Science Dreams Update: “Avengers Dream” – Timing Bullseye – Tony Stark Technology – Blog Changes

“Tesseract” – Digital sketch by Chris, Concepts App, iPad Pro

Here’s my latest update for the “mega prophecy” that I was given in July 2015 from David E. Taylor (Joshua Media Ministries International). In this video, originally broadcast on Periscope on January 4, 2019, I discussed a dream that shocked me when I realized it linked to a popular movie, “The Avengers” where two separate unusual and very powerful new energy technologies were being discussed. In a scene that movie, three characters including Tony Stark are talking about a tesseract energy cube that came from a distant planet and separately an “Arc Reactor” that is used to power the Stark Tower, making it self-sufficient from any outside electrical power source (see link to video clip below). What I saw in this movie was the fulfillment of the partial “unveiling” dream that I discussed in my previous periscope video (see below links).


“Avengers Dream”: November 16, 2018 – I walked into a shopping mall that was under construction, everything was covered over by white dry wall sheeting that went all the way up to the ceiling (approx 3 stories high). The inside was well lit up by bright (pure) white lights. The entrance was narrow and then opened up into a large open area. There were many people walking around inside. I went over to some folding tables on the other side where the Apple Store had a booth set up. I began telling them how my iPhone was almost paid off and I was thinking about upgrading it and also (only in the dream) the memory was almost maxed out. I saw a print out of my personal information on the table with a photo ID at the top of the sheet. The store workers said my iPhone was a “prototype”.  I then looked up at the ceiling and the lights became a “warm light” color. End. 

Video Explanations of Dream

In my periscope video discussion, I explained the meaning of this dream and the two primary references that linked directly to the movie – “prototype” and “warm light”. When I heard these words spoken, it fulfilled the dream of the dream two weeks earlier where a shower curtain was being pulled back and the image of a child was just becoming partially visible – this was the proof that what I saw in this movie clip was in fact THE confirmation about what I am expecting to receive soon. I also explained several other pertinent details within the dream that are clear timing indicators for events going on right now in my personal life and regarding this prophecy – invention.

  • “Prototype” refers to Tony Stark’s “Arc Reactor” that powers his tower
  • “Warm light” refers to the “tesseract” energy cube

(Both of these combined are a clue to what my approximate 30 “science dreams” are pointing to regarding this yet to be fully revealed new energy / space technology invention) 



(video removed… sorry – stay tuned for updated versions of all missing videos where applicable)

Upcoming Change of Availability for Dream Interpretations

At the end of this video, I explain what I’m thinking for how I’ll need to change my online dream interpretation system and methods since I will (soon) no longer have the time or availability to do them as I have been for the last 3 1/2 years. Standby for future updates and clarification of this.



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