4 Keys & Patterns to Discovering Your Calling & Connecting With Spiritual Lineage

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Have you been wondering what your calling and purpose is in life? Have you been going through many years more or less the same as too many others – wandering around, feeling like there’s a road map for your life but you can’t figure out where it is? Well…good news! I felt this way most of my life and it was a horrible feeling. In the last 8 years, God began showing me clues to my own calling and purpose and this has become one of the top themes of my website here.

Just last month, I received another big surprise about my own calling which I had been wondering about. It was a very unexpected revelation but there were all sorts of hints in the last few years that all pointed to what God showed me in a very clear way just last month. What I want to do here is show you how you can use my example as a pattern for finding your own clues and then start focusing on developing what God intended for you since the beginning of time.

One thing I’ll add here which I have not dealt with in the past is the topic of spiritual lineage. As you read through this, I believe you will begin to understand how finding and connecting with your lineage is an absolute requirement and it goes all the way back to Old Testament times! At the bottom of this article will be a link to a TV teaching series on spiritual lineage.

Keys to Connecting The Dots

As you read this, use everything I say as a pattern for how to find your own calling and purpose. I believe this will help you connect your own dots and find what may have been hidden until now.Not only this, but many of my other blogs here on my website can also be used as a pattern to follow for finding what God is showing you. This is especially true in my “science dreams” series of articles where I have walked through a four-year process of discovering something huge that I’ll be involved with in the near future.

1 – Divine Connections – Clues to Your Lineage

In the last two decades, God began connecting me with people who have a similar calling to my own. As I’ve written once before, (see my “Doctor Strange blog“) I had an extremely hard time going from the western mindset, dead church beliefs of four decades, to believing in and struggling to learn how to operate in the supernatural. In order for me to progress to the point where I could walk into my calling, God had to break me past all those mental blockades of western intellectual-only thinking.

This is why God led me 8 years ago to a preacher in Tennessee, who I believe is the only man at that time who could have convinced me that the supernatural realm was real – Perry Stone. His teaching on how God has showed him many things in dreams and his dealing with national-level prophecy was what I needed at that time. He was the first real exposure I had to the Pentecostal-style beliefs and the supernatural. I remember telling a few friends that he was like a modern-day Daniel.

Later, when I became connected with Apostle David E. Taylor, and I went through his teaching series called “Inheritance by Lineage” (IBLU), I learned that we all have a spiritual lineage that goes all the way back to Old Testament people. The more I considered mine according to this teaching, I began to realize my own spiritual lineage begins with Elijah and connects through Joseph and Daniel and a few others as well.

This lineage then progresses through modern day people as well who each have certain characteristics including Chuck Missler, who had the military, technology and engineering background that ties in with my “mega prophecy” (my Joseph connection). Next, as I’ve mentioned – Perry Stone, as a Daniel-type prophetic preacher and most prominently now – David E. Taylor (each of these in chronological order as I’ve just written them).

The matter of connecting to your spiritual lineage, beginning in the Old Testament, is a critical piece which has not been known in hundreds of years in the church. If you study the IBLU teaching I mention above, you will find the answer to the age old question – why did John the Baptist not have any miracles when the prophecy at his birth expressly stated he would have BOTH the spirit and power of Elijah (Luke 1:17).

Not understanding the revelation in the IBLU series has left most concocting theological excuses for John, none of which are true!! We are supposed to walk in 1,000 times more than our spiritual ancestors, why is it that hardly anyone even breaks even with them?! Myself personally, I’ve finally had to give up going to the majority of Pentecostal churches because there are almost no miracles or power of God in any of them!! Learning your lineage is an absolute MUST!!

Key #1Pay attention to the people God connects you with – these can be clues of similarity about your own calling. There can be more than one person who will serve as a piece of your puzzle. You must learn and connect with your spiritual lineage in order to walk in the fullest measure of your true purpose here on earth.

2 – God-Given Interests & Desires

Beginning many years ago, I can list primarily two very strong interests that have greatly shaped the direction of my entire life. The first actually began when I was a teenager with wanting to know more about national or global level prophecy. I’ll save this part for a future blog, but this is where my connection with Daniel first shows up in my life.

Later on, I began to have a very strong desire to find solutions to get people out of poverty. This ultimately led me into the Joseph part of my lineage and is the reason I went after God for His answer that has been revealed to me in the series of articles I write here on the “science dreams / mega prophecy”.

But until a few years ago, the only thing I knew about setting people free of poverty was to give large amounts of money to ministries that worked in countries with very bad economies. As I began learning the Biblical supernatural principles of wealth, I began to realize there were other ways to break people free of spiritual hindrances to prosperity and that learning these could produce much bigger results than just giving to ministries as I had initially started doing.

This is when my Joseph connection then expanded into someone else in my lineage from whom I could learn the supernatural keys needed to operate in this next area of my calling. This was when I began learning about Elijah and the miracles he performed, specifically for the widow in 1 Kings 17.

The more I learned about these principles, the more it began to make sense, despite the fact I had spent decades in dead churches that believed in nothing (including any Biblical principles of wealth and God’s transaction system). This is where my connection with Elijah comes in.

Key #2This may seem too obvious but don’t overlook the interests God put in you and any strong desires you may have to find solutions to problems or needs that you see in your local area or even the world.

3 – Dreams With Hidden Clues

In the last couple years, God gave me two very prominent dreams that contained the most overwhelmingly clear answers to what has been until now, a hidden part of my calling. These dreams each showed specifically my spiritual lineage and the stages I was at for each. I’ll focus here on Daniel and Elijah.

The first dream was about two years ago and showed a very small child climbing up onto the bed in the house where I grew up and he introduced himself to me as Daniel. The only connection with the meaning of the name Daniel that had any relevance to me was the prophet in the Bible. This dream really had me wondering because I really had no thoughts of any calling that involved the office of a prophet. If you read my article on the significance of names in dreams, you’ll understand how I came to this conclusion about what Daniel meant – this same methodology will apply in some of your dreams as well.

The second dream (last month) showed me looking through a store possibly for something technology related, but I ended up unexpectedly in an aisle where there were leather belts. I saw two belts – one was too big for me and the other (smaller) was my size. The smaller was very rustic / simple looking and I saw an image of a boy wearing western cowboy style clothing. When I looked up the possible meanings of a belt, I found the strongest connection to how Elijah and John the Baptist wore leather belts and each had a rather austere character.

Key #3God will use dreams with symbols that you can find in the Bible that reveal your calling – including prominent persons (prophets, kings, etc).

4 – Events & Circumstances

Earlier this year, something came up that really confused me. A person who emailed me a dream to interpret followed that up with a donation in the range of a 4-digit US dollar amount (very large). Shortly after that, I had a dream that this person had given me a $15 tip. The meaning of 15 can include deliverance, freedom and rest. I first wondered if that was a message for me, but then I realized that applied primarily to the person who gave the gift – the meaning of #15 is what God was giving them in return as a supernatural transaction because of the donation they sent me.

This was a great dream but… the “problem” it caused me was that I knew only prophets can operate in this type of supernatural transaction and I had no reason to believe I was in that category. Later on, I found out that another person who gave me the same size donation was also beginning to have God show them several huge new things coming to their business. This was my second major clue that God was showing me another part of my calling in a roundabout way.

Both of these natural circumstances were in fact God’s way of revealing a very clear, but still then hidden, new addition to my calling. It was not until I received the most recent dream with the Elijah (belt) connection that finally it hit me… Yes, God was in fact showing me I am at the junior stage as a prophet with the lineage and characteristics of a combined Elijah and Daniel. This was not at all something I expected God to show me about my calling.

In another blog, I’ll explain more about how dreamers and prophets each have keys that can benefit you in your own success and prosperity. They each operate differently but the more you know about them, the more you can prosper from what God has given them. The reason this is so relevant to you is that there are things a person with a similar calling as mine can do for you in ways you cannot receive alone by yourself. I know these because I first walked through each of them myself.

Key #4Don’t overlook natural circumstances that connect with and confirm all the above 3 keys!

Inheritance By Lineage – TV Broadcast Series

Now we get to the origins of the IBLU material. Make sure to watch the entire 7-part series here on Inheritance By Lineage. When you do, everything I said above about spiritual lineage will make sense in ways I cannot explain in my blogs.


I was saying at the top here – I just walked through the basics of my own example using 4 specific keys that you can use to find God’s calling for you. This is really the short version but I think you can see how this is a pattern to help you find the clues God has already given you about your own calling.

One bit of advice I’d like to give is that you should never downplay yourself and think less of your calling – especially when you don’t even know it yet. Never approach your search with the attitude that God will give you a small answer.

Be persistent in going after what God has in store for you. Approach this from the mindset that there is A LOT you don’t know about your calling. God’s answers are always BIG. And unexpected. Just like all mine have been!!



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