Science Dreams Update: Testimony – Numbers – Dates – Observing Hidden Details

Video Blog

This video is the YouTube upload of my live periscope broadcast from December 2, 2018. In this video, I was giving some of my own personal testimony about how I got the “mega prophecy” from David E. Taylor and my connection with Joshua Media Ministries Int’l as a part-time dream interpreter with them. I also discussed one of the more recent “science dreams” and the interpretation as it fits into the context of my previous (approx) 26 dreams in this series – all related to the topic of a new form of energy, electronics, an invention, quantum physics and space technology. I then discussed the first dream I ever had four years ago about a jumbo jet that flew overhead – a dream that contained all the major pieces of what this “mystery thing” is that God is about to reveal to me.

This video had a ton of live interaction and was boosted by Praying Medic on his Twitter feed, receiving 12,000 total views. The intent of this video broadcast was not for personal popularity as I’ve discussed many times recently, but instead it’s about getting the word out about my testimony of how what was spoken in my prophecy came into existence (I explain that also here).  If you have not seen this yet, it’s rather long but tells quite a lot of relevant insights.

See also this original video on my Periscope channel and follow me there for live interaction on upcoming live broadcasts.

PLEASE NOTE: due to increased website popularity and many recent dream interpretation request submissions, my timelines for replying are much slower than normal. Please see my recent video that will help you out with dream interpretation, especially with the increased demand (see also link at bottom of this article).  


Relevant Bible Passage

This is by far, the most prominent theme all throughout my website ever since I started it nearly four years ago…

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter.
Proverbs 25:2 (NKJV)



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