Science Dreams Update: Extraterrestrial Technology?! Yes, The Seatbelt Light Is Now On

Some of you know by now that God gave me a science research project beginning about four years ago. But, due to the highly symbolic and cryptic nature of the clues He gave me in those dreams, I didn’t even know what was going on until almost two years ago. Things became much clearer after I realized the main subject of these dreams was about space technology, quantum physics and energy production.

Just a week ago, I finished a 12 hour quantum physics DVD course and suddenly God began revealing MUCH more to me about all this. And what I found out was completely unexpected and very shocking to me. This video is where I break the seal off some of what’s been hidden in all these dreams until now.

What I’m telling here may be very hard for some to believe. This is going to require some to upgrade their understanding of the Bible to a much higher level than what is taught in most Bible study materials. If this upgrade is not made, some of what is going to be revealed in the near future is most likely going to cause a major upheaval for those who have a weak or undeveloped faith. My entire blog site here is increasingly becoming a part of the solution for those in that category.

One of my aims at this point is to show you that some of the very bizarre science and technology discoveries and revelations you’re going to be seeing DOES have a Biblical basis and there is no need to throw out your beliefs as a Christian. I hope you take my advice here and get ahead of the learning curve and watch this video with an open mind.

Remember what I’m saying here – none of what I’m explaining in this video was at all expected. It’s taken me four years to connect these dots and I would never, ever have imagined this was where it all was going. Well…just before God revealed this to me, I had a dream showing that I’d be going on an adventure and that I needed to put my seatbelt on right now.

Expect me to be posting much more on this topic – this adventure has just now begun and life as we know it, is about to change forever.




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  1. Interesting. I dream a lot but not science dreams which is odd because I am a science teacher. I’m also interested in quantum physics. A really good book I recommend is Quantum Glory. I believe you about the technology. My husband had a dream with our son in which there was a new kind of flying vehicle.

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    • Yes interesting. I’m hoping to get the last part of this very soon. Could be the new flying vehicle is s result of what’s coming with this thing.


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