VERSION 2 – Cryptocurrency & Blockchain: Intro to Understanding & Investing in the Digital Realm | Free Ebook

Crypto & Blockchain Version 2 ebook

Here’s something a little outside of the normal content for my website. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have become rapidly popular recently but still, most people really have no understanding of this relatively new digital realm. I did not either until January 2018, when I watched a video series by a popular pastor in Australia (Steve Cioccolanti), who brought out some insights that grabbed my attention – especially from a Biblical perspective. It was then that I realized the need to dive in and get fully educated.

Today, I’m giving a brief overview of my significantly updated version 2 free ebook that I originally wrote back around January of this year. It is more or less the fully written out results of my own study into all aspects of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Here’s what’s in the ebook…

Purpose of Ebook

There are two main aspects dealt with in the ebook – 1) cryptocurrency and, 2) blockchain technology. This ebook does have a ton of cryptocurrency information in it but it is the underlying technology that you also need to understand.

Concerning the cryptocurrencies aspect – let me state right up front that I am not trying to convince you to get in on the bitcoin or altcoin markets. In my case, I do have a Coinbase account and I do have a small amount of money in each of the major coins at this time (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin). I’ve also added a crypto option to my Donate page. Mostly, I opened all these accounts and put in my own money so that I would have my own hands-on practical experience, and be able to explain how it works from my perspective.

Whether or not you ever put any money into this market is really not my concern. But if you are going to – you DO need to know as much as possible BEFORE you put in your money. These markets have been extremely volatile and unpredictable – if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can lose a lot of money very quickly. In this ebook, I’ve explained a lot about exactly how to do that and I point to the experts who make very clear the amounts of money you should be using here. Hint: very small!!

Biblical Technology Parallels

There’s much more to this new digital realm than just the cryptocurrencies themselves. It was the underlying blockchain technology that allowed bitcoin and the others to even exist. THAT is what you need to understand, maybe more so than just the currencies themselves. Blockchain technology goes way beyond just cryptocurrencies – it is being used in many other ways by many businesses that have nothing to do with currency transactions.

There’s a very odd hint and parallel concept in the Bible that relates to blockchain as a public record, confirmed by many witnesses. This is something I point out in this ebook. The more you understand our modern-day technology, the more you will find the Bible in many cases, has already spoken of it thousands of years ago. Never dismiss technology as irrelevant to your faith!!

What I’m suggesting you do at this point, if not already, is get educated about this huge topic – and it is exactly that – very huge. This is all here to stay, like it or not, and it’s going to be increasingly finding its way into many aspects of our modern day business and financial markets. There’s even a new alternative social media platform that uses the Ethereum network for a rewards-based system of interaction – you can find my posts and engage with me there on my feed:

Summary of Contents

If you got my version 1 ebook, this new update now goes way beyond what I wrote in that one. For the most part, I completely rewrote that and added about ten times more content in this version. This ebook has sections on some of the technical aspects like what is SHA-3 (Secure Hash Algorithm-3), what exactly is a blockchain, who may have been the real creator of bitcoin (not the guy with the Japanese name…), and how can you open an account and watch the prices of all coins. And most importantly – links to resources where you can get much more info on everything.

Here’s a partial list of the contents of my 39 page free ebook: 

  • What is blockchain?
  • What is bitcoin and cryptocurrency?
  • What is an ICO?
  • Why would I want to use digital money?
  • What is a digital wallet?
  • Where do I find the current prices of all available crypto coins?
  • What are the dangers of putting too much money into these coins? (asymmetry)
  • What are some of the top financial experts recommending?
  • How can I open an account and buy bitcoin or the other “altcoins”?
  • How can I send and receive digital coins for donations, gifts or sales of products and merchandise?
  • Are there any Biblical concerns about the cryptocurrency market?
  • Where can I find out more about all this?

Ok, like I say – this is very outside the normal content of my website. Technology and financial matters are part of my calling and that’s something I have written about here in many blog posts. Wealth in the Bible is connected to wisdom and knowledge and that is why I did all this research and why I’m posting it here. I do hope you will download this and benefit from it!


Click the title or image below to download this free ebook:

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain: Intro to Understanding & Investing in the Digital Realm, by Chris Michals

Crypto & Blockchain Version 2 ebook

NOTE: Nothing in this ebook can be considered personalized investment advice. I am not a financial advisor and have no plans to ever become one. Everything here in this ebook is strictly for your own education and consideration. 


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