Energy Healing: My Experiences With True vs Lesser Methods

As some of you know, I’ve got this energy technology assignment that God gave me dealing with the coming breakthrough with nuclear fusion. But today, I’m not dealing with that. Instead, I’m dealing with a different form of energy. I had the thought that I really need to tell about my experiences over 15 years ago with some forms of “energy healing” that are rather popular now. Before I had any useful Bible knowledge, I went to see some practitioners of alternative medicine which I’ll explain more below.

The point of this blog video is to show how I received partial and temporary healings from some of these practices. And… it was not until I began studying the Biblical foundation for healing and I went to those who teach and practice how God heals, I finally got about 95% of my food allergies completely healed. In this video, I’ll also discuss some other conditions I’ve been trying to get fixed and how God has shown me partial clues about them in many dreams in the last four years.

Alternative Energy Healing Methods I’ve Experienced

Primarily, those alternative practitioners I went to used the following methods on me to deal with a condition I formerly had with severe food allergies. I wrote about this in one of my first blogs on this website (see link at bottom). For now, these are (to the best of my memory) the practices that were done on me by two different practitioners for the purpose of trying to stop my previous extreme food allergies:

  • Iridology
  • Reiki
  • NeuroModulation Technique (NMT)
  • Other related forms of the above

In addition to food allergies, I also had severe teeth grinding for many years. In this video, I’ll discuss how I got that completely healed.

I’ve decided for now, not to include any links to the above terms because there are many websites you can go to and rather than sort through all of them to find what I would consider a best starting point, I’d rather just let you do that on your own. Just take what I wrote above and paste those into an online search and you’ll find tons of websites you can look through. If you want, you can also look for Bible-based websites that deal with those as well.

What I’ll say for now is that reiki is well known in Christian circles to be demonic and I heard Randy Clark say several years ago that the Catholic church did a study on it and now forbids its people from participating in that.

Before I get to the video, I’d also like to mention a blog I wrote several years ago based on a dream God gave me about yoga. I’ve seen many Christians who have zero understanding what that is. Because of my dream and my curiosity to find out what yoga really is, I did a ton of studying a few years ago and found out the truth which I briefly wrote here below…

An Illicit Dream?




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  1. Thanks for sharing what God showed you about healing. We are also on our own path of recovering our health. What the Lord has been showing me is corruption in the medical/pharmaceutical industry. Do research on how the Rockefellers got a monopoly on healthcare about 100 years ago. If I am in a car accident, I am grateful for emergency room physicians, but not for much else. My family’s health has gone downhill whenever under a general MD, but our health improves when we find an MD who is also a homeopath/naturopath. It is tough because some of them are new agey, but honestly, I think modern medicine is corrupted by luciferian elites who deliberately use the FDA and CDC to police and cover up any truly beneficial breakthroughs in health science. I was convicted that we need to seek God first whenever we have health issues, and he will provide help, whether through healing prayer or a good doctor.
    I enrolled in Praying Medic’s class on healing prayer – it was really good. My adult daughter developed a heart murmur and we made an appointment with a cardiologist who couldn’t see her for over two months. So I prayed for healing for her. The first few times, she sensed the Holy Spirit, but there wasn’t much healing. Then, one time I prayed again, and she felt a heat over her heart, and the pain went away. The next time we went to our family doctor, he couldn’t find a heart murmur and he was astonished because heart murmurs don’t go away on their own when someone is an adult. I tried to tell him that it went away after prayer, but he wouldn’t believe me. Oh well. I am grateful that my daughter is ok. One of my friends, while in prayer, was shown that the root cause was a broken heart. My daughter has had a lot of setbacks in her life due to her health issues.
    Right now, we are tackling the damage done to her body by retroviruses like Epstein Barr and a few others. Read Dr. Judy Mikovits’ book Plague. She is a leading scientist who discovered Epstein Barr – she also discovered that 30% of vac_cines were laced with these viruses. In the 80’s, less than 12% of people had Epstein Barr. Now, about 100% of Millenials have Epstein Barr. They are also the sickest generation with the highest level of autoimmune issues – though I hear that the next generation of kids are even sicker. I have been praying with all my heart for God to heal and deliver them all.
    I know that this is a lot to digest, but my conscience wants me to try to get the truth out there. I truly believe God is going to heal millions in the next move of His Holy Spirit. I hope that God heals my daughter, and that she will then share her healing with her generation.

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    • Yep I’m not a fan of our medical institutions. I could say more but maybe later. This was off my normal topics but because I’ve had to get into the UFO stuff, it links to many other subjects I’d normally not put on my blog because it quickly gets outside my assignment. But just felt the need to do it anyway, totally unplanned. Might have more later on. It’s part of an overall approach as I’ve put in my new website, to deal with subjects sort of like this by getting people to actually think about the stuff they just believe but they’re still asking wrong questions and looking too low for answers. Anyway great to hear the updates there!!


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