Ebook Update! Why Are Dreams So Hard To Understand?! (Version 2)

Well, how do you like that… no ebooks for almost two years and suddenly now I’m back writing them again. But this time it’s a long overdue update to my first-ever project. If you happened to download my first version of this ebook, this one is now reworked, improved and extra content added. Not to mention a nice new cover that fits me rather well (haha).

So just like before, this ebook is free and donations are always great. There are a couple little things in here that won’t really be found in my blogs to a certain extent but in other cases, it’s also a good summary of the most important points of how God speaks to us in our dreams at night.

Simple Concise Starter’s Guide

I really intended this to be like a simple, brief starter’s guide for those who are new to Bible-based dream interpreting. It’s also intended for those who have tried approaching this subject from alternate and much less reliable methods and may not be familiar with the idea that God speaks in our dreams in symbolic parables. Not everything you need to know about dream interpreting is in here (of course), but I do cover a fairly broad range of topics.

This is a standard free ebook format. Usually, these are short and often lead to much longer products that an author may sell at some point. In my case, I do have a much longer “real book” in the works and also another new ebook that will be published very soon which is almost twice the length of this one.

If you’ve already downloaded my original publishing of this ebook – check out this newly updated version. You’ll notice this is more condensed by appearance than the original, now with more content and less white space with overall fewer pages. And definitely – please feel free to forward this to anyone who you think might benefit from it.

Download Ebook

This ebook is completely free although donations are always very much appreciated. If you’re not able to donate – no problem – there is really no obligation. Click the title or image below to download this ebook…

You can also find this on my store page, along with many other recommended products and my other ebooks. Please check out that page!

Thank you for downloading – God Bless!!



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