Science Dreams Update: New Energy Technology Confirmed | Fusion


Here’s the latest update to my continued science dreams series. Ever since February 2019, God has increasingly narrowed the focus of my research down to a very exact revelation about the nature of the new energy technology that’s coming soon. If you’re a follower of my website, you know this series of dreams has been the subject of an entire series blogs and videos, all of which began about five years ago.

Well, just now again, as if there were any remaining doubt, I now have three more recent dreams that brings us to a 100% confirmation that the new energy technology is nuclear fusion. In this article, I’m going to tell my three dreams and what they connect to in real life right now.  As you read this blog, you’ll notice something shocking – this technology is not new and it is not, as I previously wrote, subject to any existing “scientific limitations”.

In this blog are a series of video testimonies of two men who have direct, first-hand knowledge of bizarre propulsion devices that are… not from around here.

In order to understand what I’m explaining below, it will be necessary to back up a bit and read the blog I recently wrote about the Pleiades power station dream. That blog tells the Biblical foundational from which this entire article is based. Once you have the foundational understanding of what’s in that blog, the three new dreams below will make a lot more sense. You can find my last blog at this link here:


Science Dreams Update: A Biblical Clue From the Distant Night Sky | Energy

New Dreams

Disclaimer: I need to say up front here that I am not a proponent of any belief that involves “aliens” from another planet in any way that contradicts what is written in the Bible. I am very aware of certain end-times beliefs and prophecies that suggest this UFO phenomenon will become “the lie” that causes many to reject God (2 Thessalonians 2:10-12). The existence of UFOs is a fact which God unexpectedly pointed me toward but in no way does that overturn anything written on even one single page of the Bible.

I also need to state that just because there are UFO connections to the subject of this series of articles, that does not in any way distract from my primary focus which is strictly and exclusively on the source of a new energy technology breakthrough. UFOs are a sideshow and somewhat of a distraction, they are not the main event.

Those finding my blog because of what I am saying below about the dream connections need to be fully aware of my already clearly stated position all over this website about my beliefs. Again, nothing has changed – the existence of strange UFO spacecraft does not overthrow anything about my belief in Jesus, God and the Bible. In fact, after this, I am about to post a new blog on my dreams of both God and Jesus appearing to me in various forms.

Those who do not understand that God speaks to us in parabolic-style dreams that require interpretation using the methods I write about on this website, well… I’ve written about 118 blogs here that should serve as proof and evidence that He does. Now that I’ve again established who I am and what I believe, with that context in mind, we can now deal with what is clearly a bizarre topic…


April 8, 2019 – I’m standing in the front yard of the house where I live now and I see a grey Lamborghini at the edge of the neighbor’s driveway across the street. It then backs up across the road and into the driveway of the house where I’m standing in the front yard and then turns and continues backing up right to the front door. 

It was several weeks later that I connected this dream to a friend from high school who came back to my local area from out of state to visit his family. While I met with him, he began telling me about two men who have first-hand knowledge of “alien spacecraft” held in secret facilities in Nevada. While I watched the video testimonies of these men, one of them specifically referred to the propulsion device in a UFO as a “Lamborghini”. 

The Lamborghini is a complex metaphor in my dream. First, it was backing up in the dream which represented the friend (“neighbor across the street”) who came “back” to the local area. Second, it connected with a piece of “alien” technology specifically referred to by that car’s name in a video my friend was telling me about. Also, I understood the meaning of the grey color to be that there was something mysterious about what the Lamborghini stood for (and that proved to be very true).

The video I’m referring to is posted below and you can hear the man who has already built a working fusion device (David Adair) use this exact descriptive that appeared in my dream.

Captain Marvel 

April 29, 2019 – I walk into the entrance / lobby area of a what looked like a movie theater and I’m talking face to face with the girl who plays “Captain Marvel” in the March 2019 MCU movie. My conversation with her is about the amount of money the movie made and her answer is symbolic of the initial amount that this technology will bring in, as I was told in the July 2015 “mega prophecy” that I was given by David E. Taylor

If you are unfamiliar with this movie, part of the plot revolves around an unusual energy device, not originating from Earth, which was being tested for lightspeed travel. As the world will soon find out, this movie was based on two truths: first – the existence of “alien” propulsion technology and second – how the time period of the discovery of the real technology and the movie plot both date back several decades. The comment about lightspeed travel is found in the videos I’ve posted below by David Adair.

Have you not heard me say repeatedly that there’s more truth in these Marvel movies than most people have any idea?!

Aircraft Mechanic / Unknown Component  

February 22, 2019 – I’m in a mechanic shop talking with a guy I don’t really see completely. Apparently, I came with someone else that I don’t see. I ask him if he’s working on a Cessna 182 because it looks like one to me. He says he doesn’t know (a little strange). I don’t remember seeing an actual airplane there but only a small-medium size mechanical part on a stand. Then the supposed mechanic goes behind a cabinet / wall and is about to show me plans for some type of vehicle that would be like a combination of an airplane and car.  

This again connects with my high school friend’s visit in several ways. First, in the dream, I’m arriving at the scene of this “mechanic shop” with someone else – I believe this is my high school friend who referred me to the videos belos. Second, while meeting with my friend, I told him about this dream and his first thought was it had to do with the way highly classified military projects are compartmentalized so that very few people working on them have all the facts to themselves. This would explain why, in the dream, I asked the “mechanic” what he was working on and he had no idea. 

The topic of compartmentalization is directly referred to by Bob Lazar, who was hired to attempt reverse engineering on an “alien” spacecraft. In his video interviews, he gives specific details about a UFO he saw in a secret facility in Nevada and how he learned that the craft used a gravity device for propulsion which made travel across vast intergalactic distances possible. Oddly enough, Lazar refers to the UFO that he worked on as a “sport model” (hmm… another “Lamborghini” reference?)

The videos where Bob Lazar gives his testimony can be found in the section below. You can also find more of them by looking him up on many YouTube videos.

Fusion Technology Demonstrated in 1971?!

In the interviews below, David Adair tells how he designed a working fusion rocket engine, where he got the mathematical equations from and his real intent to use this technology to generate electrical power. This is a 100% match to my Pleiades power station dream that I just wrote about here. As I said at the top of this blog, if there were any remaining doubt – we now know with zero doubt that God has just confirmed nuclear fusion as the source of the next energy technology breakthrough.

As you watch the videos below, a question should immediately leap into your mind: why has it been so long since the discovery of fusion energy and still nothing has been done with it? I believe the videos answer that but let me go a step beyond and say that this strange time gap fits God’s unusual pattern of revealing new knowledge but allowing or requiring a significant length of time to pass before anything can be done with it.

In the case here, it can easily be said that God may have wanted to give us fusion energy back in the 1970’s, except that the US government planned to hijack the technology for a destructive purpose rather than the true desire of Mr Adair to use it for civilian power generating stations. Well… just like Jonah, if the first attempt is derailed, expect God to come back again at a later time and bring a repeat message – this time, with a greater weight behind it.

And the word of the Lord came unto Jonah the second time, saying, …
Jonah 3:1 (KJV)

It’s worth commenting that, as Mr Adair points out, the only reason that fusion energy still “appears” to have technology limits is because those in the big research facilities stand to instantly lose their multi-million (billion?) dollar “job security” if the already known methods were revealed publicly.

Surprise… Not everything is as hard as it’s made out to be.


Finally, now we get to the videos. This first link is to a website that contains many videos and a movie where Bob Lazar tells his first-hand testimony of the secret attempts to back-engineer alien spacecraft technology in Nevada. Again, this is included in my reference list here because of the comments made to illustrate how compartmentalization was used with these secret UFO research projects. See that website link here:


In these next two videos, David Adair discusses how he got the knowledge to produce a fusion rocket engine in dreams at night and what he saw when he was taken by the US government to a secret facility in Nevada to view a similar but much more advanced fusion engine that came from some type of alien spacecraft. The first video is his testimony:

This next video below is a lengthy audio interview where David Adair refers to the alien fusion propulsion engine as a Lamborghini in comparison to the one he designed and created. Scroll to the 1:21:20 mark to hear him make that comment: (video was deleted by source but you can find a newer one on YouTube search)

Bizarre?! Yes – I already said that…

If you’re shocked by anything you read or watched here, just remember that I had already stated my own astonishment in a video I made back in October 2018 when I connected some dots from my dreams to videos on UFO propulsion technology after a lengthy research effort to try to find out more about the references to space flight and propulsion devices in many of my dreams. I explained in my 2018 video that I never saw any of this coming and I was not at all expecting the God of the Bible to be talking to me about UFOs, let alone validating that they really do exist. See that video here:

Science Dreams Update: Extraterrestrial Technology?! Yes, The Seatbelt Light Is Now On

Once you’ve watched the above videos, you now see how they link to my dreams and you can now understand that God has absolutely confirmed that we are about to see real working nuclear fusion for civilian purposes very soon.

I’m expecting to have more to post hopefully soon, but I never really know for sure what God’s timeline on all this is. In the meantime… Thank you for following my blog and these science dreams updates and, if you so choose, for supporting my efforts here. 



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  1. Wow, amazing! I would not have believed this 5 years ago, but with all the information coming out, especially with Qanon, I think you are on target! I think the military industrial complex, (the deep state) has deliberately withheld this information, and that Trump creating the space force will “force” this info to come out!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Heidi!! Yep we’ll see what happens. I do believe Trump is part of this & we’ll see if my dreams of meeting him are literally about him especially as it relates to all this. Just from posting this blog, I’ve got several new dreams that appear to be about myself going thru some type of security checkpoints (doesn’t show what for). Interesting…


  2. Chris
    The scriptures say that young men will dream dreams !
    This is so right on !
    Several years ago I had visions about a company taking trash – or “ garbage “
    And turning it into a renewable energy…
    God is moving and you are hearing Him correctly! So excited to see where the Lord will take you and His church!
    Praying for continued clarity and understanding in Him

    Liked by 1 person

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