Unusual Dreams: Recovering Stolen Treasure From A Cave

Here’s one of the most unusual dreams I’ve ever had. This dream was the result of studying extensively for several weeks the kingdom and sonship teaching series by David E. Taylor and a prayer I did the night before. The message in this dream, as you will hear in this video, is about how the devil steals things from you many generations ago and prevents you from becoming or accessing all that God has designed you to be, even from the beginning of creation.

In this video, you will hear how I’ve gone through a process of noticing how errors passed on to me from my family lineage have produced a mindset of limitation and extreme unbelief. I give an explanation of what those things are and how they have showed up in my life but also how this dream has given me the answer and the victory over all of those generational curses. When you hear this, you will see how you also can recover anything that the devil stole from you a very long time ago.

Dream – Cave, Sword, Demonic Trophy in Captivity, Recovery

March 27, 2019 – Very unusual…I’m with 2 other people and we are going underground in a cave to some place where there is a sword stuck in the bottom of something that could be an old devil’s monument (has no recognizable shape, like it has been greatly eroded by time). There’s a comment made by one of the people with me about male sex organ shapes on this stone thing (nothing very obvious in the appearance). I take the sword out that was stuck straight in at the bottom of this monument type thing and I leave with one other person but when we get out of the small low doorway to this cave, the 3rd person disappeared. I’m calling him from outside the entrance. We got out quickly because of not knowing what would happen if we stayed inside. I had the sense this was an evil place. It seemed this had some demonic ownership theme and us going to take that sword back was like invading the devil’s area and taking what belongs to me back from him. Like this was a devil’s trophy stolen from a previous generation. 

Key Details Explained in Video

  • Cave
  • Sword
  • Demonic Captivity
  • Ancient & Monument
  • Treasures in Darkness
  • Creation Significance of Man
  • Compartments in Hell

Update #1: After recording this video, I went back and read the book again by the “woman in Mexico”, Anna Mendez, that I refer to in the video – her book is listed on my store page as well as below.

Update #2: After recording this video, I watched the DC Comics Aquaman movie for the first time and noticed that this dream is an exact parallel of the plot in that movie, which makes this a kingship dream.


Relevant Bible Passage

And I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that thou mayest know that I, the Lord, which call thee by thy name, am the God of Israel.
Isaiah 45:3 (KJV)

h0214. אוֹצָר ’ôṣâr; from 686; a depository: — armory, cellar, garner, store(-house), treasure(-house) (-y). AV (79) – treasure(s) 61, treasury 10, storehouse(s) 3, cellars 2, armoury 1, garners 1, store 1;
treasure, storehouse treasure (gold, silver, etc) store, supplies of food or drink-treasure-house, treasury treasure-house storehouse, magazine treasury magazine of weapons (fig. of God’s armoury) storehouses (of God for rain, snow, hail, wind, sea)
– Strong’s Concordance 



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