Prophetic Patterns! Energy Tech – Cosmic Wars – Personal Wars – Nuke Wars

Here’s my latest update on several very big topics including the science dreams series, prophetic patterns revealing a cosmic war with the coming fusion energy technology, wars for personal prophecies and a national prophecy of a major literal war in the near future of the United States. On the energy technology topic, I believe I noticed a pattern that hints at what has possibly been hindering the introduction of fusion energy generation for widespread civil use.

Also, if you’ve ever been in a personal battle for the fulfillment of a major prophecy, you might know by now it can be a very brutal and ugly situation at times. Well… I have a little update on that and it might help those who find themselves in similar situations. Regarding my fusion science dreams, my latest update is another Captain Marvel reference that relates to David Adair, who I previously mentioned.

Finally, I have a note about those who are not listening to what needs to be heard on the topic of the strategy given to turn around this country. In this video, I’m discussing all these things. Last thing – note the big huge event in the photo below – I’ve been going to these events for 4 years and you should be there as well.




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