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When you have an energy technology assignment like I received, you quickly find out how many tangents appear that you had no idea at first were at all part of the deal. That’s been my realization. So I’ve looked into some of them! And I’ve found out which ones were intriguing. And some of them were, upon closer inspection, just “low hanging fruit”.

By that, I mean it sounds great and fills your head with information, but as I like to say – when you ask the right questions, you finally get the right answers. The more you ask, the more you find out there’s a lot of mask wearing going on. Things are not what they appear.

I’ve dealt with this before here several times. I’ve had to go through my own steep learning process and oh, what a ride it’s been. So, today I’m continuing a new theme of looking at what’s been hiding behind all these masks that far too many people are buying into.

Not Quite…

It might help if I set the stage here with an example from my own family. I had an uncle who rightfully rejected the archaic garbage of a global church institution and he correctly saw the lies they were promoting. BUT unfortunately, his response was to choose a pathway that didn’t end very well. It all began when he went after things that looked good on the surface, but he never looked behind the masks to see what was really going on.

What he got into was sort of correctly motivated but poorly thought out. That’s what happens when you throw out your foundation and reject what little truth you should have built upon. The results of his life were very much in line with his choices. His end was not what anyone could honestly call a success story. Even after his life was over, it was proven by events that most of what he staunchly held to was overthrown almost immediately after his death around the age of 80-ish.

Well, you probably think by now that I’m talking about the difference between truth and counterfeit garbage. Yes, you are correct! But the unfortunate reality is that I’m also talking about truth in contrast to what those who should have truth should be promoting, but are instead nowhere near that!

Why Now The Sudden Rise Of…

In order to transition now into the substance of the topic here, I need to go back to my movie theme. If you’ve been following my blogs, you know God gave me an assignment to watch lots of movies that deal with supernatural acts done by very normal and flawed people.

You know where I’m going – Marvel and DC Comics. It’s well traveled territory here on my blogs. But now, I also need to add Star Wars especially for this discussion. You’ll see why…

Let’s take a quick look around at the playing field and see what we have. There are people who claim to know God and believe He is all powerful but they themselves have basically none of that.

Then there are people who either concoct a false version of “god” or they throw Him off altogether, yet they have real supernatural manifestations including bizarre things like out of body traveling and making things move without touching them and attempting (not very accurately) to tell the future. All things that scare church sheep away.

So the result has been that “church sheep” have come to believe, not that God is the source of all power and that we should (made in His image) have that same power operating in us (like the Old Testament prophets did), but instead they have thrown any form of supernatural manifestation right into the witchcraft bin and run screaming in fear away from it all.

I really have to say it like that because when you’ve gone through the process God has put me through, you start to see how pathetic and worthy of mocking the modern-day church is. If that offends anyone, well… that was the intent.

Founders Not Mirrored

I mean seriously, look around at all the churches that have a history of amazing miracles, but you don’t see anyone there today that has equalled what took place 100 years ago (or so). Forget about anyone going beyond that as we are supposed to. Nope. Nothing.

As an example, there’s one church whose founder had amazing miracles but not one person today has even 10% of that. If you’re wondering what church that is, their name has something to do with an equivalent number of common geometric shapes.

To be honest, I myself finally threw most of the Pentecostal churches in the garbage because they really are no different than the dead religion mega protestant churches I spent many years in. By the way, I grew up Catholic and never saw anything there either. Much talk and sheep with no power of God at all – ZERO. I became increasingly disgusted with what I saw over the last couple decades because of looking, but not finding much.

I however, did not follow my uncle’s pathway and go into demonic counterfeit garbage. I knew there was truth and I knew it was in the Bible. I knew better than to go looking for demons to tell me anything about God or what is true (father of lies anyone??)

Unfortunately, too many don’t understand that simple concept. They prefer instead, flesh-centered, pride fueled, low hanging fruit.

Finally… Atoms

So let’s now get back to Marvel and Star Wars and why did I bring that up again?

Because as it turns out, everything in those movies is true in some way and has clear Biblical precedents and validation. So how does this have anything to do with the “ancient power of atoms” as I’ve titled this?

Glad you asked. Because if you want to know what the shocking foundation of all this is and where you can find the answers to why witchcraft has bizarre manifestations that church people should have 10,000 times more of… you can find it in what I’m about to recommend here.

It was exactly four years ago that I first came in contact with a teaching that, when I listened to it, I knew it was true despite how opposite it was of everything I had learned in many churches up to that point. I made a deliberate choice to hear with an open mind and do what it says in Acts 17:11.

These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

Acts 17:11 (KJV)

In case you hadn’t noticed, most Christians are not like the Bereans above. They close their mind to everything that conflicts with what they’ve cemented their feet in. That’s otherwise known as a “religious person”. I call them something worse – brick heads.

So what’s the content of the teaching I’m referring to? Well, it’s centered around the ancient power that God put into atoms. It’s about how there are mysteries and truths in all His creation and we were made to know and access this.

I’ve had to use the insights in this teaching as a pattern and example to search for my own answers in the “science dreams” God has given me regarding the coming nuclear fusion energy breakthrough. Had it not been for this teaching, I’m not sure I would have arrived at the correct conclusion as I’ve previously written on extensively (see that link).

Star Wars Power In The Bible??

So what’s in Star Wars that relates to this teaching? Well… if you listen to it, you’ll find out. I’m referring here to Luke Skywalker, Yoda, Ben Kenobi and all the rest. What sorts of “power” did they all have?

Now you’re on the right track.

I need to say it again… whatever you see witchcraft doing, you should know that a Bible-believing Christian was made to do 10,000 times more than what they do.

Just like Moses did with the sorcerers and magicians in Egypt where his miracles defeated those of the witchcraft workers, so it should be the same with all Christians. Anything less is churchy and pathetic.

Witchcraft is nothing but a low power cheap counterfeit of God’s true power. Those who claim to be Christians should be operating in 10,000 times more than what witchcraft workers do.

So… marvel powers, glory manifestations, ancient power of God in atoms. I’m showing you now where to get this from. If you are into new age, witchcraft, the occult and UFOs, you seriously need to start asking the right questions for a change. Stop letting dead powerless churches be your example of what it means to follow Jesus.

Dead churches are just as much a low power counterfeit of God’s truth (and what He has called all of us to be) as the witchcraft garbage is. So then, what should you do?

See the product image below.

Action Step

Do what I did four years ago. Stop being a religious person (and a brick head). Stop letting witchcraft be your source of “truth”. Stop letting fear run your life. Stop thinking anything that’s “too weird” (that means too Biblical) make you run like a church sheep. Stop being pathetic!!

God is not powerless! And you, made in His image, are not representing Him at all until you take up your calling and learn how to be like Him. It’s your choice – religion or truth.

If you reject everything I’m saying here, then you have to answer the question – what’s with all these movies and supernatural manifestations but when you go to your church, you see nothing that’s found in the Bible taking place there. A lot of talk but no results.

Like I say… start asking the right questions and you’ll start getting the right answers.

When you do, you’ll find them right here in this product…

Protons: The Secret Mysteries to the Ancient Power of God
by David E. Taylor

YES – in case you’re wondering, I’ve had MANY MANY dreams validating everything here, not just the teaching but also the man who teaches it.



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