Science Dreams Update: Super Bowl LIII Revelation – “Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads”

USAF Thunderbirds
USAF Thunderbirds, Air Demonstration Team, photo by Chris Michals

If you saw my latest video on the pre-2019 Super Bowl LIII (53) revelation, you’re probably wondering by now…what was it?! I’m posting this several days after the big event because I had to do a little more research on what I saw and also let a few things sort themselves out. Part of my latest “research” into all that was…yes…watching another movie. This time, one from about 30 years ago. Let me give a brief explanation of what happened and where “we” are now going with all this…

Super Bowl LIII Revelation Dreams – An Unusual Sign

“The prophet who has a dream, let him tell a dream; And he who has My word, let him speak My word faithfully….”
Jeremiah 23:28a (NKJV)

A quick review of what happened before the Super Bowl is necessary, so let me give the short version and avoid too many details that might confuse the matter. Going back to a previous very long periscope video I did, I was describing a November 25, 2018 dream of an old Vietnam era jet flying overhead and how there were some unusual aspects of that jet I needed to point out. It was an A-4 (E/F/M model) Skyhawk with the electronics hump right behind the pilot and an engine type that was never actually used on that aircraft (afterburner with variable nozzle). The message in those details meant there was “something” that jet represented and the key was in both the modified high powered “engine” and the reference to electronics technology.

What I didn’t tell about that dream was…right before that A-4 jet flew over, a very different jet had just gone by before it. The jet I saw first, going the opposite direction, was a white USAF Thunderbirds F-16 (see image above). What I finally understood only a few days before the Super Bowl was that this was God’s way of saying “when you see X, then look for Y”. It’s a very common type of prophecy from someone like Kim Clement where a sign is going to appear, and as soon as you see that, pay attention because something else is about to happen next. And that is the key – not the first thing, but rather the second.

In addition to this above dream of the A-4 flyby, I had another dream on January 13, 2019 (also in a recent video) where I saw the Thunderbirds jets landing and it was connected to the playing of the Star Spangled Banner from another dream the day before. I understood all that to mean that something very big was about to appear and it would be in front of thousands of people (actually it was millions). So that made two separate dreams about the Thunderbirds jets and it clearly pointed to a very big public revelation.

I initially guessed that there would be a timeline of a few days from the Thunderbirds landing dream to the big event, because I saw what looked like 2-3 of the white jets landing in the January 13 dream. But, I was off on that by guessing days when it was actually that number of weeks later that all this would happen. Three weeks after the dream of the Thunderbirds landing was Super Bowl 53. So the time factor on the dream was correct – I just missed it by mixing up days vs weeks (hey…could have been worse!!)

Timeline of Events – Opening of Super Bowl 53

So now – let me get to what actually happened. Just as the A-4 flyover dream showed, when the Thunderbirds fly over first, watch for what comes next. As you’ll see in my iPhone recording below of the opening minutes of the Super Bowl, this timeline of events took place within about 4:30 minutes:

  1. The singing of the National Anthem by Gladys Knight.
  2. The formation flyover of the USAF Thunderbirds above the Atlanta stadium.
  3. First set of TV commercials runs (HINT: it’s in commercial #2).

At first, I really had no idea what I was supposed to be looking for but fortunately I did not have to wait very long! It was right at the end of the second commercial about Walmart groceries with the Famous Cars song playing that I saw what God was wanting me to see. In that commercial, many cars from popular movies were driving to Walmart. The last car to show up in that commercial was the arrival by air of the DeLorean time machine from the movie Back To The Future.

And right then, I remembered that it was two years ago that I told a friend, “this thing I have is going to be like a flux capacitor from BTTF“. Great Scott!! This was the Super Bowl LIII revelation!! 

Dream Connections Revelation

So here’s the connection between the A-4 jet in the November 25 dream and the BTTF Delorean car:

  • The A-4 had a modified engine that produces a very high energy output.
  • The BTTF Delorean had a modified power source that produced a very high level of energy (“1.21 gigawatts”).
  • The events in the A-4 jet dream played out exactly as shown – “when you see the Thunderbirds flyover, watch what comes next“.

The message in this dream connects with the revelation in the November 16, 2018  iPhone upgrade dream that linked to “The Avengers” movie where the Tesseract and Arc Reactor were highlighted. Intriguingly, this now also combines the bizarre connections to my other dreams that point to UFO propulsion technology since it now shows up again in the “flying Delorean” car that used some type of silent levitation and propulsion technology.

So we now have as primary clues to the soon coming energy invention the combination of each of these below – the primary point is that the result of this new technology will do what these represent in each of the movies referred to in my many science dreams:

  • Possible nuclear fusion device (Arc Reactor & flux capacitor)
  • Possible dark energy device (Tesseract & Star Wars space travel technology)

So that’s where we are right now with clues – check the videos below and then after that I’ll tell what God showed me about the current status of my research and personal process since receiving this “mega prophecy” in July 2015.


Video 1: iPhone recording of the opening of Super Bowl 53, flyover of USAF Thunderbirds followed by “the big sign” hidden in plain sight:

Video 2: Walmart Groceries commercial (was deleted by video producer).

Video 3: pre-Super Bowl 53 timing clue given (deleted).

Current Status Update?

So that’s what we have right now on the latest updates from the Super Bowl 53 revelation and the science dreams clues. As you can see, the Super Bowl brought another major confirmation and clue but still not the final specific details regarding what is needed to do to actually produce this “device”.

Very recent new dreams in just the last few days have shown that I have now fully “walked out” my own personal process that God has required of me in order for Him to give me this last piece. That message just came in a dream where I saw a fully complete circle on a step counting fitness indicator on an Apple Watch 4 (see image below).


As I said in the video right before the Super Bowl, I also had a dream showing that I landed an airplane on an extremely small “runway” about the size of a helicopter landing pad high up on a mountain after an extremely steep descent as if from outer space. That dream showed I was at the dead center bullseye in my own research in trying to figure this thing out but that I am still lacking specific instructions for how to actually produce this device. So the mystery continues…how exactly is God going to show me the final instructions?! 

Adding to the excitement and suspense (at least for me), I just got a third confirmation about the size of this invention in financial terms. When I was given this prophecy by David E. Taylor in July 2015, he told me that God would give me an idea that would produce a huge amount of money and that “I would never need a paycheck again for the rest of my life“. My most recent dream is the image that I sketched out here below. In this dream, I watched as the big black bar started out very small and then moved up at a very rapid pace.


Kingdom Protocols & Behavior

Reminder again for those who still choose an unacceptable and out of order attitude and grant themselves the authority to speak against Apostle David E. Taylor and JMMI. Let me say once more that this prophecy speaks for itself and validates the man who gave it to me. I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again now – you don’t get a prophecy this big from a low ranking church-level prophet and you sure don’t get it from a “false prophet”. And you also won’t get this from a prophet who doesn’t understand his authority with money (1 Kings 17).

NO… this kind can only come from a very high ranking man. And Apostle David E. Taylor is exactly that. If anyone else gives me any more idiotic remarks about what I just said, you can be sure of one thing – I’ll have nothing to do with you and your reptilian attitude. 

Saying, “Do not touch My anointed ones, And do My prophets no harm.”
1 Chronicles 16:22 (NKJV)

Saying, “Do not touch My anointed ones, And do My prophets no harm.”
Psalm 105:15 (NKJV)

What’s Next…

That’s the update for today – as you can see, I’m getting very near the grand finale on this. I’m very much looking forward to getting the last piece of the puzzle and bringing this new energy technology invention into reality. How and exactly when God will give the final piece of this is still a mystery but all indications point to “any day now”. Check back soon!



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