New Website Project + Tips on Finding God’s Clues to Your Calling

Finally!! I have a new website project up and running with blogs in the works and being posted now. The new site is going to be very different than this one. I need to reach a new and very different audience which this one here will never be able to do, or not at first anyway. I started the new site a year ago but ran into many roadblocks of all sorts. But finally I broke through that barrier and now I’ve got the strategy and style established.

The new site will be strictly used for my topic of my long saga of “science dreams” research and figuring out what God has been showing me with the coming energy technology. But… I’m using a completely different style for a completely different audience. I think you will benefit from that! If you know what to look for, you’ll see why it all makes sense.

In addition to discussing the new site on the video below here, I’m also giving some tips you need to help sort out what God is telling you about your life calling and purpose and how He is very likely showing you that in dreams. These tips will help you know what’s in those dreams and how to sort it all out. It’s a pretty simple and short video – check it out below.

Here’s the new website name and link: Blue Cube Rocket. Be sure to follow me there if you’re interested and note that I have all new social media links associated with it. I have a couple things to say on that as well in the video below. I’m planning on maintaining both websites, so no worries about the future of this one here.

Thank you for watching and spreading the word about this new project!




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