority of our churches and this is why many of you are losing this battle repeatedly for many years.

And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.
Revelation 1:6 (KJV)

Finding & Implementing Your Strategy

Once you have the answers to my two questions above (step #1 and step #2), now we can narrow our focus and get a strategy to take down this witchcraft from your life. If it is in your family lineage, you already know from my paragraphs above that you must repent of all this for a starting point. Once you have done that, there is no longer any legal right for witchcraft to be lurking around you or your family. But that does not mean it will just stop because you’ve repented from it. Hold that thought…

If you do not have any in your family lineage but you do have it in your region, this is where we need to find out what the level of it is in your location. Is it a local demonic principality that rules your town or does it cover an entire city or region? What we want to find out is how much territory it is trying to control?

Based on that, we can now find out how to make war against it. This all requires the involvement of the Holy Spirit. We are not trying to make up anything in our own heads here. No. Wisdom is the primary key needed here. This is where the approach can vary greatly and this is not something I can tell you right now here in this blog.

If the level of the principality is too high, it may not be possible for you to go to war against it yourself. In that case, you need to get prayer of agreement and I strongly recommend you get connected with others who have a true kingdom mindset.

Or what king, going to make war against another king, does not sit down first and consider whether he is able with ten thousand to meet him who comes against him with twenty thousand?
Luke 14:31 (NKJV)

Know Your Identity & Activate That Now!

So this is the basic idea of how I am now approaching all dream request emails that reveal the involvement of witchcraft in your life. Two very simple answers I need. Based on that, you now have the general idea of the next steps I will use to help you eradicate this from your life once and for all.

The more you understand the true kingdom message, and the authority and power God intends for us to walk in, the more you will see witchcraft as what it really is. Witchcraft is very weak in comparison to the power that comes when you walk in the fullness of God’s kingdom. Stop making it out to be bigger than it really is in your mind. It is time for you to throw off useless churchy methods of dealing with this subject and become what God made you to be from the beginning of time.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and please pass it onto others by email or social media so they can also get the help they need in defeating and eradicating witchcraft out of their life permanently. Now. God Bless you!!



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  1. #1 I don’t know if there’s a witchcraft in my famity lineage.
    #2 I live in Zambia and this country is known for witchcraft. It comes form the mouths of the ones that live hear. So yes I’m sure of it

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the suggestion. I read the book and was amazed at the results of this practice. We live in a world of judgment, so why not face it in a spiritual court? As above, so below! I was curious about the accusations so when I faced them, it was easy to accept them as I felt they were truthful and valid. It was very cathartic and profound. Thank you _/\_ Love and Miracles.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks. I was also curious about it because your blog brought up something I hadn’t thought about in a while… although there is no witchcraft in my family, I do believe there are some groups of people that practice a kind of medieval witchcraft where I live that involves animal sacrifice mainly cats I believe. I’ve intuited it but have also heard about it from people who dared to admit its existence, but I’ve never really known what to do about it. So the practice in the book is definitely helpful.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yep, could be. When you go thru the process in the book, there are other things that can come up later on that you may need to use that again because often things are revealed in stages and not all at once. Also, I have another book on same topic by a different author and it includes specific prayers for how to handle various situations. The book is new by Francis Myles and Robert Henderson. It’s very good also in case you want to check that out some time. It’s listed about half way down on my store page.


  3. Yes, it does seem like once you get through one layer, another one is revealed. And thanks, Chris. I will take a look at that book too. 🙂


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