Blog Update: Transitions in Progress!! What To Expect…

Here’s the latest blog update – transitions now in progress and a few changes are coming that will affect you. Two dreams from last night… one regarding a “science dreams” update and one showing God has confirmed my transition phase right now. I’m briefly telling both in this newest video.

What all this means to you – my availability for dream interpreting is now being reduced significantly. In the video below, I’m explaining a little about the origin of this blog site and how the popularity plus a huge part of my real life calling is requiring me now to make a few changes.

I’m also making a very brief reference to a second website I’ll be working on which will be exclusively focused on the energy technology “invention thing” that I’ve been talking about here for the last several years. More news on that will be coming when the time is right (a little too early right now).

Lastly, in the video I’m giving another very brief intro to huge JMMI event coming up that I will be at, just like I have been for last 4 years. Dates for the event are: July 31 – August 4 (see image at bottom). You can still make it there – my blog is loaded with introductions to JMMI if you are (still) not personally familiar with it after all my blogs on that topic! Just go for two days if this is your first time – thousands of people will be there, including many from Africa, Europe, South America, Asia and of course all over the US and Canada.


Latest Science Dreams Clue…

Latest science dreams reference... the next Marvel movie
Latest science dreams hint… the next Marvel movie

Thank you for watching!



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