Science Dreams Update: Review of Top 3 Dreams + New Book Projects

Well it’s been a long time since I did a science dreams update. Here’s a brief video summary of the top 3 dreams that relate to the coming nuclear fusion energy breakthrough and my own “mega prophecy” that I’ve been writing about here extensively. I’m also telling about a new book project and what to look for hopefully soon.

If you saw the Periscope videos I did in the last 12 months (which I deleted for reasons explained earlier), this is my attempt to briefly go back over the top 3 dreams that I had done extensive explanations while on live video. Back when I was making those live Periscope broadcasts on my science dreams and energy technology, my videos regularly received 10,000 – 18,000 views each. I was surprised at first by the popularity but, it also goes to show that God wanted this message out in public for reasons I mention here.

At that time, I had on my old accounts, 1,300 Twitter followers and approx 387 Periscope followers. Because I chose to cut ties with that audience, my current new accounts have nowhere near those numbers. So again… that is the reason why I now feel it is time to do a recap of what I had explained in those videos. Based on my lessons learned from that previous audience, you can expect me to have very different tactics in the event I choose go back live again and I will not allow any hijacking of my channel and broadcasts by those who don’t adhere to my requirements.

Top 3 science dreams briefly recapped in this video are:

  • Pleiades power station on distant planet (nuclear fusion)
  • iPhone upgrade / prototype (Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor and Tesseract energy cube)
  • Modified A-4F Skyhawk jet and USAF Thunderbirds Super Bowl LIII flyover (Doc Brown’s “Mr Fusion” power source for the DeLorean time machine)

I also explain what I’m considering for my new book writing projects and expected timelines for those. As always, thank you for watching!





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