Science Dreams Research Summary: Physics, Electronics, Space & Einstein


Since 2014, I’ve been having a strange series of dreams that all point to a huge part of my life calling. At first I really had no idea what was going on except that a theme began to slowly emerge – I was having a whole series of “science dreams”. Many of them were very symbolic and didn’t really give a whole lot of specifics at first. Because of that, I really wasn’t able to tell for a few years what was going on.

It was not until the beginning of 2017 that I finally came to the reality of what the general topic of these dreams were about and that I was in fact getting a research project from God that required me to begin studying topics that went way beyond my college degree or career experience. I now feel like I should post a summary of what this research project has led me to. This will help connect some dots that I have left intentionally vague in previous blog posts here.

Non Disclosure Requirements

Before I get into any content here, I should note that about three years ago, I got the advice loud and clear that when you are dealing with certain aspects of what God shows you about your personal life calling, you need to keep some of that quiet. This is especially true when it comes to business ideas, discoveries, inventions, etc.

There are no shortage of people out there who will gladly steal your idea and make the millions off it that God intended for you. So this is the reason why I was very cryptic about this topic in my previous blogs. Today, you won’t exactly find out all those details either, but this serves a documentary of my progress which will become much more relevant in due time.

A fool uttereth all his mind: but a wise man keepeth it in till afterwards.
Proverbs 29:11 (KJV)

Science, Not Personal Messages

Most of the first few science dreams I got, I tried to take as personal metaphoric messages in some way. That really didn’t work very well but it was the only thing I knew to do at the time. And mostly, I did not get very far with that. I had the understanding that I was getting dreams on science topics but still I didn’t have enough of them to know what was going on.

This mystery went on from 2014 to 2017 when finally I got the big break I needed. It was a dream about standing on a far away, unknown planet and looking at a huge power generating station all lit up in a night time setting. (see Sixth Year Breakthrough: Hidden Mysteries Revealed in Dreams)

That dream took me two months of struggling and looking in every Bible passage I could find for the meaning of one detail which I have to leave out for now. Nothing came to me as I went down that path. It was not until I got a dream interpreter at JMMI to give me the big clue that this was not a symbolic personal message but in fact God was showing that I needed to be looking in the direction of literal electrical energy production. When I heard that, I was shocked.

This is why I wrote a blog where I showed that there can be multiple levels of meaning in a dream (at times) and that we need to be open minded about the possibility that God is speaking way over our heads in our dreams. (see Multiple Messaging Dreams: Personal Meaning Plus A Hidden Secret. If you take all your dreams as personal metaphors, you are quite possibly missing out in huge ways what He is really trying to tell you.

Electrical energy science and developments were never on my personal list of things I felt I was supposed to be involved with at all in my life. I did not study that in college and did not have any career background in the military that had anything at all to do with this. This is when I began to learn that God’s plan for us may be much, much bigger than anything we had planned on, but unless we get connected with Him, we can spend our entire lives and miss the entire reason He put us here.

Again – the topic God was showing me in my dreams had never once crossed my mind at any point in my life ever. So with that added backstory…let’s get on with my summary for today…

Science Dreams Summary

Here is a short and abbreviated list of some of the dreams and what they led me to, after I got the big break in early 2017, revealing to me the topic of all my “science dreams”.

In the fall of 2014, I had a dream of a large field being cleared out and a nuclear power plant was going to be constructed. I was talking with a man there who said many things but when I woke up, I only remembered two words: “nuclear transport”. I believe this has several meanings and I later discovered that it fits a set of dreams that had nuclear power references.

In September 2015, I saw solar panels on top of a huge mountain and a highway that ran straight down with many vehicles on it. I knew some of this dream was symbolic but some was also literally about solar energy. Not much else was in the dream and so at first I took this as strictly a personal message but that never quite set right with me. I knew there had to be more to the meaning of it. Later on, this connected with another dream that led me to research how we discovered the photosynthesis process in plants (see below).

In November 2015, I had a dream that included a direct reference to Einstein’s E=mc^2 equation and something about diamonds and a nuclear experiment. A year later, as I was researching every one of these science dreams, I stumbled on an article that explained how researchers in Bristol, UK had developed a method of using carbon 14 from nuclear reactors and embedding them inside diamonds to produce a battery.

In December 2015, I had a dream about an extreme high powered plasma beam. I saw it twice in two different forms and there was a man standing near me whose name I later found out was Calvin. In my research, I discovered that there was a scientist named Calvin who discovered the photosynthesis process in plants. He also did work with cobalt and oxygen systems for submarines and also on the Manhattan Project with nuclear reaction processes. My research on this dream led me to find out the significance of cobalt as a component in our batteries and what plasma energy is and how it can be produced.

Then there was the “Han Solo dream” in April 2017 that led me to study capacitors and memory chips. This ultimately led me to finding out what a supercapacitor is and how it ties in with our battery technology. This dream included a direct reference to electrical energy and so I knew to connect this with the rest of the science series.

In June 2017, I had a dream of a vacuum cleaner that was in the form of a Star Wars power converter droid. This led me on a strange path that began with the question of what does a vacuum have to do with energy? At first I landed on the SpaceX website where I realized that vacuum was referring to outer space (sort of obvious because of the Star Wars reference). After that, I found myself in a very in-depth study to learn what dark energy and quantum vacuum, zero point energy are – all quantum physics topics. I should probably note that some of these connections I made during the early hours of 3 – 6 am.

Research Topic List

There are more dreams besides just the above that I will leave out for now due to length but here’s a short list of many of the topics these dreams led me to study:

  • Quantum physics (entire subject)
  • Einstein’s equation E=mc^2 plus his other discoveries
  • Zero point energy (ZPE) and vacuum energy
  • Nuclear fusion – how to produce energy from this – work done at Sandia Labs, NM
  • What is plasma energy and can it be made into a beam
  • The Alcubierre-White warp drive – the possibility of light speed travel in space
  • What is a Fourier Transform
  • What are the basics of electrical energy
  • How do batteries work – including rechargeable batteries and their components
  • What are flexible solid state (FSS) batteries
  • What are supercapacitors and how do they relate to battery technology
  • What are the current limitations with our batteries and why has a new discovery not been found yet to greatly increase the capacity of those used in our electronic devices

Science Hidden in the Bible

In addition to the above, one single number kept coming up which I ultimately tied in with the study of dark matter and dark energy. For the sake of not branching this article off in that direction, I’ll save that for later. What that particular study did for me however was to prove that many of our modern day science discoveries do have hidden hints in the Bible, except that you must do a ton of study to find them.

I’ll save the discussion of that for a later time. Today, all I wanted to do was show the short summary of many hours of research and study on a huge list of topics that could have easily taken up an entire semester of full time study at a university.

It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.
Proverbs 25:2 (KJV)

Your Assignment

I really feel the need to stress again the importance of you getting serious about asking God why He put you here on planet earth. If you casually accept what the church teaches you on Sunday, you will never get there. Go back and read all my kingdom series articles to see why I say that.

I found out about 15 years ago that there was something seriously wrong with what we were being taught when a Bible scholar named Dr. Chuck Missler opened my eyes to the shocking reality that not only is God the true author of science, but every single detail in the Bible is there by deliberate design and it can be proven mathematically that there are almost no mistakes anywhere in it!

When you are looking for clues to your assignment and life calling – look for repeated themes that keep popping up in your dreams. Many of mine include odd references and symbols that relate to energy production. Even when God is just giving me a personal metaphoric message, He often throws in one of these bizarre energy references. Batteries, various forms of power generation, energy fields, space travel, physics, odd things in movies…these all keep popping up in my dreams!

What is in your dreams? You may not have science dreams – no problem – we each have different assignments. Mine is not better or lesser than yours. We each have a different part to play in God’s plan to reach the world with His message. Don’t settle for less. Ask God and keep asking Him until He starts to reveal what you are here for.

When He answers you – do what I’ve done and put serious time, study and effort into whatever research you need to get what He is trying to show you. And make use of the 3 – 6 am time when God will speak to you MUCH more clearly than at other times of the day.

As of the publishing date of this blog – God still has not given me the full revelation of what this big thing is that I’m waiting for. As soon as that happens, believe me, you will find out. This entire blog has turned into a personal documentation of sorts that reveals how God has been actively involved with my life in supernatural ways – especially in dreams. When the full reality of everything above He has been showing me comes into reality – we will all then see something about Him we never knew. And the world will be a different place.

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.
Matthew 7:7-8 (NKJV)



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